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Best Pyke Skins | LoL

The Bloodharbor Ripper prowls the waters for its prey. Take a look at one of the coolest champions in League of Legends as we feature the best Pyke skins!
Best Pyke Skins | LoL

Among all the League of Legends characters, no champion’s edgier than Pyke. This champion is so cool that all of his skins are designed to complement his bloodthirsty assassin theme. The best part is that all of his current skins have chromas available so that players have more customization options. It’s time for us to take a look at the best skins Pyke LoL has to offer!


Blood Moon Pyke

This skin encapsulates the essence of Pyke better than his default look. Blood Moon Pyke is arguably the best skin on this list in terms of pure aesthetic. The Blood Moon skin was released on January 10th, 2019, and has a price tag of 1350RP.

Pyke holding a knife at a guy's throat under the blood moon

The splash art in itself is enough to make you want to buy this skin since it gives the champion an authentic bloodharbor assassin vibe that you can’t get from the other skins. The Blood Moon series always delivers a great look not only for Pyke but other assassins in the game. The in-game model is also just as epic as its splash art.

Blood Moon Pyke holding his weapon

The skin also gives this champion a deeper voice that fits the Blood Moon theme. Some unique animations in his recall and abilities also add a unique tidbit that you can appreciate if you like watching your champion on the rift. Overall, this skin is worth every penny you spend on it and is the top choice if you’re looking for the best skin Pyke has.

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Sentinel Pyke

Sentinel Pyke is probably the only skin that breaks away from his edgy side, but not in a way that ruins his character. Many people questioned the existence of Sentinel Pyke in the Ruined King storyline, but if we look away from the lore, this skin simply looks really awesome. It seems like his battle against the Black Mist has given him more profitable endeavors. This skin came out on July 22, 2021, costing 1350RP.

Pyke wearing a light-infused armor and a light-blessed weapon.

Like the other Sentinel skins like Sentinel Rengar and Sentinel Graves, this skin depicts Pyke in a way that no one really thought of but realized worked once it existed. The default Sentinel Pyke skin may seem a little too bright for some players’ tastes but the skin has a selection of chromas that will allow you to choose a better color combination that suits your style.

Different color options for the Sentinel Pyke skin

League of Legends champion skins really do an excellent job at delivering a character from one universe to another but this particular skin places not only his physical appearance but also his personality. If you’re looking for a new skin to buy for this champion, this should definitely be at the top of your list.

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Project Pyke

If you need to choose between Project Pyke or PsyOps Pyke, you’ll definitely want to go with the former. The two skins essentially have the same theme surrounding them so if you’re considering buying those skins, you might as well choose just one or the other. 

However, we recommend Project Pyke. This skin was released on August 1, 2019, and costs 1820RP.

Pyke in a futuristic cyber world

The Project skin series has always been one of the most popular choices for cool-looking champions because of its amazing depiction of a sci-fi universe. Pyke incorporates the theme without it looking forced because both his weapons and costume fit his character and the universe well.

Different color options for the Project Pyke skins

Riot Games has done such an excellent job on all of the Project skins that if you see one of the League of Legends champions include them in their cosmetic lineup, they should always be worth considering. There are many League of Legends skins that have become mainline and Project is on a mission to rule them at the top.

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League of Legends is filled with strange characters with varying personalities that make the universe such an entertaining place to follow. One of the characters you might be interested in is Poppy, a yordle on a nobler quest compared to Pyke. Check out what we think are the best skins for Pyke!

Pyke isn’t the only champion that has a lot of cool-looking skins. Check out other champions on our site to see what we think are the best LoL skins that players can buy for their favorite champions. Let’s appreciate how great these cosmetics look together!

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