6 Hottest LoL Champions Out There [#5 Might Surprise You]

Discover the six hottest champions in League of Legends, from the gorgeous Irelia to the charming Jayce.

Updated on Feb 14, 2024
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6 Hottest LoL Champions Out There [#5 Might Surprise You]

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Irelia is a character that was way too broken when she came out in League of Legends, and to this day, she still kind of is. Her appearances throughout the years have been gorgeous, there isn’t a look of her that could be labeled as “ugly”.

Irelia LoL Splash Art

The original skin of Irelia is proof enough of how Riot puts into the works the look of a nice but deadly-looking character that’s used in the professional league. 

Plus, she is surely one of the best top laners that isn’t that easy to main due to how precise you have to be with her. However, but in the process, you can choose the best skins for Irelia in LoL.

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Kai’sa is one of the most agile marksmen in the pool of League of Legends female champions, because of that, she has in all her skins clothes appropriate for it. 

She’s a fairly easy ADC to play with, but if you’re looking for other options, you can check here our best ADC Champions in LoL.

Kai'sa LoL Splash Art

So far, Kai’sa has received a new addition to her wardrobe every year since her release, and the designers in charge of creating her artworks did a good job combining Kai’sa’s essence with an attractive wardrobe.

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There are all types of League of Legends champions with unique concepts that, regardless of how different they might be from one another, developers find a way to make them visually appealing.

Ahri LoL Splash Art

Added to the wardrobe that lets several parts of her skin visible, Ahri also has some of the most sensual voice lines in League of Legends, all thanks to the amazing voice actress Laura Post.

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Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune and Ahri share the similarities of being really old League of Legends female champions, plus they’re quite popular, which translates into them receiving many skins throughout the years. And they share some of the hottest female LoL skins, of course.

In the splash art of her original skin, we can see this captain from Bilgewater with her most prominent attributes highlighted.

Miss Fortune LoL Splash Art

Fans adore her for new Miss Fortune skins she often receives, which all have unique and interesting lore to read. In a team fight, she can easily take down enemies using her ultimate at the right moment.

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Twisted Fate

Now that we went through some of the hottest female characters, let's end this article with some male accent, shall we? Yeah, Twisted Fate, a character that often played in the mid-lane, and dominates the meta since release.

And yup, you guessed it, he has a bunch of hottest male skins LoL assigned to him.

Twisted Fate LoL Splash Art

He is always playing tricks, so don’t fall for his bewitching charisma, he’s a mage that usually has a lot of clothes on in all his splash arts. 

Still, that doesn’t change the fact he may look in some of them as if he’s going to steal your date.

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Jayce is one of the most attractive and hottest male characters in League of Legends, and it's hard to argue with that.

Like, he has nice facial features and in each version, and he has clothes that fit him great and make him look like a charming prince. What's not to love about him, really?

Jayce LoL Splash Art

Something to note about Jayce’s different looks is the fact that he may seem like a young adult in his early 20s or a veteran in his late 40s, as is the case for Debonair Jayce ,one of the best Jayce skins. So yeah, he's there for any preference, isn't he?

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