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How To Increase MMR | LoL

The ultimate goal for League of Legends players is to reach the top spot of the rankings. Here are some tips on how to increase MMR to help make it easier.
How To Increase MMR | LoL

League of Legends’ MMR or matchmaking rating system is the hidden average value of a player’s account in terms of win-loss ratio. It is a system derived from the chess rating system, where the players gain or lose a number of points depending on the result of a match. 

Since the arrival of the ranked system, one question has been asked by millions of players, and that’s how to increase MMR LoL.

What is the MMR System in LoL

League of Legends features an MMR system in all game modes, including LoL MMR and TFT MMR, but players might want to know more about the significance of ranked MMR and normal MMR. Depending on which game mode players enter, they’ll receive a corresponding rating that matches the results of their performance

The match making rating system doesn’t only score a player based on whether they win or lose but also the individual performance of the player.

A helmet that features rankings in League of Legends

Players that perform terribly in games will most likely lose a lot of MMR when their games end in a defeat and gain a minimum amount of points when they win games. The opposite is true when they perform well. The purpose of this system is to reward the players for performing well by serving as modifiers not only for matchmaking but also in aspects such as LP gain. Currently, there is no way to see a player’s MMR unless they use a third-party MMR calculator or do so manually, but even then, the values are not 100% accurate.

What Affects LoL MMR Gain/Loss?

Before we talk about how you can increase your MMR in League of Legends, let’s talk about the factors that affect the gaining and loss of your MMR value. There are a handful of things that affect it and, as mentioned before, it’s not simply about winning or losing games. Here are some examples of what affects your LoL MMR value:

  • KDA Ratio
  • Macro Score (vision, objectives, structures, creep score, etc.)
  • Game Mode
  • Champion Score
  • Current Rank

League of Legends makes it easier for players with good performances to gain more MMR as compared to those that have been performing poorly. 

Obviously, a higher MMR means that you’ll get better LP gain but that’s only one of the advantages of being in a higher ELO. Keep these in mind when you’re trying to climb through the rankings.

How to Increase MMR in LoL


Win Games

Technically, the only way to increase LoL MMR is to win more games. There aren’t any veteran hacks that will give you a higher MMR value to provide you with a way to get better placements. It all depends on your personal skill level.

Players that want to get to the Challenger level will need a better MMR value by grinding a ton of ranked games while working on their KDA values. Even though there aren’t more ways to get MMR, there are options to increase the value of a player’s MMR gain whenever they win or lose games.


Ranked Games vs. Normal Games

The teammates and opponents you’ll be matched against depending on your average MMR. This is why high ELO players take a long time to get into matches because they need to wait for the system to give them other players that match their skill level.

However, this is only applicable when playing Ranked and not in Normal games. Normal games also have an MMR-based queue, but it’s much broader, so you can get matched with people way above your league rank because they have very low MMR.

A player waiting in the solo queue lobby.

Ranked games are the best way to farm LoL MMR, so if you’re the type of player that wants to get more LP or at least get a better rank after your placement games, you should play this game mode instead.

Also, it’s better to play solo queue because it offers better MMR gain than playing Flex queue. Ranked matches also feel more rewarding. Even if you’re not after boosting your ELO, it’s still enjoyable to play. Winning many games with excellent KDA will give you a better value on ranked MMR.


Abusing the Meta

The most common way to gain an influx of MMR points is to abuse the meta. This method allows players to increase their total win rate by applying the best strategies available in the current patch. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the powerful champions because it’s not like you’re not proving yourself as a good player by piloting the champion well and being able to carry the team.

Aphelios being cautious in the field.

Great champions to abuse when they become meta in solo queue are Aphelios and Irelia because they are able to carry the entire team effortlessly.

It’s also a good thing to get high-kill champions for solo lanes and carries, while champions that give the player more assists and global presence are recommended for supports. The only problem with abusing the meta is that it can be dull for players even if they get more ranked MMR.


Dodge Unwanted Games

Dodging is an activity that’s frowned upon by the community, and for a good reason. Most of the time, dodging games ruins the experience for the other players in the champion select screen, so even Riot Games imposes sanctions on players who consistently do so. 

However, there are some instances where dodging a game during the champion selection screen is justified, and that’s when you are at least 80% sure that the game will be a loss or will give you a stressful time.

League of Legends Champion Select system

Don’t get us wrong, dodging will lose the player some LP, but it will never affect your MMR. Although the value lost on league points is significantly lower, it also saves you the time of waiting 15-40 minutes of a game that you know will only result in a loss. 

You can dodge when you think your team has a terrible composition or when you check out your teammates’ stats and see that they have low average MMR. Don’t make it a habit, or your account will get in trouble.

How MMR Affects Climbing Ranked Games

Many people may believe that MMR has very little to do with how a player climbs ranked games but in truth, this is the value that most likely differentiates a player stuck in Bronze versus a player competing in the challenger league.

There are two key points on how MMR affects a player’s attempt to climb the ranks and those are LP gain and matchmaking.

The New Frames for the League of Legends Ranked Divisions

We’ve already talked about it a bunch in this article but MMR determines how much LP you gain or lose after a game. This is important if players want to get promoted to the next division quickly.

Most importantly, LoL MMR determines which players you play with and play against. As a team game, getting stuck with horrible teammates will significantly decrease your chances of winning.

This is why some players often get matched with terrible teammates multiple games in a row because the average MMR is used as a basis to match players together.

MMR Smurf Farming

One thing that isn’t really explained in a lot of guides is that it’s easier to farm MMR when you’re on a fresh account. This is because Riot Games gives players a chance to mold their MMR when they haven’t played a lot of games yet, which establishes the accounts standings in the future.

This is why veteran accounts usually don’t feel like they are making any progress because the system has already set a solid MMR value for your account.

Accounts that have spent multiple seasons in Gold rank or lower divisions will most likely feel that they are stuck in the lower ELO queues despite improving a lot during their time playing the game.

This is due to the established MMR value that your account has accumulated over the years. In this case, it’s better to create a new account that will better reward your efforts when playing ranked games.

MMR Decay/Reset

League of Legends MMR doesn’t decay, nor does it reset. The average MMR of an account will not change except if it’s from the results of a game.

This is a really good thing because it allows players to focus more on other stuff without worrying whether their account’s MMR value is about to drop if they don’t play for a certain amount of time.

However, don’t be surprised if your opponents suddenly feel like they’re a lot better than you remember them.

Infographic on the 2022 LoL Season Rewards

Even though League of Legends’ ranks resets every season, the MMR stays the same no matter what. This is actually because your current season MMR will be used to determine your rank for the next time you get your placement matches. It’s always a good idea to start boosting your average MMR before the season begins so that you’ll end up in a higher division after completing your provisional games.

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