How To Easily Redeem Codes In Mobile Legends

After finding your Mobile Legends code, you'll need to redeem it. This article will guide you through the process of doing that.
How To Easily Redeem Codes In Mobile Legends

Moonton Games has a reputation for being generous when it comes to Mobile Legends freebies. This generosity is occasionally demonstrated in the form of Mobile Legends redeem codes during the various ongoing events and game streams or when you buy diamonds.

However, if you're one of the players wondering how to use Mobile Legends redeem codes, don't worry because this article will tell you everything you need to know about Mobile Legends redeem codes and how to activate them.

What Are Mobile Legends Codes Used For?

Codes in Mobile Legends are used for receiving various rewards, usually as compensation for server downtime, as a reward, or as a form of promotion of Mobile Legends. The rewards received through the code may include:

  • In-game currencies (such as Fragments, Magic Dust, and Diamonds)

  • Hero skins

  • Hero trial packs

  • Double BP cards

  • Skin fragments

In addition, Mobile Legends codes have an expiration date as well as a limited number of uses. In essence, this means that one code can only be used for a specific number of times after which it's no longer available.

However, there are some exceptions, as certain codes can be used on an infinite number of accounts.

How To Redeem Mobile Legends Codes?

Redeeming codes in Mobile Legends can be complicated, but we've taken the time to break down the process and make it easier for you. Unlike other comparable titles in which you just have to paste or write your code to redeem it, the process in Mobile Legends is a bit more involving. In any case, here are the necessary steps for redeeming the Mobile Legends code:

  1. Copy the Mobile Legends ID from your profile icon on the right side of the screen. It should look something like ID: 0000000000(00000), but you'll only need the numbers before the brackets.

  2. Head to the Mobile Legends code exchange website and paste the previously mentioned account ID into the Game ID box, then select the "Send" option.

  3. You'll then automatically receive the in-game mail containing your verification code, which you can copy and paste into the "Verification Code" box on the code exchange website. Make sure to enter the code in less than 30 minutes because it will expire after that period.

  4. Once you've entered the required code, tap the "Redeem" option, and you'll automatically receive a message saying that you've successfully redeemed the code. In case the code has expired, you'll receive the corresponding message.

Mobile Legends redeem codes are released sporadically, and it's difficult to predict when they'll be available. The best advice we can give you is to stay up-to-date with Moonton on social media, as well as join the Mobile Legends subreddit and Discord servers.

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