Best Jax Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Jax is one of the oldest characters in League of Legends and has gained the heart of many thanks to his simple yet deadly playstyle

Best Jax Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends
Best Jax Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

If you want to be managing League of Legends champions who aren’t that hard to use, then you should try out Jax. He is a champion played in the top lane who deals serious damage, in the current patch 12.13 Jax isn’t that popular, but it doesn’t mean in the right hands he could carry an entire team in a game.

Best Jax Build

The best Jax build guides, in general, focus on highlighting Jax’s high physical damage, while giving him enough resistance and HP to continue the fight as he achieves enemy takedowns. He has all the stools needs in his ability kit to ensure a strong laning phase in the top lane, let’s check out what are the best Jax builds


Best Jax Runes

Jax runes choice can be a little tricky, but in reality, it’s all about granting him attack speed and resistance to incoming attacks.

Best Rune Path Precision
Best Keystone Lethal Tempo
Best Slot 1 (Rune) Triumph
Best Slot 2 (Rune) Legend Alacrity
Biscuit Delivery
Best Slot 3 (Rune) Last stand
Time Warp Tonic

“Lethal Tempo” in his rune set is an excellent choice for Jax because he highly benefits from in order to attack faster when getting officially involved in team fights with his “Leap Strike”. “Legend Alacrity” and “Last Stand” will also allow him to attack faster and gain more damage from the very start of the game.

Best Rune Shards

Jax rune shards should give you high attack speed for you to bring the enemy’s HP down quickly, therefore, “Offense” in the first place is a must.

Best Rune Shards Effect
+10 Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive Force
+6 Armor

To ensure more damage and resistance, “Adaptive Force” is the go-to rune shard for the flex sport. Lastly, choose “Armor” in the last option, since most champions in the top lane deal physical damage.

Best Jax Spells

“Teleport” is a common choice in summoner spells for most top laners in League of Legends, and it isn’t any different for Jax, since it is important for him to go back to his tower as quickly as possible if the enemy happens to be too aggressive, or if he’s just facing one of his counter picks among the League of Legends pool of champions.

Best Spells Icon


Out of the summoner spells, Flash, is the most popular in League of Legends, and Jax can use it along with his “Leap Strike” to get to enemies who are escaping, or for you to be the one who escapes tough situations.


Best Jax Abilities Order

Jax’s abilities are simple, yet deadly. When it comes to levelling up Jax’s abilities, the skill order should always focus on prioritizing “Empower”, then “Counter Strike” and finally his Q “Leap Strike”. In the skill order, you should leave “Leap strike” and “Counter Strike”, to the very last levels, although “Counter Strike” should be your priority above his Q “Leap Strike” in a game of League of Legends.


As always, in any skill order, you have to level up your ultimate whenever you can, and Jax’s ultimate works really well with the mentioned runes, since it grants him additional magic damage to his third consecutive attack, but this only applies for normal attacks. And not for “Counter Strike” or his Q.

Best Jax Items

For a Jax top, his item choice is thought to bring down anyone, including tanks, while resisting a lot of damage. This item build is truly effective in the late game, but you should have patience with Jax top in the early game, and farm as much as you can.

Best Jax Starter Items

Jax’s best starter items are quite simple, and will actually save him some gold during the first moments of the game. Because of his “Relentless assault” passive ability, he can focus first on damaging items.

First Item Second Item
Corrupting Potion
Stealth Ward

Best Mid Game Jax Items 

With these items alone, Jax can take down almost any champion, “Divine Sunderer” will take a good chunk of HP with each next attack, while the “Plated Steelcaps” grants him more armor.

First Item Second Item Third Item
Divine Sunderer
Plated Steelcaps
Blade of The Ruined King

The “Blade of The Ruined King” grants Jax damage, and vampirism, combined with his “Relentless Assault”, Jax becomes a killing machine with these items alone.


Best Final Late Game Jax Items 

Thanks to these items, Jax becomes almost unstoppable. “Death’s Dance” heals him quite a lot after he achieves a unique champion take down. While “Frozen Heart” turns him into more of a tank.

First Item Second Item Third Item Fourth Item Fifth Item Sixth Item
Divine Sunderer
Plated Steelcaps
Blade of The Ruined King
Death’s Dance
Frozen Heart
Wit’s End

Finally, to take him to ensure some magic resist, the “Wit’s End” is an excellent choice that will heal. The best of all is that even against mages, Jax gains magic resist thanks to his ultimate.

Best Champions to pair Jax with

Fiddlesticks is the ultimate pal for Jax because of his crowd control, he silences enemies, preventing them to escape and allowing Jax to jump on them and beat them to death with his lamp-stick.

Champion Win Rate % Icon
Fiddlesticks 58.8% Fiddlesticks
Taliyah 54.4% Taliyah
Xin Zhao 54.2% Xin Zhao

Taliyah and Xin Zhao do provide nice crowd control as well, fighting any of these champions paired with Jax is a ticket straight to the gray screen in League of Legends.

Strongest Champions against Jax

Because not everything is perfect, Sejuani, Garen, and Shen are the top three champions who give the most trouble to Jax, Garen especially since he can silence our purple friend, preventing him from using any of his abilities to evade damage or to flee.

Champion Win Rate % Icon
Sejuani 42.8% Sejuani
Garen 44.5% Garen
Shen 45.7% Shen

Weakest Champions against Jax

Lastly, Yorick, Irelia, and Gwen are champions who just don’t stand a chance against Jax. Irelia is known for her fast attacks and deadly combos, but Jax has the means to avoid her auto attacks and even stun her, resulting in a quick death during your League of Legends games.

Champion Win Rate % Icon
Yorick 56.0% Yorick
Irelia 53.3% Irelia
Gwen 53.0% Gwen

Jax is a champion whose ability kit has a lot to offer and should be a must-pick for every new League of Legends player who wants to spend his time in the top lane of the game. Straightforward, deadly, and fast, Jax has proven himself throughout these many years, since his release, to be a reliable pick for summoners who like the simplicity in those characters that Riot Games put out.