The Best Skins for all LoL Champions

Browse through your favorite skins in League of Legends. We've got you covered with the best skins LoL and Riot Games has to offer.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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The Best Skins for all LoL Champions

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The Best Aatrox Skin in LoL

Justicar Aatrox portrays the Darkin under a different light.


After all, it’s not a regular occurrence to see what one the Darkin used to look like.

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The Best Ahri Skin in LoL

Ahri is based on the Asian mythical being, the Nine-tailed Fox. So what better skin is there to represent that than Foxfire Ahri.


As a Riot Games favorite, you can be sure that this champion has a plethora of incredible skins in her skins pool.

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The Best Akali Skin in LoL

The Ionian assassin, one that is quite laid back, is best encapsulated in her K/DA Akali skin.


Riot did not slack on the remainder of her best skins either, however, with all of them being either a pop-culture reference or bearing an epic story.

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The Best Akshan Skin in LoL

Akshan is one of the new League of Legends champions that is breaking the game. His Cyber Pop Akshan skin, on the other hand, is breaking hearts.


It showcases the potential of all the best Akshan skins, and what we can expect from future updates to his skin pool.

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The Best Alistar Skin in LoL

Alistar’s pool of his best skins is filled with all manner of rarities and collectibles. The best of those is the Unchained Alistar skin.


Inspired by the popular greek mythos, Unchained Alistar is a new take on Alistar’s base design.

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The Best Amumu Skin in LoL

Amumu, The Sad Mummy, is sad even in his best skins. None, however, bring a tear to our eye the way the Re-Gifted Amumu skin does.


There is something so childlike to this skin, that we just cannot harden our hearts to.

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The Best Anivia Skin in LoL

Anivia is one of the Freljordian divinities. It’s only her best skins, though, that show us how true that is. Of those, the Blackfrost Anivia skin is the one that puts her on par with Volibear and Ornn.


If you wish to be a true Anivia main, this skin is a must-have.

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The Best Annie Skin in LoL

We all know we first thought of Little Red Riding Hood when we first saw Annie. Her Red Riding Annie skin brought our thoughts to life.


Not all of her best skins are light-hearted, however. Some are the stuff of nightmares.

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The Best Aphelios Skin in LoL

League of Legends’ edgiest champion is best understood when looking at his Nightbringer Aphelios skin.


Though his abilities kit may be the most complicated, his best skins play on his looks and are quite straightforward.

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The Best Ashe Skin in LoL

The future Queen of Freljord cannot have her best skin be anything other than Freljord Ashe.


This skin puts Ashe in her base environment, while the rest of her best skins take her all across Runeterra and beyond.

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The Best Aurelion Sol Skin in LoL

Before his imprisonment, Aurelion Sol shaped stars with his power. His Storm Dragon skin gives us a glimpse of what he once was.


The rest of Aurelion Sol’s best skins follow a similar theme, one of a great mystical being shrouded in mystery and power.

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The Best Azir Skin in LoL

An emperor that is also a Divinity, Warring Kingdoms Azir uses his base lore and combines it with Chinese history into a work of art.


This is not the first time Azir is present on Runeterra, and the list of his best skins show just what he might have become, if his resurrection didn’t go as planned.

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The Best Bard Skin in LoL

The most famous Bard skin is his Astronaut Bard skin. And for good reason, as the base Bard movement animations match perfectly to what astronauts look like in zero-gravity.


Of course, as a Cosmic being, this is not the only skin portraying him as a traveler, with his best skins list containing a few more of those.

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The Best Bitzcrank Skin in LoL

League of Legends players often forget that Blitzcrank is a Zaunite champion. His Victorious Blitzcrank skin, with its design, is there to remind us of that fact.


Though it may be his best skin, Blitzcrank’s skin list also contains other skins, of whom a few are the rarest in the game, and fetch a high price.

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The Best Brand Skin in LoL

Brand is power incarnate, even more so than Xerath. His Eternal Dragon Brand skin shows the influence of the Runes infusing his body, in this skin’s design and color scheme.


Eternal Dragon Brand is a hot skin, in a literal and figurative sense. The other skins in his skins pool go with the route of power that corrupts, literally.

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The Best Braum Skin in LoL

If there is one League of Legends champion you would like to be your secret Santa, that would be Braum. Hence, the Santa Braum skin.


As Braum says, the heart is the strongest muscle, and the bravery displayed in all of his best skins proves his point.

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The Best Caitlyn Skin in LoL

With the rise of Arcane, the interest in this LoL champion has risen as well. Her Legendary skin, Battle Academia Caitlyn, tells you all you need to know about this champion.


Though the Battle Academia Caitlyn skin is a Legendary one, her skins list still contains some skins capable of rivaling it in quality, such as her Prestige skin.

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The Best Camille Skin in LoL

Camille is an old-money type of champion. One that will do anything to keep the status quo, and her Arcana Camille skin shows her inherent superiority.


Though base Camille may be born into authority, Riot take her power away with the rest of her skins, and portray her as everything from a witch, to a robot.

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The Best Cassiopeia Skin in LoL

Even with her half-snake look, there is no doubt that Cassiopeia is a femme fatale. Her Spirit Blossom skin is the one that explores this part of her the best.


Cassiopeia’s base champion design is inspired by both the Lamia and Medusa myths. Her best skins all explore at least one facet of this part of her design.

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The Best Cho’Gath Skin in LoL

As an enormous Void being, Cho’Gath has a plethora of good skins in his skins pool, to showcase on the Rift. The best of those is his Shan Hai Scrolls Cho’Gath skin.


Taking inspiration from various myths of Chinese folklore, this skin makes Cho’Gath more than just a mindless beast.

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The Best Corki Skin in LoL

Corki is a League of Legends champion that does not take itself too seriously. Hence, his Corgi Corki skin is the one that takes the cake of all his best skins.


Corki’s base champion design is heavily inspired by the Gyrocopter unit from the Warcraft franchise. Now, the champion has moved on to new things, however.

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The Best Darius Skin in LoL

If you’re a die-hard Darius main, it’s quite likely that your favorite ski is the Dunkmaster Darius. As such, this is the best skin Darius has, by popular vote.


If you’re looking for epic Darius skins, that lean into his fantasy and badass side, well, the list of his best skins is full of those.

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The Best Diana Skin in LoL

Diana’s champion design revolves around her connection to the Moon. Her Lunar Goddess Diana skin shows the beauty of this celestial body perfectly.


The Moon is not the only part of Diana’s personality, however. Her battle-lust and perseverance are explored with her other skins, quite thoroughly.

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The Best Dr. Mundo Skin in LoL

Dr. Mundo isn’t really a doctor, he just thinks he is, at least that’s what Riot tell us. With his Corporate Mundo skin, he is definitely a successful businessman, though.


The rest of his skins pool places him in other silly situations, befitting his innocently crazy base design.

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The Best Draven Skin in LoL

League of Draven is best encapsulated in his Gladiator Draven skin. After all, gladiators thrive with the adoration of the masses.


Gladiator Draven is not an isolated case, with Draven’s best skins list being full of skins based on his narcissism. One of them is, literally, big-headed. Talk about subtlety.

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The Best Ekko Skin in LoL

One of the most famous fantasy time-travel stories is the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Ekko’s Sandstorm Ekko skin references this heavily.


Not all of his skins are references to pop culture, though, with his skin pool containing quite a few original works, based on both sci-fi and fantasy.

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The Best Elise Skin in LoL

Elise is the embodiment of the Black Widow trope in League of Legends, with her Bewitching Elise skin playing up this part of her design.


Unlike Bewitching Elise, the rest of her best skins don’t portray Elise as a defenseless maiden, but a Spider Goddess herself.

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The Best Evelynn Skin in LoL

Riot’s Magnum opus is its KD/A skin line. Evelynn’s KD\A skin is no different and may be the best of all the KD/A skins in the game.


Evelynn is more than just her looks, however, which can be noticed on the rest of her skin pool. Her best skins range from silly ones to ones of destruction and anarchy.

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The Best Ezreal Skin in LoL

The most famous Pulsfire skin belongs to Ezreal. It’s the one that made the skin line famous, and with good reason.


Pulfire Ezreal skin’s particle effects have an extremely good affinity with his base kit. Then again, so do the other Ezreal skins.

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The Best Fiddlesticks Skin in LoL

A good Fiddlesticks player always makes it a surprise whenever he ults the enemy team. Therefore, we have the Surprise Party Fiddlesticks skin.


Unlike this Legendary skin, the rest of his skin pool is filled with terrifying skins, more suited to Fiddlesticks’ lore.

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The Best Fiora Skin in LoL

The Grand Duelist is a title for a serious person. No one can be serious in their pool clothes though. Not even Pool Party Fiora.


This skin is an exception, as her best skins all portray Fiora either as a killing machine or as a master fighter.

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The Best Fizz Skin in LoL

He may not look like it at first glance, due to his nautical roots, but Fizz is a yordle. He is also incredibly dangerous, as evidenced by his Captain Ahab-inspired Fisherman Fizz skin.


Just like Corki, this champion does not take itself too seriously, with one of his best skins making him a cute dog.

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The Best Galio Skin in LoL

There is no way to make a skin for Galio, and not make him a colossus. His Enchanted Galio skin is a prime example of that fact.


It’s not the only one, though, as all of Galio’s best skins follow a similar theme.

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The Best Gangplank Skin in LoL

What is better than a pirate? A space pirate! The Deadnova Gangplank skin proves this statement completely.


Gangplank has reached the top of the pirate world, so Riot always make his best skins take place in an alternate universe, where he is either a sultan or the party king.

35 /157

The Best Garen Skin in LoL

what is a King to a God, is an often asked question on the internet. In Garen’s case, a lot, as he is the God-King.


God-King Garen is a Legendary skin. However, it’s not the only one giving flavor to this basic champion, with his other skins carrying much of the burden as well.

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The Best Gnar Skin in LoL

Hailing from a long time ago, Gnar’s sensibilities are not of this world. Only the ancient Elderwood forest is somewhat familiar, thus Elderwood Gnar was born.


Gnar is an ancient yordle, and is nothing if not crafty and ingenious, being adaptable even in the void of space, as one of his best skins, Astronaut Gnar can attest to, as well.

37 /157

The Best Gragas Skin in LoL

Gragas is the closest thing League of Legends has to a fantasy dwarf. It’s no surprise then that taking the place as the best of all of his incredible skins is Caskbreaker Gragas.


A medieval-inspired skin, it shares a theme with champions such as Braum.

38 /157

The Best Graves Skin in LoL

If there is one League of Legends champion to describe as a wretch, it would be Graves. As such, we nominate Cutthroat Graves for his best skin.


Not even the rest of his skin pool, containing skins such as Battle Professor Graves, can chase away the knowledge of what Graves is truly like.

39 /157

The Best Gwen Skin in LoL

Gwen is certainly not what we expected from an undead doll. If she’s not scary, we’ll settle for her being cute, with her Space Groove Gwen skin.


The Space Groove skin line is not the only one in her skin list, though, nor is it the only one playing on Gwen’s cuteness.

40 /157

The Best Hecarim Skin in LoL

Where Gwen is not the undead we expected, Hecarim is just that and so much more. Still, his best skin, Elderwood Hecarim, focuses on his mysterious nature, rather than his terrifying visage.


That doesn’t mean that the rest of his skin pool isn’t filled with all manner of scary skins.

41 /157

The Best Heimerdinger Skin in LoL

In the case of Heimerdinger being big-headed denotes his intelligence, and not his arrogance. And what better skin to accentuate his scientific nature than Hazmat Heimerdinger.


Heimerdinger is not all seriousness, however, and some of his best skins include him in all manner of wacky situations.

42 /157

The Best Illaoi Skin in LoL

What‘s scarier than a tall, buff priestess of a sea god? A tall, buff priestess of the Void, and that is exactly what the Illaoi Voidbringer skin is.


We’d like to tell you that you can find more laid-back skins on her skin list, but you really can’t.

43 /157

The Best Irelia Skin in LoL

Irelia is the epitome of the stereotypical Chinese cultivator, wielding flying swords. And there is not better skin, among even the best Irelia skins, to represent that, than Divine Sword Irelia.


Riot do not typecast Irelia, though, as the rest of her skins will tell you, taking her from sci-fi to the Wild West.

44 /157

The Best Ivern Skin in LoL

There is something unnerving about Ivern, which we couldn’t put our finger on until we saw his Old God Ivern skin.


Surprisingly, or perhaps not with his tall body, Ivern even shares the Dunkmaster skin with Darius, with it even being one of his best skins.

45 /157

The Best Janna Skin in LoL

Janna is supposed to be akin to a Goddess in Zaun. Only her Sacred Sword Janna skin shows this transcendent part of her design, putting it at the top of her best skins.


The most famous Janna skin is a bit on the silly side, using her wind element and making her a weather forecaster.

46 /157

The Best Jarvan IV Skin in LoL

Jarvan IV has a plethora of skins in his skin pool vying to be his best one. However, it’s Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV that takes the cake, without a doubt.


This skin line feels as if it was made for the champion, and the skin design team has done an incredible job of synergizing the two.

47 /157

The Best Jax Skin in LoL

Imagine if Jax had a real weapon. His best skins don’t leave that to the imagination, with the best of them all being the God Staff Jax.


There is just something so satisfying about his splash art that is hard to explain.

48 /157

The Best Jayce Skin in LoL

The base Jayce rivals Garen in their bland looks. Resistance Jayce gives this champion some spice though.


With his hammer being the core of his design, even the best of Jayce’s skins have to be designed around that fact.

49 /157

The Best Jhin skin in LoL

It’s High Noon! Is there anything else we need to say on the matter? It’s both the name of the skin, and a pop culture reference.


Not even with his best skins, can Jhin escape his eliminateous nature.

50 /157

The Best Jinx Skin in LoL

The face of Wild Rift has a lot of quality skins in her LoL skin pool. Still, Arcane Jinx is the best of them all.


With Jinx being an anarchist, and a criminal at her core, the design of all of her skins can't do anything but incorporate her base nature.

51 /157

The Best Kai’Sa Skin in LoL

Without a doubt, purely due to the in-game animations, Bullet Angel Kai’Sa is Kai’Sa’s best skin.


The rest of her skins may compete with their base design or new audio, but nothing comes close to the animations Bullet Angel Kai’Sa has on her ultimate.

52 /157

The Best Kalista Skin in LoL

Kalista is, for all intents and purposes, a wraith. Her Blood Moon Kalista skin gives her vengeance an even more menacing vibe.


The rest of Kalista’s skin pool is filled with skins for winning various tournaments, speaking of the high skill-ceiling this champion has.

53 /157

The Best Karma skin in LoL

Once a wise mortal, ascension has only shown Dark Star Karma how cold and uncaring the universe is.


Not all is so bleak as her best skin may imply, as her skins list contains far more upbeat skins to cheer you up.

54 /157

The Best Karthus Skin in LoL

The power of metal has turned even Karthus, the worshipper of death, back to life, as can be attested by his Pentakill III: Lost Chapter Karthus skin.


With his base skin making him a powerful lich, Riot developers had a lot of material to fill his skin poolwith all manner of Sauron-like skins.

55 /157

The Best Kassadin Skin in LoL

Is there one champion that Riot won’t try to make a hot skin for? Well, if it works it works, as proven by the Count Kassadin skin.


Of all Kassadin skins though, this is the only one where he doesn’t have his signature helmet, with his other skins all incorporating this core part of Kassadin into their design.

56 /157

The Best Katarina Skin in LoL

The best assassins are those that are not afraid of death, and Death Sworn Katarina is nothing if not the best.


It’s a close thing to proclaim this as her best skin, as all of her skins can be nominated for that position.

57 /157

The Best Kayle Skin in LoL

Kayle is Justice in Demacia. And justice is blind, hence the Judgement Kayle skin.


If you’ve ever thought that Kayle is the good guy, the best Kayle skins will disabuse you of that notion.

58 /157

The Best Kayn Skin

The duality of Kayn is best shown on his Nightbringer Kayn skin.


That is not to say that Kayn’s skin pool favors either Rhaast of Kayn, merely that the skin’s lore is best suited to that of the champion.

59 /157

The Best Kennen Skin in LoL

The cutest League of Legends skin is one that closely resembles Tony Chopper from One Piece. That’s right, it’s Kennen M.D.


Kennen is still a deadly yordle ninja though, and his best skins all revolve around that fact.

60 /157

The Best Kha’Zix Skin in LoL

Kha’Zix is the Alien to Rengar’s Predator. His unnatural design is best seen in his Spirit Blossom Kha’Zix skin.


These franchises tend to incorporate robots into them somehow, and Kha’Zix’s skin pool is no different, as it takes this path as well.

61 /157

The Best Kindred Skin in LoL

Joining Kha’Zix with her best skin, we have Kindred. The Spirit Blossom event was almost made for Kindred and her Spirit Blossom Kindred skin.


Not all her best skins are focused on her aspect of death, as some of them make her a space superhero.

62 /157

The Best Kled Skin in LoL

A delusional knight, with visions of grandeur. Are we talking about Kled or Don Quixote? With his Sir Kled skin, we can do both.


Due to Kled’s core champion design, the entire list of his skins is filled with those showcasing his craziness.

63 /157

The Best LeBlanc Skin in LoL

Every powerful witch must have a coven. the same goes for Coven LeBlanc.


The fact that she controls Noxus from the shadows can be felt in all of her best-designed skins.

64 /157

The Best Lee Sin Skin in LoL

A homage to an old, canceled champion, Storm Dragon Lee Sin justifies its place the best Lee Sin skin.


Following a theme of references and homages, Lee Sin’s skin list is full of skins modeled after various pop culture phenomenons.

65 /157

The Best Leona Skin in LoL

As the most oppressive support tank, Leona’s best skin, Mecha Kingdoms Leona, embodies this fact completely.


Heavy armor and a sword and shield combo are the bread and butter of all of her best skins.

66 /157

The Best Lillia Skin in LoL

Lillia is a new League of Legends champion, but that doesn’t mean that her skins list doesn’t contain some quality skins.


The best of those is the Spirit Blossom Lillia skin.

67 /157

The Best Lissandra Skin in LoL

The Witch-queen of True Ice, Lissandra’s best skin can be found trying to awaken the Old Gods, as Coven Lissandra.


Not everything has to be set in fantasy, as Lissandra’s skin pool can show, containing some that portray her as an android.

68 /157

The Best Lucian Skin in LoL

The most wholesome husband in League of Legends finds his best skin to be in the Wild West, as High Noon Lucian.


Lucian is not always wholesome, nor on the side of justice, as his Hired Gun Lucian skin can show, which has also earned a place on his best skins list.

69 /157

The Best Lulu Skin in LoL

Arguably the most powerful yordle, at least magically, Lulu is still a pure soul, with her Star Guardian Lulu embodying this the best.


Her pranks can turn deadly though, and that’s why on her skin list we can also see skins such as Bittersweet Lulu.

70 /157

The Best Lux Skin in LoL

Riot’s golden goose is not all about the money. Elementalist Lux is ten skins in one, with each of them being of extremely good quality.


With her skin list being as long as it is, it’s a given that there are other skins rivaling Elementalist Lux for first place, though.

71 /157

The Best Malphite Skin in LoL

A shard of an ancient fortress, Malphite is a walking mountain, with no skin on his skins list making him into anything smaller.


His Old God Malphite skin, on the other hand, turns him into a more sinister version of himself.

72 /157

The Best Malzahar Skin in LoL

The only skin on Malzahar’s best skins list, that is not a reference to something is his Worldbreaker Malzahar skin.


It’s also the most beautiful, aesthetically.

73 /157

The Best Maokai Skin in LoL

Who knew that a giant, sapient, tree, had so much visual potential. The designer of the Totemic Maokai skins certainly did!


Visual aesthetics aside, Maokai is not always a guardian of life, with some of his best skins taking him to dark paths.

74 /157

The Best Master Yi Skin in LoL

Master Yi is, well, a master of martial arts. Nothing says that as much as his Eternal Sword Master Yi skin.


Being at the top of his best skins is a hard feat, considering there are skins such as Cosmic Blade Master Yi to contend with.

75 /157

The Best Miss Fortune Skin in LoL

More is always better. Having four skins in one makes Gun Goddess Miss Fortune number one on her best skins list.


Still, this is not without a doubt, as her Captain Fortune skin is still the favorite of quite a few players.

76 /157

The Best Mordekaiser Skin in LoL

Nothing says metal better than an armored undead warlord. Thus, we place Pentakill Mordekaiser on the top of his best skins.


Can you really blame us, though? After all, listening to power metal while playing Mordekaiser top-lane is the dream.

77 /157

The Best Morgana Skin in LoL

As she is now, Morgana looks pretty unassuming. Her Exiled Morgana changes that perception of this champion completely.


In the same way she is dominating Kayle, this skin is also dominating Morgana’s skins list, with its sheer presence.

78 /157

The Best Nami Skin in LoL

Deep-Sea gigantism is a thing in science. Deep Sea Nami uses this to give this support champion some gravitas.


The only one capable of contesting this skin for the number one place of Nami’s best skins is, perhaps, the River Spirit Nami skin.

79 /157

The Best Nasus Skin in LoL

The core characteristic of Nasus lies in the fact that he is a Shuriman Ascended. No skin on his best skins list portrays this fact better than Lunar Guardian Nasus.


The scariest top laner in the game to leave in peace, Nasus is not here to play around.

80 /157

The Best Nautilus Skin in LoL

There is just something so satisfying about the Shan Hai Scrolls skins line, with its unique color scheme. Shan Hai Scrolls Nautilus is no different.


It doesn’t matter which of his best skins Nautilus is playerd with, there is no escaping his hook.

81 /157

The Best Neeko Skin in LoL

Once again, it cannot be stated how much of a work of art the Shan Hai Scrolls skin line is.


Every champion that is part of it, including Shan Hai Scrolls Neeko, has it as the number one skin in their skin pool.

82 /157

The Best Nidalee Skin in LoL

Some skin lines are just head and shoulders above the rest. Warring Kingdoms is one such skin line. Nidalee’s Warring Kingdoms skin further proves that fact.


It bears mentioning though that her skin list also contains the Cosmic skin line, which is also in a league of its own.

83 /157

The Best Nocturne Skin in LoL

Not all beings of the Elderwood are benevolent. Elderwood Nocturne, for example, feeds on people’s nightmares.


To be fair, Nocturne does so no matter which of his skins you choose, so there is that, as well.

84 /157

The Best Nunu & Willump Skin in LoL

There is nothing purer than the friendship of a small child and their animal companion. Space Groove Nunu & Willump shows this the best.


That is not to say that this is the only skin on their skin list to do so, merely the one which gives their friendship an additional note of fun.

85 /157

The Best Olaf Skin in LoL

Though Olaf’s skin pool contains a Pentakill skin, it’s his Marauder Olaf skin that takes the number one place.


After all, Olaf’s life is one of endless battle and death, and that is exactly what the Marauder skin line is about.

86 /157

The Best Orianna Skin in LoL

Piltover and their clockwork technology are known all across Runterra. Orianna’s Victorious Orianna skin paints this in an even better light.


Aside from the Victorious Orianna skin, we would be remiss not to mention that Orianna’s skin pool also contains the Gothic Orianna skin, one of three Gothic skin in the game.

87 /157

The Best Kog’Maw Skin in LoL

Making a terrifying Void monster into a cute one is a hard feat, but the Arcanist Kog’Maw skin does that outstandingly.


Unfortunately, it’s the only one on his skin list that does so, with the other skins exploring other parts of his scary nature.

88 /157

The Best Ornn Skin in LoL

A Divine being wielding a hammer inscribed with runes. Ornn is definitely inspired by the Norse myths of Thor, hence we give you his thunder Lord Ornn skin.


Ornn is a Freljordian Demigod, and it would not do have his skins list contain anything but the best skin lines.

89 /157

The Best Pantheon Skin in LoL

If you want awesome backing animations, with epic ultimate particle effects, Dragonslayer Pantheon is the skin for you!


Of course, due to his lore and base champion design, you would be hard-pressed to find anything in his skin pool that is not epic.

90 /157

The Best Poppy Skin in LoL

This humble yordle of incredible battle prowess and courage gains her true recognition with the Battle Regalia Poppy skin.


Even so, this champion's qualities shine through no matter which of her skins you play with.

91 /157

The Best Pyke Skin in LoL

Don’t fight the edginess, but give in to it, with the Blood Moon Pyke skin.


One of the few champions that pull edginess off, even the rest of his skins play up that part of Pyke’s design.

92 /157

The Best Qiyana Skin in LoL

While her champion release may have gone under the radar, her True Damage Qiyana skin definitely does not.


It sits at the very top of her best skins list, and with good reason, as the quality of the skin’s design is top notch.

93 /157

The Best Quinn Skin in LoL

While Quinn top may be disgusting, her Warden Quinn skin is definitely not.


It is also not the only skin line in her skins list that she shares with multiple other, old, champions, with the Woad skin line added to the mix.

94 /157

The Best Rakan Skin in LoL

Rakan is League of Legends’ die-hard romantic. It would not do to pronounce anything but his Sweetheart Rakan skin, as the best one.


Rakan’s list of his best skins is comprised solely of couple skins, shared with Xayah.

95 /157

The Best Rammus Skin in LoL

The best skin in Rammus’ skin collection is none other than his Sweeper Rammus skin.


There is no need to compare the skin’s lore or design to any other. Simply put, Rammus becomes a football with this skin, and we are here for it.

96 /157

The Best Rek’Sai skin in LoL

It’s difficult to give characterization to a champion with so little interaction with the world. Eternum Rek’Sai, though, gives off enough menacing energy to do the job nicely.


Rek’Sai’s skin collection also contains skin lines such as Elderwood and Blackfrost, which point her in more of an aesthetically pleasing direction.

97 /157

The Best Rell Skin in LoL

Even though the champion is not popular, we can find some good skins on her skins list.


The best of these being the Battle Queen Rell skin. A happy ending for an abducted orphan, wouldn’t you agree?

98 /157

The Best Renekton Skin in LoL

Taking the path of the popular vote of Renekton mains, Pool Party Renekton seems to be their favorite skin.


With his skin collection full of skins portraying his true nature, that is up for debate.

99 /157

The Best Rengar Skin in LoL

Rengar is the Predator to Kha’Zix’s Alien. And what better skin to embody that than his Headhunter Rengar skin?


Fortunately, Rengar has enough skins that the travesty of his Kitty Rengar skin doesn’t have to be included among his best skins.

100 /157

The Best Riven Skin in LoL

Classics are classics for a reason, with Championship Riven taking the number one spot among all of Riven’s best skins.


That isn’t to say that Riven’s newer skins are not up to par though, with many of them being part of the best skin lines LoL has to offer.

101 /157

The Best Rumble Skin in LoL

By popular vote of Rumble mains, Super Galaxy Rumble takes precedence over the rest of Rumble’s skin collection.


It does fit with the base champion design though, with the others being either too edgy or too laid-back.

102 /157

The Best Ryze Skin in LoL

A mage that has spent his entire life tracking down the World Runes, it is expected that some of their power has seeped into him. And with Championship Ryze we can see inklings of exactly that.


It’s unclear whether Ryze has more skins, or more reworks. But, what definitely is, is the fact that his skin collection is superb.

103 /157

The Best Samira Skin in LoL

There is no way to make skins for badass champions like Samira, and not have mercenary skins be the best ones in her skin collection.


The fact that PsyOps Samira reminds us of Ghost in the Shell is icing on the cake, really.

104 /157

The Best Sejuani Skin in LoL

Sejuani is a Freljordian warlord that believes in survival of the fittest. No other skin in her skin collection says that as well as the Traditional Sejuani skin.


While this skin has the potential to be sexualized, it was done in such a way that it’s the last option on anyone’s mind when they see it.

105 /157

The Best Senna Skin in LoL

Joining her husband with their matching skins, is the High Noon Senna skin.


It doesn’t matter how many skins there are in a marksman’s skin collection, with Senna being no exception, the High Noon always takes the cake.

106 /157

The Best Seraphine Skin in LoL

Riot can learn from their mistakes, thankfully, and have not forced Seraphine into players’ perspective, instead remodeling her with the Graceful Phoenix Seraphine skin.


Still, it doesn’t mean that the first skins in her skin collection are bad, merely that there is a certain stigma in the community around them.

107 /157

The Best Sett Skin in LoL

No matter how the other skins in Sett’s skin collection try to portray him as, at his core, Sett is a brawler.


That character trait is best seen in his Obsidian Dragon Sett skin, which gives him an Asura-type of vibe.

108 /157

The Best Shaco Skin in LoL

Shaco is the Joker of the League of Legends universe. A masked clown prone to eliminate.


It’s no doubt that of his skin collection, it’s the Arcanist Shaco skin that best suits this champion.

109 /157

The Best Shen skin in LoL

Shen is, ostensibly, a good guy in League of Legends. But we can’t help but wonder why all of his best skins portray him as the villain.


The most visually pleasing example is the Warlord Shen skin, with a samurai-inspired theme.

110 /157

The Best Shyvana Skin in LoL

Shyvana is supposed to be dangerous, as evidenced by her draconic heritage.


Of all of her best skins, though, it’s the Ruined Shyvana that inspires the most terror.

111 /157

The Best Singed Skin in LoL

He may be a mad scientist, but he is still a human, and will keep it that way until his dying breath.


Resistance Singed is definitely the best Singed skin in his skin collection.

112 /157

The Best Sion Skin in LoL

While we are not often fans of sci-fi skins, there is something so satisfying about Mecha Sion’s ultimate ability animation.


In everything else though, the rest of his skins, especially Worldbreaker Sion have this skin beaten.

113 /157

The Best Sivir Skin in LoL

With her best build centered around Dark Harvest, currently, the most appropriate skin for Sivir is her Blood Moon Sivir skin.


Sivir may be an old and forgotten champion, but her skin collection is full of modern skin lines.

114 /157

The Best Skarner Skin in LoL

Skarner is, for all intents and purposes, a scorpion. And scorpions are most suited for the desert, hence the Guardian of the Sands Skarnes skin.


Still, as his other skins show, Skarner can acclimatize himself no matter what environment he gets put in.

115 /157

The Best Sona skin in LoL

Though she is in the possesion of a Pentakill skin, Sona’s best skin is still her DJ Sona, due to its particle effects.


She is a performer though, and like any good performer her skin collection is filled with new skins to wear.

116 /157

The Best Soraka Skin in LoL

What did Soraka look like before she descended to Runeterra? Dawnbringer Soraka has the answer.


Her skin collection also holds the variant skin, which answers the question of what an evil Soraka would look like.

117 /157

The Best Swain Skin in LoL

Adding dragons makes anything more epic, even a half-demon warmongering emperor, so we have the Dragon Master Swain skin.


Swain’s skin collection proves the same can be said of magical technology as well.

118 /157

The Best Sylas Skin in LoL

With the release of that famous cinematic, Freljord Sylas has skyrocketed in popularity among the playerbase.


The quality of Sylas’ other skin has not diminished either, making for an interesting skin collection.

119 /157

The Best Syndra Skin in LoL

Nothing says evil sorceress more than a Withered Rose skin. And Syndra is an archetypal evil sorceress.


To combat this reputation, the rest of her skin collection is filled with light-based skins, or those that are more laid-back.

120 /157

The Best Tahm Kench Skin in LoL

Tahm Kench is one of the demons of Runeterra. That concept is most obvious in his Arcana Tahm Kench skin.


Not even placing him in other surroundings, the way the rest of his skins do, is enough to get rid of his demonic nature.

121 /157

The Best Taliyah Skin in LoL

Taliyah is a unique champion in LoL. It’s surprise then that her skin collection is filled with unique-looking skins.


The best of those, of course, being her Freljord Taliyah skin, giving her a mastery of ice instead of earth.

122 /157

The Best Talon Skin in LoL

Eastern-inspired skins just have flare to them that other skin can’t match, visually. The same goes for the Enduring Sword Talon skin.


However, Talon is still an assassin first and foremost, and not a cultivator, so his skin collection focuses more on that aspect of his design.

123 /157

The Best Taric Skin in LoL

Taric’s skin collection is closer to a collection of chromas, unfortunately, than to anything else.


Still, the general consensus is that the pink Taric skin, that is Armor of the Fifth Age Taric is his best skin.

124 /157

The Best Teemo Skin in LoL

Teemo’s Little Devil Teemo skin is the League of Legends skin that took player feedback into account to make, in this case, the hatred of the champion.


The rest of the skins on his skins list are trying very hard to make Teemo cuter, to offset the emotional damage he inflicts in the game.

125 /157

The Best Thresh Skin in LoL

He may not be a marksman, but he’s got a lasso, and that’s enough to give him a High Noon skin.


It’s an interesting take on the champion, as most of his skin collection focuses on his undead nature.

126 /157

The Best Tristana Skin in LoL

Tristana is the most aggressive ADC in League of Legends, and every skin in her skin collection confirms this fact.


Most of all, her Omega Squad Tristana skin, one that has her portrayed as a battle crazed maniac.

127 /157

The Best Trundle Skin in LoL

Though he may look menacing, one look at his in-game dance and Constable Trundle skin tells you that is not a champion that takes itself too seriously.


The rest his skin collection tries to remedy this fact with epic-looking skins, however.

128 /157

The Best Tryndamere Skin in LoL

In his skin collection, Tryndamere is in possession of a Warring Kingdoms skin, and there is no moving past that.


Some skin lines are just better than others, and Warring Kindgoms is one such skin line.

129 /157

The Best Twisted Fate Skin in LoL

A LoL champion inspired by Marvel’s Gambit, the best skin in Twisted Fate’s skin collection is part of the High Noon skin line.


While he may not be a marksman, he is a gambler and a cheat, making him a perfect candidate for the Wild West.

130 /157

The Best Twitch Skin in LoL

Twitch is both dangerous and unhinged. A combination best portrayed with his Crime City Twitch skin.


His potential for mystery and cuteness was also explored in his skin collection, but we find those to be a bit too far from the base champion design.

131 /157

The Best Udyr Skin in LoL

Udyr is in a dire need of a rework. Before that, we have to settle with his Spirit Guard Udyr skin.


Once this champion gets the promised rework though, we imagine his skin collection will vary differently.

132 /157

The Best Urgot Skin in LoL

Though he is a top laner, Urgot still deserves a High Noon skin in his skin collection, as he can’t be compared to the likes of Quinn when it comes to being annoying.


The skin designer must be commended for making this crab-man into a cowboy.

133 /157

The Best Varus Skin in LoL

Who would have thought that a champion like Varus could look so cool in a sci-fi setting?


As his skin pool is filled with fantasy-looking skins, PROJECT: Varus is a nice change of pace.

134 /157

The Best Vayne Skin in LoL

When she has a movement speed boost, PROJECT: Vayne rides a motorcycle. That’s enough to put her on our number one spot.


It’s not all though, as out of all of Vayne’s skins, this is the one that makes Vayne resemble Batman the most, at least in spirit.

135 /157

The Best Veigar Skin in LoL

He is evil! Stop laughing!! With the Final Boss Veigar skin, no one dares to laugh, especially at a short joke.


Though, for some reason, Veigar’s skin pool does not contain any skin that is making fun of the champion, which is unlike Riot.

136 /157

The Best Vel’Koz Skin in LoL

Vel’Koz has been frozen in True Ice for millennia now, and it’s to be expected that this Void being will be changed from that once he gets out.


Thus we have the Blackfrost Vel’Koz skin, the most ominous skin of all his best skins.

137 /157

The Best Vex Skin in LoL

Not even the bright colors of the Dawnbringer skin line can cheer up this emo champion.


As it’s the case with her best skin, so is with the rest of Vex’s skin collection.

138 /157

The Best Vi Skin in LoL

Seeing her Arcane Vi skin may give you the wrong idea, but Vi is an enforcer, on the positive side of the law.


The rest of Vi’s skins, on the other hand, not so much.

139 /157

The Best Viego Skin in LoL

The Ruined King has a pretty expansive skin collection for such a new champion. The best of that being his Lunar Beast Viego skin.


We love seeing unexpected champions put into a cyberpunk setting, as is the case with this skin.

140 /157

The Best Viktor Skin in LoL

The base Viktor skin doesn’t do his lore justice, the way his Creator Viktor skin does.


After all, Viktor believes technology is humanity’s salvation, and his skin collection shows us the depths of his self-delusions.

141 /157

The Best Vladimir Skin in LoL

We don’t care waht anyone says, Vladimir is a vampire. And vampires are both flashy and powerful, as evidenced by his Nighbringer Vladimir skin.


To further corroborate our claim, the rest of Vladimir’s skin collection also explores different aspects of vampiric nature.

142 /157

The Best Volibear Skin in LoL

There is nothing cute or cuddly about this bear. On the contrary, he is the most dangerous of the Freljordian Demigods.


His Duality Dragon skin magnifies this to the extreme, making it the best suited Volibear skin in his skin collection.

143 /157

The Best Warwick Skin in LoL

Of all of Warwick’s skins, Old God Warwick captures this champion’s visceral nature the best.


It doesn’t hurt that it portrays Warwick not as a failed experiment, but as a force of nature.

144 /157

The Best Wukong Skin in LoL

In Wukong’s skin pool, the best skin is the one that brings the champion closest to the myth that inspired his design.


That skin would be Radiant Wukong, portraying him as the Monkey King, Sun Wu Kong from the novel Journey to the West.

145 /157

The Best Xayah Skin in LoL

Much like her lover’s, the best Xayah skins are all made with Rakan in mind, as the most open couple in LoL.


Due to its visuals, especially the bright feathers, Star Guardian Xayah is this champion’s best skin.

146 /157

The Best Xerath Skin in LoL

Overwhelming power is the term used when describing Xerath. However, of all Xerath skins, only his Arcana Xerath skin allows him to retain a semblance of humanity.


As a wrongfully Ascended of Shurima, Xerath takes on a more menacing tone than his counterparts.

147 /157

The Best Xin Zhao Skin in LoL

If there was ever a champion made for the Warring Kingdoms skin line, it would be Xin Zhao. While it’s part of his skin pool, you will be surprised to hear it’s not his best skin.


The honor of taking the number one place as the best Xin Zhao skin goes to Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao, due to its in-game particle effects and model.

148 /157

The Best Yasuo Skin in LoL

The older of the two most infamous League of Legends champions, Yasuo’s skin collection is expansive. However, only one takes the cake.


That would be High Noon Yasuo, portraying him as a wanderer, which he is in his lore.

149 /157

The Best Yone Skin in LoL

The younger of the two infamous LoL brothers has a smaller skin collection, but he relies on quality instead.


His Battle Academia Yone skin is, perhaps, the best skin of the entire skin line.

150 /157

The Best Yorick Skin in LoL

There is something so noble in the Arclight Yorick skin, that we can’t help but choose it as his best skin.


It definitely helps that in the rest of his skin pool, no other skin has a beard as badass as the one on this skin.

151 /157

The Best Yuumi Skin in LoL

Is the actual champion the cat or the book? No matter, with the Battle Principal Yuumi skin, both get an upgrade.


One advantage Yuumi’s gameplay gives is that you can admire all of her skins while in active combat.

152 /157

The Best Zac Skin in LoL

Can metal be liquid and solid at the same time? Yes, it can! Just ask Battlecast Zac.


Out of Zac’s skin collection, Battlecast Zac is the one bringing the largest does of nostalgia making us remember Terminator 2, making it his best skin.

153 /157

The Best Zed Skin in LoL

We’ve all seen the clips, and though they may be staged, there is no denying that Galaxy Slayer Zed is his best-looking in-game skin.


The rest of Zed’s skin pool is not falling far behind either, with the Debonair Zed skin being a close match.

154 /157

The Best Ziggs Skin in LoL

If things go “boom”, Ziggs is happy. And the most satisfying in-game sounds are produced with his Pool Party skin.


This is the most laid-back Ziggs skin, with the rest of the skins on his skins list taking a more serious approach.

155 /157

The Best Zilean Skin in LoL

Old mages are the most dangerous kind of mages, and Zilean is the oldest of them all, as he literally controls time itself.


While most of the skins in Zilean’s skin pool portray him as a benevolent old man, only his Blood Moon Zilean skin hints at the power hidden within.

156 /157

The Best Zoe Skin in LoL

Don’t let her looks fool you, the diminutive Zoe is the Aspect of the Twilight, containing incredible power, which can only be seen in her Star Guardian Skin.


It’s also the skin that, thematically, fits Zoe the best of all of her skins, as even her basic abilities use comets and stars.

157 /157

The Best Zyra Skin in LoL

Adding dragons to anything can only make it better, and the same goes for Zyra, with her Dragon Sorceress Zyra skin.


It’s the most innovative one out of all of her skins, moving Zyra away from her plant-based roots.

As far as League of Legends champions and their skins go, Riot Games are doing an incredible job. If only they could do the same in the balance department.

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