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All You Need To Know About Low Priority Queue in LoL

Find out everything you need to know about the low priority queue in League of Legends. Discover how to avoid low priority queue in LoL and much more now!
All You Need To Know About Low Priority Queue in LoL

Imagine this, you're playing your ranked games in League of legends and then you notice something is not going on well, and you've had long waiting times to start your ranked game. What is happening? Well, you've probably been added to the low priority queue. But, don't worry, we will explain what a low priority queue is in this article. Let's start!

What is the low priority queue?

Low priority queue is a queue created by Riot Games against repeat offenders, leave games and player dodges. 

The leaverbuster system created by Riot Games was a response to all complaints players had against these annoying players

However, you may be affected by the low priority queue by just dodging five games in a row, so you have to be careful with that.

Low priority queue league of legends

Low priority queue is a good method to discourage players to leave matchmade games by giving the players a longer queue's timer, on the other hand, low priority queue is a big penalty if you would like to play more games per day.

Leaving matches in League of legends will affect the players by giving them huge waiting times (usually around ten - twenty minutes but can be more).

However, when a player dodges many games in a row, or is considered an annoying player, he can be put in the low priority queue, making the task of playing ranked games to improve your ELO much harder than usual.

How To Know If You Are In The Low Priority Queue?

The first thing you should try to discover when talking about the low priority queue is if you're detected as a dodge player by the leaverbuster system, and that's easy. 

Try to remember if you have already left the last five games you've played in League of legends. Doesn't matter if you left the game at minute 10 or you left in the champion select process, you will be taken into the low priority queue if you're affecting other summoners in LoL.
Once you have discovered if you've left many games in a row recently, then you may follow these steps to know if you're in the low priority queue:

  1. Click the play button.
  2. Select your desired game mode in the summoner's rift.
  3. Click on the find match button.
  4. Check if there is a wait time.
  5. Check if an info banner appears letting you know you are in the low priority queue.
Low priority queue league of legends

Leaving multiple games will lead to queue lockouts, so you will have to wait some minutes until the queue is available again to play your matches. 

However, consider that being in the low priority queue may affect your MMR and the penalty is not only waiting, but also playing against and co op with players in the same situation. You may take a look at our guide about how to reset MMR in LoL.

Is It Possible To Avoid The Low Priority Queue?

If you're in the low prio queue, then we have bad news for you. Once you're inside this queue, the only way to get out of it is waiting.

To explain that, let us give you a short guide about lockout times and penalty times in the low priority queue:

So, in order to help our fellow summoners to avoid penalties and don't wait more than usual to play their desired match, the only trick you can use to avoid this horrible queue is simple: Don't leave games and try to play as well as possible. Yeah, sounds logical, and sometimes it's difficult to keep a normal humor while losing any game or if one of your allies is trolling as punishment because he lost his lane, but this the only way you can avoid being in the low priority queue for a complete season.

Low priority queue league of legends

Once you're in this queue, it's not possible to reset your status. It's not fun, so try not to fall in any low priority penalty and don't remain idle for five minutes at any moment at the summoner's rift.
That's all for this article, if you'd like to learn more, you may take a look at our guide about the Smurf Queue in LoL or take a look at our article about how ranked flex LoL works. See you at the summoner's rift!

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