Hottest Male Skins | LoL

There are tons of lists online ranking the hottest women in League of Legends, but now it’s time to take a look at the hottest male skins the game has to offer.

Updated on Sep 08, 2023
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Hottest Male Skins | LoL

Riot Games has some pretty good character designs and skin lines in League of Legends. So much so that we can’t help but feel a bit of attraction towards these fictional characters in the game.

There has already been a lot of debate regarding the hottest female characters in League of Legends, so now let’s shake it up a bit by ranking the hottest male skins LoL has to offer.

Ranking the Hottest Male Skins

As a straight male, it’s difficult to objectively and subjectively choose designs I think are hot that fit the standards of those attracted to men.

That’s why I called back up by letting my female associates who have no biases in video game characters rank who they think look hot and why they think so. I have to admit that some of their choices have enlightened me since I wouldn’t have even considered some of them.

I’ve asked them to rank all of these League of Legends male champions according to how much they agree on their “hotness.” While we won’t be sharing the exact words they chose to describe these male champions, it’s time to share who we think is among the top of the bunch in ascending order.

1 /7

Cyber Pop Akshan

Cyber Pop Akshan looks like a true daddy, rocking that fitted pink shirt with a killer smile that radiates his confidence on the field of battle. Not to mention this skin has a bit of a resemblance with Zayn Malik.


Gone are the days when younger boys that look like all they do is pick up chicks and make terrible decisions in life are the preference of women. What women need is a man who is reliable enough to stay and isn’t sensitive about his masculinity. Riot Games, take note.

2 /7

Pool Party Graves

With enough body hair to lose yourself in, Pool Party Graves makes it into our list by showcasing the full glory of his dad bod, setting a standard for other male champions. Just looking at this splash art is enough to distract you from the gameplay.


It’s only natural that Pool Party skins make their appearance on this list, and you can expect even more to come. After all, skins like Battle Academia, Crystal Rose, and Debonair don’t have as much sex appeal as Riot Games thinks it does.

3 /7

Lunar Wraith Sylas

This might be a surprise for the male community, but it makes perfect sense for those attracted to men. Lunar Wraith Sylas combines feminine and masculine charms to create an alluring evil look that can entrance you to surrender your entire being for a chance to be “claimed.”


The Lunar Revel series has some pretty nice skins but mainly highlights female champions, so someone like Sylas rarely comes out with such strong appeal.

4 /7

Spirit Blossom Yasuo

Spirit Blossom Yasuo appeals to the fantasy of being a mysterious man. However, let’s be honest and admit that Yasuo has the charisma to seduce people from any gender simply because his character is designed as one of the ultimate male champions.


Flowing hair, a killer body, that eastern appeal, and an extremely long sword that will hurt if it stabs you. Those are all qualities that prove Yasuo deserves to be here. And no, there was no hidden joke in there.

5 /7

Santa Braum

I mean, even I have to agree that Santa Braum is the daddy among daddies. Everyone in every age group and sexual preference agrees that Santa Braum is absolutely and undoubtedly smoldering hot.


It looks like Christmas came early tonight as Santa Braum is ready to give you a gift. Assuming you’ve been a good girl or good boy, he might even give you a little extra.

6 /7

High Noon Lucian

Who says you need to show abs and muscles to prove you’re hot? High Noon Lucian comes in breaking that stereotype fully clothed from top to bottom but still giving people what they want to see. Too bad he’s one of the champions who is already coupled with another female champion.


Riot Games should give whoever made this skin a raise because it highlights the male champions’ curves in a way that shouldn’t be possible. It also makes you wish that you were there receiving Lucian’s cold, dead stare.

7 /7

Pool Party Sett

Pool Party Sett makes it to the top of the list by showcasing those impossibly toned muscles designed to give him maximum attractiveness. Showcasing not only his abs but also his biceps, legs, and side muscles, he’s a true boss that unsurprisingly attracts all the people’s attention.


How can you have such a muscular body and still retain a slim-looking face? Everything about this skin design is perfected to appeal to the people, and we have to admit that he’ll always be one of the hottest League of Legends champions.

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