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How to See MMR in League of Legends

How to See MMR in League of Legends

League of Legends MMR (match making rating) is one of the biggest mysteries in the game, with players constantly curious about what their MMR value looks like in the game. 

Unlike in other MOBA games, LoL uses the ranked division system to determine a player’s skill level, but that isn’t justified sometimes due to a number of abuses that players can do to rank up. That’s why we need to know how to see MMR LoL.

What is MMR

The reason why a lot of people want to see their LoL MMR is that it plays an essential role in many of the game’s sectors. The ranked system is only one of the reasons why players want to check their MMR so badly, with other players having more personal reasons to do so.

Even though skilled players have less reason to check their MMR, many of them are still curious if there’s any way to provide a numerical value.

LoL Client Featuring a Victort Screen

Most players want to see their MMR just to determine if they need to adjust the way they play in order to climb higher and earn more points. In many other games, players have set their gamer pride to the numerical value of their account’s MMR. 

This may very well be the case for League of Legends players if Riot Games introduced a way to check their MMR value. Some just want to know how to increase their MMR in League of Legends.

How is MMR Calculated?

LoL MMR isn’t calculated simply by winning or losing games. To put it simply, it’s how good or bad the player’s performance is after the result of the match. 

There are various things that can affect MMR, and those are KDA, macro scores, champion score, and individual performance to increase or decrease the value of MMR acquired or lost after a game is concluded. 

This essentially means that players with high skill levels will climb the ranks faster, and players with low skill levels will have a more challenging time climbing the ranks.

How to See MMR in LoL

Since League of Legends doesn’t have an official way to determine a player’s average MMR, players have resorted to creating or using third-party programs that give a rough estimate on the player’s ELO. 

Even though most of these programs aren’t 100% accurate, they are still enough to give players a rough estimate of how good they are in the game. 

If you’ve developed a sense of curiosity regarding your account’s MMR value, here are some of the ways you can try to see your LoL MMR. 


LP Gain/Loss

The easiest way to check your matchmaking rating is to check how much LP you are getting after your ranked game

Riot Games establishes a rough average for LP gain in their ranked matches, so it’s easy to create a baseline for whether or not your MMR is helping or hurting your chances of getting to the subsequent division. 

If you’re not sure what the baseline is for average LP gain/loss, it’s usually the value that you get at the start of the season and changes after the rank reset.

Showcasing How Much LP is gained after a match

As the season progresses and the player starts completing more games, their seasonal MMR gets affected. Players will usually notice that they are gradually losing more LP on losses while gaining less LP on wins

This is because their MMR is decreasing due to the average win-loss ratio dropping after every game.


Unofficial Web Calculators

There are a lot of unofficial MMR web calculators on the internet, so players need only to search for them, and they’ll instantly pop out. 

Of course, we advise League of Legends players to practice caution when using these websites because there are a lot of these sites that ask for a player’s account credentials, which could lead to their accounts getting captured

To determine which sites are safe, it’s probably best to go on forums or Reddit to reach a consensus from the community on which sites they regularly visit.

How to check MMR using OP.GG

Unofficial LoL MMR web calculators also don’t have a 100% accuracy rate.

Even though many of them claim to have over a 90% accuracy rate, they are still rough estimates of what the actual values are. Most don’t clarify how the MMR in normal games or ranked matches are calculated.

It only tells the player if they are low MMR, high MMR, or give out a numerical value that’s extremely vague. The most reliable among these sites is probably, which many players reliably use in their everyday games.


Garena Tool

Probably the only tool that gives out a numerical value on an account’s MMR is the Garena Tool, which is unfortunately exclusive only for SEA countries that use the Garena client to play League of Legends. 

This tool displays the numerical value that determines the account’s average MMR, alongside the average skill level of their account according to that value. It’s accurate because it’s directly derived from the League of Legends client.

Numerical MMR Value showcased in the Garena Tool

Non-SEA countries currently don’t have a tool like this because their League of Legends client is directly run by Riot Games

There is also no way for non-SEA accounts to check their MMR via the Garena client because this is an exclusive service that’s only available to those who are registered to Garena accounts, which is entirely separate from the Riot Games account that most LoL players have.

LoL MMR in the Ranked Divisions

It’s no surprise that Challenger-level players have ridiculously high average MMR as compared to players in lower ELOs. This is not a coincidence nor a product of having a lucky account

It’s no secret that high ELO players have higher win-loss ratios as compared to lower-ranked individuals, which is the biggest reason why they are in their divisions in the first place. The question is, how does MMR work in the different League of Legends divisions?

A player being promoted to Diamond Rank

League of Legends players have different starting MMRs once they get into a specific division, this is usually determined after completing their placement matches. Depending on their performance, they will be placed at a rank that corresponds to their skill level.

Most high ELO players land on the Platinum rank, which gives them an easier road to get to Diamond rank or higher. Once their ranks have been decided, they will be assigned a base MMR value that resets every season.

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