[SOLVED] How to Fix League of Legends Scanning Files Forever Error

Here are 8 ways for you to fix the error when the Scanning Files Forever in LoL.

League of Legends can suffer from the dreaded forever scanning files bug that prevents you from playing the game. Many other games can suffer from this bug as well and, we know what usually causes this making it a relatively simple fix.

The error usually appears after installing the latest game patch or performing a fresh install of the game. In some cases, the error might appear later. In other cases, running software such as CCleaner might remove essential files that need to be installed again.
No matter what the cause of the error is, these solutions will help.

Method #1: Relaunch the game and Restart the Computer

If you haven't done this yet, then you need to close everything down. Close the game and, the client then re-launch them. This can solve various strange problems and is something you need to do first when encountering a problem.
Restarting the computer is also a good idea. If restarting the client and game doesn't help then restart the computer. This confirms that it's not some kind of start-up error and lets you move onto the next steps.

Method #2: Install the latest System Updates

You always need to update the latest version of your Operating System to keep it working smoothly, especially if there's been a game update since then. League of Legends and other games depend on your OS to running at the most recent version. New game updates can require recently added features for it to run smoothly so not installing your updates can cause problems.
The error is unlikely to be due to an outdated driver for your hardware but it's still a good idea to check for and install new ones too.

Method #3: Log Out of the Client

This is another classic step in any troubleshooting. If you haven't done so yet, you must log out of the Riot Games client and then log back into it. Doing this can sometimes fix the problem, especially if the issue is coming from the game itself.
There's a chance the game needs to be updated. While this is a rare problem, the client might not tell you there's an update you need to install. Doing this should fix that error if this is the cause.

Method #4: Change the time on your Computer

It might sound strange but this is something that's helped a lot of other players in the same position with this error. However, doing this can cause additional issues for your computer and absolutely do not play ranked if you do this for League of Legends or any other game. Do this at your own risk.

If you have Windows 10

  1. Go to your Settings then Time & Languages before going to the Date & Time section there
  2. There's an option for the computer to set the time and time zone automatically: toggle this off
  3. Find the Set the date and time manually option then click the Change button
  4. Move the clock back 12 hours and apply the change
  5. Relaunch the game

If you have a Mac

  1. Click the Apple Menu then System Preferences
  2. Go to Date & Time then uncheck the Set date and time automatically option
  3. Select today's date and set the time to 12 hours ago
  4. Click Save
  5. Relaunch the game

While setting the clock back help, setting it too far back can cause you problems with LoL and other software. Putting it to several days ago may also put you at risk of being banned in games, especially when playing ranked. For this reason, don't put the clock too far back and always remember to put it back to normal.

Method #5: Do a full Virus and Malware Scan

Sometimes a virus or other malware can also cause problems for your games. This is usually crashing but it might also prevent the game from launching too. Doing a full scan can take quite a while to complete but, it's worth doing. This helps to protect your computer and ensure you don't have software problems from malware a light scan has missed.

Method #6: Hextech Repair Tool

This is a repair tool offered by Riot Games to help League of Legends players deal with potential errors and problems that come up. This software helps with a range of known common problems. It can also help to fix the forever scanning files error.
If this software cannot help you, it will forward you to the support team along with your information. It sends a ticket on your behalf including your system information, LoL logs and other critical details. Having this on your computer is very useful even if it doesn't solve the error you're currently experiencing.

Hextech Repair Tool is available for download here: https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool

Method #7: Reinstall the Game

Reinstalling League of Legends can sound like a hassle but, it's not very difficult to do. This can fix a wide range of problem and is an option if you don't want to install the Hextech Repair Tool. The way you do this is slightly different between operating systems.

For Windows

  1. Open Control Panel then go to Programs and Features
  2. Select League of Legends
  3. Click Uninstall/Remove and wait for it to finish

For Mac

  1. Open you Applications folder
  • Press: Command Key + Shift + G then paste in: /Applications/
  1. Drag League of Legends from Applications into the Trash Can
  2. Press: Command Key + Shift + C
  3. Go to Macintosh HD/Users/Shared/Riot Games
  4. Drag that folder into the trash can too
  5. On the top bar click Finder and Empty Trash

Once the game is uninstalled, you can reinstall it. Full instructions on this method can be found on the official League of Legends support website here (https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/202539040-Reinstalling-League-of-Legends).

Method #8: What to do if the problem is still not fixed

If you're still experiencing the League of Legends scanning files forever problem then you'll need to submit a ticket to the support website here (https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us). There are other potential causes for the problem but contacting support will help you solve the problem regardless of the cause.

Sometimes the problem can be widespread due to a faulty update. It's a good idea to check the official social media pages to see how many others are reporting this problem right now. When this problem is caused by the game, the only thing you can do is wait for Riot Games to fix it.