Is Smite a copy of League Of Legends?

Smite is a decent game, but is it actually a straight copy of LoL?
Is Smite a copy of League Of Legends?

Every MOBA game will eventually be compared with DOTA or League of Legends. Smite must also be looked at through the lens of the incredible creators of these games. Before we dive into the specifics of the two games, let us first look at the basic overview of both Smite and League of Legends.



Smite is a 2014 free-to-play, third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. The playable characters in Smite are a variety of gods and mythological figures from several historical cultures and religions, each of which possesses a unique set of divine powers. Having gained popularity in a short time, Smite boasts a player base of around 30 million.

League of Legends

League of Legends, commonly referred to as League, is a 2009 multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games. The founders of Riot, being greatly inspired by the Defense of the Ancients, a custom map for Warcraft III, went on to create LoL as a standalone game in the same genre. The playable characters in League of Legends are referred to as champions, adhering to their own, original narrative. Being one of the most popular MOBA games ever, League of Legends boasts a player base of over 100 million. League is also free to play but like Smite, requires certain levels to be reached to unlock further potentials. For example, player needs to have a smite summoner spell to be a jungle, but the spell unlocks only after an account reaches level 8.

GAMEPLAY3rd-Person ViewTop-down view
GAME MODESConquest (Main) and 4 other modes, faster paced, shorter game timesSummoner's Rift (Main), several PvP and other modes, moderately paced, long game times
PLAYABLE CHARACTERS122 Gods in 5 distinct classesMore than 140 Champions in 6 distinct classes

Over 1600 different skins, 3D model display

More than 1400 skins, search online for in-game skin model
COMMUNITYOfficial  Community and other social platforms, large community sizeOfficial Community and other social platforms, considerably larger community size

League of Legends VS Smite

LoL VS Smite

We now move on to the comparison between the two games, discussing the gameplay, game modes, playable characters, skins and community in detail.


One of the most important criterion for comparison is the gameplay, the way in which the player and the game interact.

The gameplay between Smite and League of Legends is the greatest and most prominent difference. In League of Legends, players control their champion by right-clicking in a top-down view. Players can see everything on screen as a result, giving them a broad overview of the arena. Smite, on the other hand, uses a third-person view that is over the player's shoulder. Smite is credited as being the first MOBA game to implement it. No other games that came after are as a successful 3rd person MOBA as Smite. Gamers who play Smite consider Smite's gameplay to be considerably faster and lower down. The player is usually limited to just their solo lane, instead of the full view of the arena. In League, player can see a clear User Interface indication of what a skill does and majority of the skill shots do not require aiming at a target. However, in Smite, the player has to constantly aim their attacks. Find out your Matchmaking Rating in Smite by following this guide How To Check MMR In Smite.

Based on Unreal Engine 3, Smite offers much more realistic and dynamic graphics compared to League.

LoL vs Smite Gameplay

Game modes

Smite's top competitive mode, Smite Conquest, has a three-lane map with a jungle area surrounding it. Three Phoenixes and a Titan guard your base, which is located on one end. On the opposite end lies the base of your enemy. The main objective is to destroy enemy towers, Phoenixes, and Titan. It can be played solo up to a party of five. Due to Smite's overall faster pacing than League of Legends, the game offers more variety in terms of game modes (Arena, Assault, Joust, Slash) and typically shorter game times. By bringing the opposing team's ticket total to zero, you can defeat enemy players and enemy minion in the brawling death-match known as the Arena, the second popular game mode. 

Smite Conquest Map

On the other hand, Summoners Rift, the first and the most popular Field of Justice, is regarded as the pinnacle of League of Legends competition. Typically, gameplay stratifies into several phases, with lane duels as the initial stage and epic, large-scale team fights as the final stage. By breaking into the opposing base and taking down the enemy nexus, LoL players win the game. League of Legends' normal games may be divided into two categories: Draft Pick and Blind Pick. The two game formats don't differ in-game, but the pick and ban process is set out differently in each. The following game modes are currently available to players: PvP, Co-op vs AI, Training, and Custom Game.

LoL Summoner's Rift Map

Playable Characters

When it comes to characters in MOBAs, gamers frequently want a decent variety of fascinating playable characters that add to the fun of the game.

In Smite, characters are referred to as "Gods" and there are 122 playable gods available. The gods are different in their levels of skills and powers and offer the player a range of gameplay styles. There are currently 5 distinct classes available in the game: Assassin, Guardian, Hunter, Mage and Warrior. We have already sorted the best class for you here Best Class In Smite. For new Smite players, we have sorted out some characters suited to them here Best Beginner Smite Gods For New Players.

Characters in League of Legends are referred to as "Champions," and there are more than 140 of them currently available, allowing gamers to choose the ideal champion for their play style. There are currently 6 distinct classes available in League of Legends: Controller, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Slayer, and Tank. 

Only a few playable characters are offered for free in both games; the rest must be purchased with real money or in-game currency.

Here are some gods from Smite (top row) and similar champions from League (bottom row).

Smite vs LoL Characters


MOBAs frequently offer cosmetics as micro-transactions rather than selling powerful in-game items.

There are plenty of skins in both League of Legends and Smite. More than 1400 skins are available in League of Legends and over 1600 different skins are available in Smite.

In Smite, the store displays a 3D model of the in-game skin. However, If players wish to check a skin before purchasing it in League of Legends, they must search online for the skin's in-game model. You can also find Smite skins with unique cosmetic features here Smite Tier 5 Skins.

Thor Wrath of Valhalla Smite
Thor Wrath of Valhalla Smite

League of Legends offers skin shards for specific events that can be used to unlock skins for free. Although there are a few more ways to earn free skins in Smite than League, it is more difficult to get rewarded with them. Player can get skins for watching specific streamers and for avoiding getting banned.

High Noon Viktor Chroma
High Noon Viktor Chroma LoL

By the way, if you are on the hunt for some good League skins, check out The Hottest LoL Skins out there.


When picking a game, a lot of gamers consider the community to be an important factor. Players can interact with one another, exchange experiences, and search for allies or opponents in this special association of interests.

Talking about Smite, players have the chance to join the official smite community, which has a significant player base. Other platforms, such Facebook, Steam, Twitter, and so on, are also available.

Likewise, League of Legends has its own player associations. There is an official association for this game where you can keep up with any recent information shared by players. Additionally, just as with many other games, players can interact with the community on Facebook, Reddit, and other well-known platforms.

Although both games have been around for some time, it is difficult to deny that league has a larger community than smite. An example of this difference can be seen through Reddit. League's subreddit had 5.5 millions members in December 2021, while there were only 365,000 members of the subreddit for Smite. If you are on the hunt for some Smite accounts, check out our guide Best Site To Buy Smite Accounts

Summing up, it is hard to say that Smite is a copy of League of Legends.

Certain gameplay mechanics in Smite require some getting used to and might pose serious challenges for lovers of the more traditional MOBAs. But Smite's originality lies in its ability to emulate the MOBAs while still being unique and original in its own right.

Considering this, engaging in the original platoon battles is undoubtedly worthwhile. Where else can you witness Cupid, God of Love, transform into a bloodthirsty fighter and battle Odin, The Allfather, or Bakasura, The Great Devourer?

Now, for all Smite lovers, if you are looking for some extra gems, we have got you covered here How To Earn Gems In SMITE For Free [All Available Methods].

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