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The Best Keybindings for Smite That Will Make You a Better Player

The standard keybindings for Smite are great, but still, some players may want to use a different keybinding instead.

Published on Nov 28, 2022
The Best Keybindings for Smite That Will Make You a Better Player

For starters, an important point must be brought up. The gear you have will go a long way in this. If you have a mouse with a million buttons, you're able to bind all the keys to your mouse and just play with that. Is this a smart idea? Probably not. But it is an idea.

So, in this guide, we'll be mainly taking a look at the options available to you on a standard Latin keyboard and with a bog standard mouse.

The Standard Keybinding in Smite?

Some players might argue that the standard keybindings that Hi Rez Studios use are the best, as almost all of the MOBAs on the market today use the same layout, and with good reason. 

We'll only take a look at the most important keybinds, those being the movement keys, the ability keys, the consumable keys, and the relic keys.

Forward BackwardLeftRight
1st Ability2nd Ability3rd Ability4th Ability (Ultimate)
1st Consumable2nd Consumable1st Relic2nd Relic

You have your W, A, S, and D keys for moving. Your 1 through 4 for your spells. F and G are for your 1st and 2nd relic. B, as always, is your recall. And C and Z are for your consumables. Most of us are used to this setup. And it's pretty easy to see the pros of it. It's uniform. Easy to learn and develop muscle memory for. Yet, it has its downsides as well.

For starters. If you have short fingers, you might have to move your entire hand from one end to another to hit a button you need. Or in the least case, you might need to move it in an uncomfortable sequence to be able to hit multiple keys in order. 

But are there alternatives? Of course there are.

Is There A "Best Keybinding" Though?

This is a tricky question to answer because it's ultimately subjective. What's "best" for you isn't the "best" for someone else. As everyone is running different gear in their setup. With hundreds of mice and keyboards all with different configurations on the market, it becomes obvious why determining what's best is hard.

Even if we hypothetically put up two players with the exact same gear and PC build, you'll still find that they will most likely disagree on a few points. So, the best course of action is to look at just some of the options available to us. 

"A bit to the Right" Keybinding in Smite

The point of this keybinding is to allow you more space on the keyboard. It does this by moving everything a bit to the right. Let's look at the example. 

1st Ability2nd Ability3rd Ability4th Ability (Ultimate)
WRLeft ShiftSpace Bar
1st Consumable2nd Consumable1st Relic2nd Relic

This layout is one that I've experimented in the past with and that many players prefer. Here's why.

Instead of your standard W, A, S, and D movement, you now have E, S, D, and F for movement. This shift feels natural as it's still the usual shape we are used to, but the benefit of this is that it allows for more space and keys to be used around where your hand is supposed to be. W and R are now for your 1st and 2nd spell respectively. While LeftShift and the SpaceBar are used for your 3rd ability and your Ultimate. Although some players prefer a different arrangement where Shift is your 1st, W is your 2nd, R is your 3rd, and Space is your Ult.

What's more, you should move your Relic and Consumable buttons as well. I prefer to use C and V for my Relics and T and Y for my Consumables. The reason I use C and V for relics is because I can hit those easily with my thumb. As in many cases, I can't afford to take my fingers off the movement buttons.

It's advised to train against bots in Smite before moving on to PvP matchmaking, nobody likes the stress of having to learn on the fly. And also, if you're curious about how all of this would work on a controller. Then check out our guide on the best console settings for Smite. 

QERX Keybinding in Smite

There is another alternative that most players who migrate from League of Legends find useful. Here's how it works.

1st Ability2nd Ability3rd Ability4th Ability (Ultimate)
1st Consumable2nd Consumable1st Relic2nd Relic

Here's how this keybinding basically works. Instead of using 1,2,3,4 for your abilities, you rebind them to Q,E,R, and most often X. The benefit of this is that it feels more natural having all of the abilities closer to your finger position. The consumables remain the same, the only things that is changed is your 2nd relic. Where before it was at Z, but now it's at V. This change is put in place so as to not accidentally cast your ult when you intend to use a relic and vice-versa.

This difference is just further proof that Smite isn't just another copy of Lol, as we discussed in our is Smite a copy of LoL? article.

 ZXCV Keybinding in Smite

This is another alternative that prioritizes the ability to move freely. Here is what it looks like.

1st Ability2nd Ability3rd Ability4th Ability
1st Consumable2nd Consumable1st Relic2nd Relic

This might look weird at first, but hear me out. As was said previously, this change was implemented to allow you to easily cast your abilities with just your thumb. With this setup, you don't have to remove any of your fingers from the movement keys to cast a spell, you can just use your thumb for that. Which helps with the quick casting of spells. Also, the consumables and relics are moved as well. The consumables you can hit easily with your index finger, while the relics can be reached with your index or thumb. 

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