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How to turn Off Quick Cast in League of Legends

Sometimes in League of Legends certain settings might not be the ones you feel completely comfortable with, such as quick cast.

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
How to turn Off Quick Cast in League of Legends

Quick cast was introduced in a season as an effective way for League of Legends players to quickly improve their game performance in solo queue and more, when playing, professional players agree with this, and they always encourage others to activate and learn how to play by using this cool feature which will help you land abilities and attack the enemy during fights. 

But, if you want to “normal cast”, here we’ll show you how to turn off Quick cast, and go back to standard cast in League of Legends.

How to Turn Off Quick Cast in League of Legends

To use with the normal casting of abilities is an advice you won’t find often on the internet, because to quick casting a champion’s ability by just pressing the ability key is something that saves a lot of time when it comes to skill shots, that way you instantly cast an ability with quick cast and can accurately aim skillshots by just making sure your range indicator is close enough to the enemy. 

Still, to replace quick cast with normal casting and use all your abilities by clicking on the enemy after pressing the ability key, follow these steps.

  1. Open the options menu.
  2. Select the hotkeys tab.
  3. Search for the option that says “Normal Cast All”
  4. Click on it and that’s it.

Should you Play With Quick Cast?

Quick cast was added by Riot Games to League of Legends as a way to use a champion’s attack with a faster reaction and without much delay. High elo players most likely play with quick cast enabled because they don’t have to waste time by clicking on an adversary champion to cast or self cast an ability, which might sound extreme and ridiculous, but for a professional player, every second, and every action matters thanks to quick cast. 


So, to put it simply, in theory, it is better to use with a smart cast in League of Legends, because, if you think about it, if high elo players recommend so much to use with this feature enabled, it’s got to be for a reason, plus, you can still use the targeting graphics when you turn on Quick Cast with indicator.

Is it better to play League of Legends with Quick Cast or Normal Cast?

This is a question that’s both hard to answer and yet very simple, it’s true that, once you’re used to it, Smart Cast is something that might turn into a “must have” in League of Legends for you, as it lets you cut out some valuable time when pressing the ability button of a skill shot, or react faster when self casting a support ability, while Quick Cast is more instant.  

But the reality is that, at the end of the day this is just a setting Riot Games added to League, therefore, you should play as it’s more comfortable for you, so don’t stress about it if you’re confident on your games without this feature enabled.

Quick Cast vs Normal Cast

In League of Legends, with both settings you can use indicators, to help you with something like landing blitzcrank’s rocket grab thanks to quick cast with indicator, using a spell, a shield, and much more that will help you in your lane phase and gameplay in general.


Instantly casts the champion’s ability as soon as you use the ability button, quick cast is a great advantage for skill shots.Great for beginners and those who are trying out a new champion, and don’t want to use abilities or spells blindly.
With Quick cast reaction time might be increased during trades or team fights thanks to abilities being casted as soon as the key is pressed.Having the range and targeting graphic of each ability available allows you to be more familiarized with the champion.
Quick Cast allows you to cast multiple abilities at that moment, which allows you to hit for faster, more precise combos, or an ultimate.Some abilities, such as the support types are better off left with the standard cast so you avoid casting them in the wrong ally or to self cast it.
If you're not familiar with the range indicators of some champions or spells, you can still enable their targeting graphics, with Quick Cast, which is an advantage, to cast more confidently at an ability during a game.


Totally eliminates the targeting graphic, which might not be an advantage during the first couple of games as you adapt.Uncomfortable for a fast paced game, and new players, where you have to think fast and cast quickly.
You risk using your skill shots, or other abilities by mistake if you accidentally press the quick cast key if you don’t have a quick cast with indicator.Higher ability usage time for champions with this cast than with Quick Casting.

Now that we have gone through all the details of these two types of cast settings in League of Legends, it’s all up to you to decide which one you will prefer for your game, whether it’s Quick cast, where you aim and press the abilities to use them, or its standard version, being necessary for you to click on the target after you select the abilities.

Lastly, regardless of your choice, just make in the direction of the enemies, a good example of this would be the champion Ezreal because landing his skills require good aiming.

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