Best Talon Skins | LoL

Go in and get out unseen. That is the whole mission of an assassin in LoL. You can surely do it with style with the best Talon skins currently available in the game!
Best Talon Skins | LoL

Let’s face it; Talon is one of the strongest assassins in League of Legends due to his recent rework. His flashy playstyle and straightforward abilities make him one of the most picked champions in the game. In fact, Talon is the 8th most picked mid lane champion according to Luckily for Talon fans, Riot Games released multiple good-looking cosmetics for the Blade’s Shadow. Here are his best skins to help you choose from picking up skin for him. 


Enduring Sword Talon

If you are a fan of the usual Chinese historical games, like Dynasty Warriors, you will surely love this skin. Released on September 4, 2018, Enduring Sword Talon is an immortal being tasked to find a new purpose in the mortal realm.

If you look at the splash art above, you will instantly notice that this version of Talon is cleaner and more sophisticated. The Blade’s Shadow has an outfit that looks like a Hanfu, traditional Chinese clothing worn by Hans. He also sports a premium-looking blade and long white hair, making everything about the model look more majestic.

This Talon skin features gold artworks and particles for his abilities. I love how Riot Games designed his Rake and Shadow Assault too, where he throws multiple levitating swords before recalling them to damage his enemies.

On the other hand, Enduring Sword Talon has windy sounds for his skills, which is an excellent touch for an assassin like him.

Currently, you can get this traditional-looking skin in the League shop for 1350 Riot Points.

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Crimson Elite Talon

Ever loved Cyberpunk or futuristic-themed skins? I suggest picking Crimson Elite Talon because its model fits the mentioned concept. Part of the Crimson Elite skin line with Riven, this Talon skin looks entirely different from Riven’s version.

This Talon skin’s age shows right off the bat just by looking at the splash art. Released on Auguest 24, 2011, it is indeed one of Talon’s first skins released. However, this skin would still be a great pickup because of the sinister-looking model with an awesome red armor and futuristic helmet.

Crimson Elite Talon does not have drastic in-game changes compared to his other skins. All of his abilities, particles, and animations are similar to his classic skin, except the blades seen when he casts Shadow Assault and Rake, which shows a triangular blade in place of the usual straight one. Get this skin now for a cheap price point of 750 Riot Points in the LoL skin store!

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Blood Moon Talon

Released on February 9, 2017, as part of the Blood Moon cosmetic line, this Talon skin is a demonic version of the infamous Blade Shadow. If you know the story behind the different Blood Moon champions, this skin will definitely become more interesting and awesome.

I love how Riot Games completely revamped Talon’s model but kept the whole assassin vibe at the same time. Blood Moon Talon has sharp armor and blades that will instantly cut through anything he desires. Riot Games used red to color his upper body armor, cape, and hair, which fits the whole concept. Not only that, but Talon has a blood moon-themed mask that will surely send shivers down your spine.

As you expected, Blood Moon Talon’s abilities are all dark red. If you are wondering, the animations and particles of this skin are as good and terrifying as the model.

For example, his passive, Blade’s End, shows paint artworks under his enemies whenever he damages them.

Blood Moon Talon’s swords from his Rake and Shadow Assault have tri blades and dark red auras around them. You can still get this cult-themed skin in the LoL shop for 1350 Riot Points.

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Withered Rose Talon

Released on February 11, 2021, this Talon skin is a more clean and sophisticated version of him. Only some champions can pull off a suit and tie and look good in it, and Talon is one of them.

If you ever thought a traditional assassin could not wear a sophisticated outfit, then Withered Rose Talon proves you wrong. He wears a purple-colored suit and sports a same-colored blade. Looking at the splash art, it definitely gives an anime antagonist vibe.

Riot Games did a great job integrating the whole rose concept into Talon’s particles, animations, and skills. Each of his abilities shows a purple-colored flower, which will surely appeal to some players.

In terms of sounds, this skin has a mesmerizing sound, and to top it all off, each particle is also purple-colored, which is a great finishing touch.

If you dig the whole withered rose concept, then I suggest picking this skin for 1350 Riot Points in the League shop right away!

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There are still a lot of Talon skins available in the game, like Dragon Blade Talon and the World Championship-themed SSW Talon, but the cosmetics above are the best and the most worth your money.

That ends the list for the best Talon skins in LoL. If you want to check several Lunar Beast cosmetics in the game, then check out the best skins for each champion in League of Legends. However, if playing a support champion is your style, check out the best Taric skins in the game.

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