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Best Akshan Skins | LoL

Akshan is a relatively new Champion for League of Legends, but he has attracted much attention from players. He has a lot to offer despite his limited competitive presence. The Rogue Sentinel currently has several great cosmetic options, so here are the best Akshan skins in LoL.
Best Akshan Skins | LoL

Compared to more League of Legend Champions, Akshan is somewhat new to the game. Many of the other Champions have been in the game for over ten years, but Akshan joined the LoL roster in 2021. Despite still being a new character compared to many others, Akshan the Rouge Sentinel is a worthy LoL Champion. He brings a lot of roaming potential to the game and allows for some solid early gameplays.

Having received several changes, Akshan is slowly gaining more popularity amongst players. Players are paying close attention to this ranged character in all of his ranged Assassin abilities and playstyles.


Battle Academia Akshan

The Battle Academia Akshan skin is the second cosmetic released for the League of Legends Champion. Not including the ones that launched alongside him, the Battle Academia Akshan skin is technically the first skin added to the game for him.

This new Champion skin gives the Mid Laner a brand new style and brings him closer to the existing League of Legends lore. It gives him a more modern look, and his bright purple hair gives him an anime feel. Battle Academia Akshan gives him a fancy red and white jacket with a black undershirt. He also has a premium looking red and gold belt to hang his assassin knives.

Battle Academia Akshan was added to the game in July 2021 for the Wild Rift, which is the standalone mobile game. Sadly, this isn't available for the PC version of League of Legends, but Akshan has joined a relatively small list of characters with a Battle Academia skin.

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Cyber Pop Akshan

The 156th League of Legend Champion is already a Sentinel character in the game. So he didn't get a unique Sentinel themed skin on release. Instead, Riot Games has provided a fabulous Cyber Pop Akshan skin for him.

With a rather pink t-shirt, Akshan has been given a cyberpunk theme overhaul. Bright glowing colours, an LED device attached to his belt and a fancy technology-themed jacket with a cape really add to the overall aesthetic. Akshan also has a mechanical arm to match the overall cyberpunk theme with this skin. The Cyber Pop Akshan skin also has shorter hair than his base skin and a modern side shave.

Cyber Pop Akshan is an Epic tier skin in the League of Legends store. This means the skin is always available in the game store for purchase. It's relatively expensive and costs 1350 RP. This is also the most costly Akshan skin in the store, considering no others are currently available.

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Classic Akshan

The Classic Akshan skin has received mixed responses from the LoL community. The Rogue Sentinel is heavily influenced by Southeast-Asian culture, which is evident from his Classic Akshan skin.

Akshan doesn't wear a shirt for his base skin, but he does wear some traditional Southeast-Asian clothing to match his origins. It also has a slight adventurer theme with his leather-style trousers and pouches attached to his belt. The Classic Akshan skin comes with the typical long-haired Akshan.

Since this is the base skin for him, the Classic Akshan skin is the one all players start with once Akshan is unlocked. Purchasing Akshan from the store will cost 6300 Blue Essence or 975 RP, and the Classic Akshan skin comes with that.

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Akshan still only has limited skin options in League of Legends, though this will be changing in the future. Finding the best skin to purchase with your RP is complicated, so we've created a list of the best League of Legend skins for every character in the game. If Akshan doesn't have any options you like, consider looking at the best Alistar skins next. You can also see our League of Legends skin hub to find the full lists for all of the best League of Legends Champion skins currently in the game.

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