Is League of Legends Region Locked

With so many players all around the world, and the game having such a competitive nature, it only makes sense for it to have multiple regions.‍
Is League of Legends Region Locked

The question is, though, if League of Legends is a region-locked game or not? And what exactly does that mean for the average League of Legends player, since so many players are playing the game? The answers to these questions, and more, can be found in our article.

Is League of Legends a Cross-Region Game?

The answer to this question is the reason that League of Legends is considered a region-locked game by many players. League of Legends is not a cross-region game, as player accounts are locked to only one region.

League of Legends - Korean Server

Riot Games have never given out an official statement on why this is the case, but the general opinion is that, due to player numbers, the popularity of League of Legends all around the world which impact ping, and the intricacies of the LoL Client, it is impossible to make it function smoothly. After all, players would often crowd popular regions, such as the one in South Korea. And we can only imagine the mess competitive ranked would become.

Can You Change Regions in League of Legends?

There are two basic ways of changing your Region in League of Legends, though we recommend knowing where that region’s server is located so you know what ping to expect.


Changing League of Legends Region Using League of Legends Client

The easier, and more expensive, of the two options for changing your region, is by transferring your account from one region to another:

  1. Go to the Shop Tab
  2. Click on the Account Tab, which can be found on the upper-right side of the shop beside the Purchase RP & Gifting Center buttons.
  3. Select which region you want to go to and confirm.
League of Legends - Region Transfer

Note that this option costs 2600 Riot Points, which is the equivalent of 15 USD in real-life money. Transferring your account is not copying it, and be sure that you wish to make a change that is so permanent.


Making a New Account in a Different LoL Region

The other option, which is far less expensive, and far more time-consuming, is making a new account in the region you wish to access:

  1. Visit the official LoL website
  2. Click on Register New Account
  3. Choose your region in the upper right corner
  4. Continue with the account making process
League of Legends - New Account

The downside of this option is, of course, the fact that you lose all of the progress you made on your original account, starting the grind anew, as well as not having access to things like skins on which you spent your money.

In conclusion, League of Legends is not a region-locked game. It can, however, be called a region-restricted game, due to extenuating factors, which ensure that the gameplay is as smooth as can be.

We shudder when thinking of the errors the Client would experience should players constantly switch regions on a whim, when it already breaks down with even the official updates.