Best Pro Settings for Performance and High Elo | LoL

Looking to spice up your gameplay by getting the best settings in League of Legends? Here are some of the recommended settings by high ELO players.

LOL best settings
LOL best settings

A secret that many League of Legends pros and high ELO players don’t mention often is the importance of adjusting your settings in-game. 

Just like any game, adjusting your settings isn’t always a uniform tactic that nets better results. Most settings depend on the player’s preference or physical state so it’s a bit difficult to dictate which configurations are the best but we’ll give you a general guide on what you need to look out for when gaming.

League of Legends settings isn’t the same as FPS. It might be ridiculous to point that out but these settings can indeed be impactful when you’re aiming for a higher level of play. Let’s take a look a the best settings for LoL.

Best Hotkeys for League of Legends

The most basic settings in the game are hotkeys. We’ve been taught as beginners the importance of using hotkeys but there have been some misconceptions about some of the tips we’ve received as beginners that are hurting our gameplay.

Best Quick Cast Binds

Quick casting is a rite of passage from being a total beginner to someone with more experience. While we’ve been taught that you should always have quick cast activated, that is simply not true for every champion. Quick cast is great for point-and-click abilities but it should take more consideration for abilities that require directional aiming. Riot Games made sure to diversify our choices.

League of Legends Settings Page featuring Hotkeys

It’s also recommended that players disable quick cast on Trinkets because of ward hopping spots that require total accuracy. Summoner spells should be activated as quick cast since they need to be activated without hesitation.

Setting Changes Comment
Quick Cast With Indicator Enabled Activate this setting. It’s an absolute lifesaver. This setting allows you to hold your abilities to assess range and direction simply by holding them even if you have the ability on Quick Cast. Instead of having the ability go off when you click it, it’ll wait until you release the button to cast.
Cast the Pressed Spell Upon Casting Another Spell Enabled This setting is also recommended since it allows for high-level plays. It allows players to press two ability buttons at the same time without waiting for the animation to finish, but the cast order will follow the chronological order of the buttons pressed in succession.

Best LoL Video Settings

Video settings configure the graphics settings of the game. Some of the most important League of Legends settings can be found here.

League of Legends Settings Page featuring Video
Setting Changes Comment
Resolution Native To Screen Size Push for the resolution that’s native to your screen size, meaning the highest possible setting that matches your monitor’s display dimensions.
Window Mode Borderless Borderless is the best because it maximizes the screen size while allowing players to Alt+Tab freely without sacrificing performance issues through FPS drops.
Graphics Very High* The maximum setting in graphics is always recommended for games but that depends on whether or not your graphics card and CPU can handle the task. If not, adjust the settings to match your computer’s limitations until gameplay is smooth. Otherwise, your game client may freeze or experience low FPS since it can’t keep up.
Character Quality Very High*
Effects Quality Very High*
Environment Quality Very High*
Shadow Quality Very High*
Character Inking Disabled Shadows are unnecessary to gameplay.
Frame Rate Uncapped Having an uncapped frame rate is extremely good because it allows players to see their character move much more smoothly, allowing them to predict easier directional abilities and range. This is one of the League of Legends settings that players need to fix right away.
Anti-Aliasing Disabled Unnecessary for MOBA games.
Vertical Sync Disabled Unnecessary for MOBA games.
Accessibility 50 Keep everything at 50. No need to change these settings.

Best LoL Sound Settings

Players may or may not enjoy having sounds in their game but some effects are necessary for gameplay. Let’s see how each of these settings can impact the game.

League of Legends Settings Page featuring Sound
Name Value Description
Overall Volume 50 This is a necessary volume as it controls all the other volumes. It is basically the master volume setting in the game.
Music Volume 0-25 Music volume is completely unnecessary. If you want it activated so that you don’t get bored when gaming, place it at a lower value.
Announcer Volume 25-50 Announcer volume can really help update you on the status of the game. Keep it activated but don’t make it too loud.
Voice Volume 25-50 Voice volume is necessary because some champion abilities have dialogues (such as Corki’s package) and will help warn you of an incoming attack.
Sound FX Volume 25-50 Sound effects are an important part of the game. Keep it at 50 since it allows you to hear champion abilities and item activations but having it too loud can clutter the comms during messy teamfights.
Ambience Volume 0-25 Completely unnecessary setting. Players may opt to mute it unless they don’t want to get bored.
Ping Volume 50-100 Ping Volume is the most important setting on this list. Pings alert players of threats or requests from their teammates. It’s always recommended to have this setting on maximum.

Best LoL Interface Settings

The interface covers all of the widgets and functions found on the in-game screen. Players will want to adjust the scale of these settings to improve their gaming experience and performance.

League of Legends Settings Page featuring Interface

Best LoL Interface Size

Setting Changes Comment
HUD Scale 25-50 The HUD Scale is where your abilities, summoner spells, and items are shown. You can lower it since its only importance is to show cooldowns.
Cursor Scale 25-50 Lowering the cursor scale is recommended for more advanced players because it gives players more accuracy in targeting small items on the map such as wards or minions.
Shop Scale 50 No change needed.
Chat Scale 25-50 If you’re playing with a coordinated team with actual discussions going on, you may want to have it at 50. Otherwise, keep it at a lower scale.
Minimap Scale 100 VERY important to maximize the minimap scale. This allows you to see ganks or cross-map plays happening more easily.
Death Recap Scale 100 No change needed.
Practice Tool Scale 100 No change needed.

Best LoL Health and Resource Bar Settings

Setting Changes Comment
Show Health Bars Enabled Always keep this enabled. It allows you to see the status of a fight as it goes and make smarter decisions because of it.
Enable HUD Animations Enabled Enabling this allows you to see status effects or changes in the game state.
Show Loss of Control UI Enabled Enable these to notice any changes in your champion’s state.
Show Health Bar Animations Enabled
Show Name Above Healthbar Summoner Name* Summoner Name is preferred so that you can see if a teammate or enemy is a person you know. The only time you should disable this is if you’re a relatively famous streamer.

Best LoL Notifications Settings

Setting Changes Comment
Screen Flash on damage Enabled Enable this to notice if your character is being damaged while you’re browsing the Shop or viewing areas across the map.
Screen Flash on loss of control Enabled Enable this to notice changes in your champion’s state.
Champion Highlight on Center Enabled No change needed.

Best LoL Ability and Attack Display Settings

Setting Changes Comment
Show Attack Target Frame on attack Enabled Helps players to discern if the target is correct.
Show Attack Range Enabled Gives players a more detailed idea of the limitations of their ability.
Show Spell Costs Enabled Enable this to help you calculate if your ability/combo can be executed with the remaining resource.
Enable Line Missile Display Enabled Gives players a more detailed idea of the limitations of their ability.
Disable HUD Spellclick Enabled Unless you still click on abilities on your HUD, it’s better to disable this so that you don’t make a blunder.
Ability Cooldown Display Minutes + Seconds Minutes + Seconds is the best setting as it allows the player to easily subtract or add the time from the UI timer.

Best LoL Minimap Settings

Setting Changes Comment
Show Neutral Camps Enabled No change needed.
Allow Minimap Movement Enabled Enable this so that you don’t have to drag your cursor across the screen just to move.
Show Minimap on Left Disabled* Depends on the player.

Best LoL Chat Settings

Setting Changes Comment
Show [All] Chat (Matched Games) Disabled There is no need to communicate with the enemy team. This helps you conserve morale and mental positivity.
Show Timestamps Enabled VERY important to enable this, especially in higher ELOs because it’s used for spell checking and macro calculations.
Show [Allied] Chat Enabled Enable this to communicate with your team, unless they start being toxic.

Best LoL Emote Settings

Setting Changes Comment
Emote Bubble Display Enabled* Unnecessary feature but if you spent on emotes, leave it on.
Emote Size Normal No change needed.
Mute Enemy Emotes Enabled This helps you conserve morale and mental positivity.

Best LoL Game Settings

Game settings contain configurations that change the behavior of in-game functions.

League of Legends Settings Page featuring Game

Best Controls

Setting Changes Comment
Mouse Speed 50* Mouse Speed is only really important for some champions that use low cooldown, high-range abilities.
Camera Move Speed (Mouse) 25-50 Lowering camera move speed can prevent players from overshooting when dragging their mouse to look for enemies. It can boost your individual performance.
Camera Move Speed (Keyboard) 50 No change needed.
Move Camera on Revive Enabled Alerts players if champion has revived.
Mouse Button Drag Scroll Disabled Unnecessary feature since players can drag the camera better on the minimap.
Enable Smooth Camera Enabled Enable for better graphics when gaming.
Camera Lock Mode Fixed Offset Keeps the player focused on their champion, which is helpful during extended fights but still allows for the user to drag the map across the map when they need to. Important setting for AD Carries.

Best Gameplay Settings

Setting Changes Comment
Auto Attack Enabled Always have this enabled so that you can farm even if you’re looking away.
Show Turret Range Indicated (Coop vs AI) Enabled No change needed.
Use Movement Prediction Disabled Disable so that you’ll return to base when lagging or if disconnected.
Attack Move on Cursor Enabled Enable so that your attacks and abilities prioritizes enemies closes to your cursor.
Treat ‘Target Champions Only’ As Toggle Enabled Enable so that you don’t have to hold the hotkey for ‘Target Champions Only’
Enable Smooth Camera Enabled Enable for better graphics when gaming.
Camera Lock Mode Fixed Offset Keeps the player focused on their champion, which is helpful during extended fights but still allows for the user to drag the map across the map when they need to. Important setting for AD Carries.