Best Taliyah Skins | LoL

Wear different styles and concepts, such as an icy and resort-themed champion, by buying the best skins for the popular stoneweaver in League of Legends, Taliyah. 
Best Taliyah Skins | LoL

The world of League of Legends, called Runeterra, houses some of the weirdest and strongest mages in every game. It is to be expected since Riot Games releases fantastically designed champions that will blow everyone’s minds. 

One of the mages in League of Legends, Taliyah, controls the rocks to destroy everything that stands in her path. If you are one of those players who currently mains the reputable stoneweaver, then check out the best Taliyah skins in LoL to win with style!


Samsung Galaxy (SSG) Taliyah

Every year, Riot Games pays respects to the League of Legends World Championship winners by releasing skins that resemble the players of the winning team. 

The champions they play and animations they prefer are some of the changes that these skins offer. Luckily, along with Jarvan IV and Ezreal, Taliyah is one of the champions that received a skin. This new skin was a choice by the former superstar mid laner, Crown.

Released on July 20, 2018, the model of this champion skin is inspired by the logo and colors of the Korean company Samsung Blue. I love how Riot Games used a dress, that is, a jacket at the same time, as her outfit. It has cool white accents and cloudy designs that suit the whole concept of the skin. Don’t forget her twin cape, which adds elegance to SSG Taliyah.

The stones that SSG Taliyah casts are great and have glowy details. Additionally, the ground particles and artworks are similar to the designs of the stones, which is relaxing to look at. Another key thing to look at is that the Samsung Galaxy logo appears on the ground whenever she casts Threaded Volley. Overall, the unique design of her skills and glowy rocks make it an excellent buy for Taliyah mains. If you prefer this look for Taliyah, you can buy it for 1350 Riot Points in the League of Legends skin shop.

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Pool Party Taliyah

If you thought that rock powers would not work when combined with water, then Pool Party Taliyah will prove you wrong. Released on July 2, 2020, and part of the famous beach and resort-themed skin line, this Taliyah skin is cool and refreshing to use.

This new skin has the usual beach goer outfit. She has swimwear, a surfboard, and slippers. If you look closely, you can even see surprising details like the flower bracelet and hairpin, which is a great addition by Riot Games. If the original Taliyah surfs the rocks, then this version of her rides the waves.

Her skills resemble water splashes, including sounds, particles, and animations. Riot Games made a great choice of using water as her main ability that goes well with the overall concept of this new skin. As you may have thought, her skills are blue and have small beach details. For example, Taliyah will release water missiles as her Threaded Volley, while beach rocks will appear whenever she casts Seismic Shove and Unraveled Earth. Pick this skin up in the League shop today for 1350 Riot Points.

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Freljord Taliyah

Released on May 17, 2016, Freljord Taliyah is the first skin for the popular stoneweaver. This skin showcases Taliyah living in a different region while retaining some of her main characteristics and true skills and power, such as being a “nomadic mage.”

This icy version of Taliyah shares the concept with the other Freljord skins such as Ashe, Rammus, and Sylas. In fact, it may even be a canon version of Taliyah. Some say that this skin references the time she spent in the icy region of Runeterra.

Compared to her original skin, some might say that she still retains the choice to be a teenage wonder or have adult responsibilities.

This Taliyah skin looks like the usual Freljordian in League of Legends. She wears a blue coat, has white hair, and has blue gems around her whole outfit. Freljord Taliyah’s model may not be flashy compared to her other skins, but it will surely appeal to those who want a clean and icy-looking cosmetic.

Unlike her original skin, Freljord Taliyah uses ice blocks for her abilities. On top of that, her skills and auto attacks generate chilling sounds when cast, too. The best part of this skin is that Taliyah surfs on a yacht-looking block of ice whenever she activates her passive. If you were to ask me, the particles and artworks are simple but are pretty enough for its 1350 RP price point. You can still acquire this skin in the League shop, so get Freljord Taliyah today!

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If you haven’t checked some of it, there are many Taliyah builds on the internet that will surely help you win ranked games. Now, it is time to exploit enemy weaknesses and shoot them with different-looking rocks with the best Taliyah skins in LoL.

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