The Hottest LoL Skins out there

Throughout the years game developers have implemented skins to make characters feel fresher and Riot Games is no stranger to this.

Updated on Sep 08, 2023
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The Hottest LoL Skins out there

Riot Games saw a clear opportunity when they put out the first skins ever released in League of Legends, back in 2009 there weren’t the same amounts of champions that there is today. 

Riot has put out every year more and more characters, something that we can be sure will continue to stay that way as long as the game’s alive. 

With that in mind, the concept of “skins” has opened the doors for many things regarding champions, from making you want to play more with them, to the creation of totally new alternate universes of themed skins. 

Characters that are not that attractive, with the right skin can get quite hot, and those who are hot already, well… you’ll understand what we mean when you go through our Hottest League of Legends character Skins.

1 /10

Crime City Nightmare Akali

Akali joined recently the City of Crime universe of skin, by embracing the strange yet dark power of a Mysterious Gentleman. Even though Akali is wearing more clothes than usual in this skin, it doesn’t change the fact that her curves, deadly aura, and weapons look sharper than ever.


In case you’re interested in seeing what other skins Akali has available, perhaps ones where she has more revealing clothes, check our Best Akali Skins here.

2 /10

Pool Party Lee Sin

Of course, this wouldn’t be only the hottest female skins article, the hottest male skins will be included here as well, and our first hottie is Pool Party Lee Sin, who looks delightful with that relaxed attitude as if waiting for the right time to take his shirt of and go for a small swim, there are other versions of him with his muscled and usually exposed torso, which you can find here.


3 /10

Miss Fortune Arcadia

Miss Fortune has many skins where she looks soo mess, but Miss Fortune Arcadia is by far one of the hottest, if not the hottest female skin that there is, although many others could be compared to it, she just looks so provocative minding her own business, chewing gum, and making everyone drool.


4 /10

Pool Party Graves

No other jungler like graves makes everyone summoners scream “Daddy”, whether it’d be in his stunning Battle Academia Professor Graves skin, or even more in this Pool Party version of him, which is total candy for people’s eyes. This skin is prooves that Riot Games knows how to make any champion in League hot. In case you don’t like Graves that much, you can always find the best Junglers in LoL here.


5 /10

Freljord Ashe

Are you cold? Then don’t worry, Freljord Ashe is for sure going to heat things in summoners, it’s good to know that not even a snowstorm will mess with her aim despite wearing a short skirt which the wind can move easily and a light top which highlights her best attributes, it’s a high contrast of clothing between this skin and High Noon Ashe.


6 /10

Pool Party Sett

Something funny about Sett is that Riot Games released this ADC being already crazy hot. He has many skins where you can see a different version of his big abs and chest which you can check out here the League of Legends Best Sett Skins. Still, search no more if you want to see everything you can about him because Pool Party Sett shows us the champion being comfortable wearing very little at the beach.


7 /10

Kitty Cat Katarina

Katarina is a fighter by nature, so be careful when getting close to her if what you want is to feel the fur of her naughty costume. Kitty Cat Katarina is a nice skin for this mid laner, its release date was on 19th October 2010. Katarina is a complicated mid laner to play in the mid lane at first, therefore, we advise you to check our Best Mid Laners for Beginners in LoL here.


8 /10

Demacia Vice Garen

Garen is a champion that is all wrapped up in armor, but that hasn’t stopped Riot Games from making skins for him that show his mess side. A great example of this is Demacia Vice Garen, where he’s just wearing regular clothes for summoners to appreciate his muscles better and to unveil what the armor has been protecting all these years, allowing him to tank in the Rift.


9 /10

Star Guardian Jinx

In the Star Guardian version of Jinx, she wears clothes that are quite revealing, the perfect distraction for enemies that balances the fact that Jinx doesn’t always have a plan for what she’s doing. This skin has really good looks and amazing particle effects. Jinx is a great ADC besides being one of the hottest female characters, but you can always take a look at our Best ADC in League of Legends by clicking here.


10 /10

Santa Braum

Sorry for those who have a nice image of Santa in their heads, but Riot Games knew they have created the hottest version of Santa that there is when they put out Santa Braum. This support, who’s already a lovely mass of muscles is in this version much more than that, and players will want more than his reassuring phrases or cookies in the Rift when choosing this skin.


Now that we’ve gone through some of the hottest League of Legends champions skins that there are, we are sure that your perspective of the game and some of the champions mentioned here have changed, perhaps you’ve found a new reason to play LoL with these skins. If something is clear, is that Riot will continue to release skins that highlight the best features of certain champions, especially female ones, and those who will come in the future, we just have to see what new eye candy will they drop next.

We continue to cover the best of the best in League of Legends, if you want to complement your knowledge of the hottest skins in League of Legends, why don’t you check the Hottest Champions in League of Legends here, we’re sure that you’ll find it as interesting as this list.

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