All You Need To Know About Low Priority Queue in LoL

The low priority queue in League of Legends serves as a penalty for frequent game leavers or dodgers, resulting in longer waiting times.

Updated on Feb 12, 2024
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All You Need To Know About Low Priority Queue in LoL

What is Low Priority Queue in LoL?

Low priority queue is a system designed by Riot Games to discourage players from leaving or dodging games. It serves as a penalty for those who frequently leave games or dodge queues, aiming to maintain a fair environment for everyone.

The leaverbuster system was introduced as a way to address complaints about players who abandon games or engage in disruptive behavior. It's important to note that even dodging just five games in a row can land you in the low priority queue, so it's wise to think carefully before exiting a game prematurely.

Being placed in the low priority queue means facing longer waiting times before being able to join a match. This is intended to deter players from leaving matchmade games, as it significantly impacts the ability to play multiple games within a day. Essentially, the longer queue times serve as a punishment, usually ranging from ten to twenty minutes, but it can be longer in severe cases.

This system makes it particularly challenging for players who are trying to improve their ELO in ranked games, as being in the low priority queue complicates the process of playing ranked matches consistently. It also affects other aspects such as LoL MMR, which you can actually see.

How To Know If You Are In The Low Priority Queue?

To check if you've been placed in the low priority queue, consider whether you've left or dodged games recently. Leaving games at any point, whether it's in the champion select phase or during the game itself, can trigger the leaverbuster system to place you in the low priority queue. 

If you suspect you might be in the low priority queue, you can confirm this by following these steps:

  1. Click the play button on the main interface.
  2. Select your desired game mode in the summoner's rift.
  3. Click on the find match button to initiate the matchmaking process.
  4. Check for any wait time that is unusually long compared to the standard queue times.
  5. Look for an info banner that explicitly informs you about being in the low priority queue.

Check Low Priority Queue LoL

Leaving multiple games will lead to queue lockouts, so you will have to wait some minutes until the queue is available again to play your matches and continue your grind to a Challenger rank.

However, consider that being in the low priority queue may affect your MMR and the penalty is not only waiting, but also playing against and co op with players in the same situation. Fore more insights on the topic, you might want to check out my guide about how to reset MMR in LoL.

Is It Possible To Avoid The Low Priority Queue?

If you find yourself wondering about avoiding the low priority queue in League of Legends, the advice is straightforward but crucial — the best way to avoid the low priority queue is by not leaving games. Once you are placed in this queue, the only method to exit is by serving the waiting period imposed by the system.

So yeah, all in all, the path to avoiding the low priority queue lies in commitment to your games and fostering a supportive gaming environment.

Low Priority Queue Warning LoL

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