Best top lane champions in league of legends

Here are currently the best top lane champions in League of Legends!
Best top lane champions in league of legends

Top lane champions are the powerhouses of every composition in league of legends, they can either be tanky champions that can stand in front of their composition during teamfights or be split pushing behemoths. 

Riot games also frequently buff and nerf their heroes so wether you play singed to proxy your opponents lane or split push to victory with Tryndamere, here are some of the best top laner league of legends has to offer in season 12.

Best top lane champions in League of legends


Tahm Kench

With the latest patch, Tahm is doing quite well as a top laner. With little to no counter, Tahm dominates top laners with his early game damage as with his durability. 

He can easily force early fights and come out on top thanks to his passive and tongue lash that can deal damage and stun at the same time, giving huge value every trade with his lane opponent. 

On top of this, his kit is very easy to use as you only need to think about hitting enemies with your tongue lash and Q.

Master Chef Tahm Kench splash art

Recent patches that riot games has released reworked Tahm and devs swapped his ultimate with his W giving him a stronger engage and roam capabilities. 

He can now easily win his lane during early game even against ranged champions and use that advantage to roam to mid or the jungle to help his allies.

Master Chef Tahm Kench in game model

Tahm is also a great teamfighting champion and has one of the best peeling in the game as he can devour an ally and easily get them out of harms way. 

This is why Tahm Kench is comfortably sitting at a high win rate in the top lane or considered as the long lane. 

Some would also consider that Tahm Kench is currently an S tier and is beginner friendly and belongs to some of the best top laners in season 12. Be sure to help your allies more often as Tahm is a better teamfighting champion rather than a late game carry.



Darius is one of the best champions in top and has never left the best top laners in everybody’s tier list in a very long time. He is a very intimidating opponent in top lane as he can deal overwhelming pressure to his enemy

His passive is his best feature during the early game as hitting enemy champions 5 times not only puts insane damage over time on his enemy but it also empowers his stats.

God king Darius splash art

His early to mid game is very strong which he can use to maximize his lane dominance and take over top laners. It is also not wise to gank Darius as his kit makes it so the more enemy he fights the stronger his heals will be.

God king Darius in game model

Once he kills an enemy laner with his ultimate, he can easily apply full stacks of his passive on enemies hit with his abilities and deal tons of damage to them with his ultimate. 

He really is an unstoppable champion that can only be countered by top laners that has a knock back ability. And with not muchtop laners having that luxury, Darius sits at the top of the food chain in top lane.



Now this is an uncommon pick as he is mainly played in the jungle and is currently a b tier champion in the tier list but because of his roaming potential he can be great in top. 

When he is played in top lane, he can easily dominate fights especially when facing a ranged top laner

Warwick has incredible sustainability during the early game. His Q and his E can be used to reduce incoming damage and heal for a huge amount. Warwick also has great trading potential post level 6 as he can easily close the gap with his W or his ultimate.

Lunar Guardian Warwick splash art

If he manages to win his lane in the early game, his high movement speed thanks to his W’s passive, can be used to roam the other lanes as it gives him increased attack speed and movement speed. 

Faster auto attacks when enemies are low on HP let him deal higher attack damage. His ultimate is a really strong initiating factor for his allies as suppression can not be cleansed.

Lunar Guardian Warwick in game model

He is also a very tanky champion that can stand in the front line of his team during teamfights and deals damage. His incredible backline access makes him crucial to all team fights

There is also no champion that can outrun Warwick as he chases enemies who disengaged and has low HP. Warwick is a top tier pick in top lane as he can cheese the lane but take him to the late game and his value falls off.



When it comes to top laners, split pushing is the name of the game and what better champion to split push than Fiora. Fiora’s kit allows her to deal tons of damage in a short span of time and heal while doing so. 

When Fiora split pushes, she can deal with 2 or even 3 man answers to her split pushing. Her ultimate easily takes champions off and heal her as she deals with the other two. He is a very strong late game champion and can 1v5 if she snowballs pretty well.

IG Fiora splash art

She also deals tons of damage to a tower as she can cancel animations of her basic attacks with her Q and her E. 

She also has the ability to jump walls so if the enemy team is chasing her it would be a really bad idea as she can easily jump in and out of fights.

IG Fiora in game model

Fiora is very strong, however her kit and playstyle needs some getting used to especially timing her W. Every player in league of legends know that you should not CC fiora carelessly as she can just parry it. 

Parry is her most crucial ability during trades as she can stun enemies with it and even bring their attack speeds down. Fiora is at her strongest during the mid to late game especially if she has trinity force..



Last in the list is Sion, he literally is a freight train with his unstoppable force ultimate. His laning phase is mediocre but his teamfight presence is top tier as he can easily respond to fights with his ultimate. 

Taking turrets is also one of Sion’s expertise as he can deal tons of damage to a tower with his ultimate especially when he has demolish rune.

World Breaker Sion splash art

Hyper carries also fear Sion because of his kit, he can chain CC squishy champions and deal burst damage. He can rush any lane with his ultimate and can also be used as an alternative for teleport making it hard for his enemy laner to manage minion waves.

World Breaker Sion in game model

With the right composition, Sion can be a terrifying front line champion and can also clear waves pretty fast which makes up for a deadly combo. He can tank all damage damage of the entire enemy team in the late game during a team fight.



Zac is currently the strongest champion in league of legends. He is an all around teamfighting ally that top lakers find hard to deal with. He has one of the best engages, he is incredibly tanky and has the thickest health bar in the late game, he can deal high damage even if he has no offensive item, and meta changes really doesn’t affect him that much as well as a slight nerf.

Battlecast Zac splash art

Zac can also deal more damage than an average top bruiser and his self healing passive works wonders after trades. He also has low cooldown on his basic abilities that you can abuse during the laning phase.