Best League of Legends Mid Lane Streamers to Watch

The cool kids gather in the mid lane. And of those, the ones that do it for a living are the best of the best, and worth watching.
Best League of Legends Mid Lane Streamers to Watch

The middle lane in League of Legends is meant for champions with flashy kits, big plays, and players that revel in playing them, and is thus the most popular role in the game. And, out of all those that play League of Legends, streamers and pro players, usually one and the same, are worth watching

Here are the best Mid Lane streamers League of Legends has to offer.



Ever since reaching Challenger in all five roles in League of Legends, Tyler 1 has made it to every streamer list there is. As such, Tyler1 is the most famous, or infamous, of all League of Legends streamers found on any platform.

Tyler1 Stream

He used to be known as the “Most Toxic Player NA”, referring to the way he would rage at his enemies and allies alike while streaming, even other streamers. It influenced the game culture in such a way that Riot Games banned him for this behavior toward his fellow summoners.

However, only a short while later, he became known as the “Most Reformed Player NA”, and Riot lifted his ban, putting him into the spotlight once again.

These days his Mid streams are not as frequent, but even so, his rage is still entertaining to watch, making him the best LoL streamer to watch while just chilling, and one of the best LoL streamers all around, due to his accomplishments.



Speaking of toxic behavior, we have a one-trick pony mid-lane streamer, going by the name of Yassuo. As his name implies, he is one of the best League of Legends streamers, and players, when he is at the helm of Yasuo, being a Challenger player a couple of years in a row.

Yassuo Stream

We cannot say that his streams carry any educational weight. However, they do bring with them a lot of entertainment. Whether it's due to Yassuo raging at his teammates, the injustice of Riot Games balance, or just making sick plays, there is something in his stream for almost everyone.

Unfortunately, lately, unlike other streamers on our list, Yassuo has started to move away from streaming League of Legends with a regular schedule and has focused on slots.



As a renowned pro player, Bjergsen has been famous as one of the best LoL mid-lane players in the world ever since he played League of Legends for TSM for the first time back in 2013.

As the League of Legends Solo Queue can get heated especially in the mid lane, the calm confidence of watching Bjergsen play League on his stream and YouTube channel makes him not only one of the best LoL players but also one of the best LoL streamers, exactly for that reason.

Bjergsen Stream

His content is educational, in more ways than one, as his playstyle teaches not only good mechanics but also a strong mental. Add to that the fact that he is still an active professional League of Legends player, and you have a winning combination.



Speaking of professional League of Legends players, we would be remiss not to mention Faker on our Mid-Lane LoL streamer list, as he is the best mid-laner in the world by a large margin. Faker is the best League of Legends professional player in the world, as well, and an LoL streamer that must be watched at least once.

Faker Stream

As a mid-lane specialist, Faker plays the game on a whole different level compared to other players. While watching his streams, due to them being in Korean with no English translation, you will likely not learn much directly but will see some high-elo gameplay.

However, Faker will give you a taste of what competitive games at the highest level look like, both in League’s Solo Queue and outside of it. Let us tell you, these high elo games are not meant for mere mortals. Even so, watching the best League player do his thing is all sorts of satisfying.


TF Blade

One LoL streamer that could be a pro player, but refuses to do so is definitely TF Blade. He has reached Solo Queue Challenger multiple times, on different servers no less, sometimes doing so with multiple accounts, just for fun.

TF Blade Stream

However, unlike what his reputation might say of him, TF Blade is a very analytical player, and one of the best LoL streamers to learn from, as he analyzes his enemies and explains to his viewers how to beat them exactly.

As such, while his content is not educational in nature and focus, it educates viewers indirectly. His YouTube channel, as well, is chock full of videos with huge plays, and exciting games.

Unfortunately, TF Blade does have his bad sides, which have caused him to suffer repercussions from both Twitch and Riot Games multiple times.



Another League of Legends streamer on our list is one of the professional players, still active today. His name is Froggen, and he started playing the game in 2012.

What differentiates this League of Legends streamer from others, while simultaneously making him one of the best mid-laners in the world, is his choice of a main champion.

Froggen mains Anivia, an old champion in League of Legends, which focuses on crowd control, rather than quick burst as assassins usually do, in the mid lane.

Froggen Stream

Watching his playstyle will teach you a lot about positioning in team fights and decision-making when it comes to macro gameplay, so we wholeheartedly recommend his stream.



If you can catch Voyboy streaming, no matter if he is playing in the top lane, the mid lane, or even the bottom lane, we always recommend him as one of the streames to watch.

Voyoy is, without a doubt, the best League of Legends streamer when it comes to fostering a sense of camaraderie in the League of Legends community.

Voyboy Stream

A true golden child of LoL, he has played League professionally until season 4, and now focuses on all things League of Legends, similarly to Coach Curtis, including entire map changes, item balances, and more with every new patch.

If there is ever a stream to learn something from and enjoy the feeling you have while watching it, it would be Voyboy’s. However, Voyboy doesn’t have a set schedule for playing the game, or streaming. When he does, though, you can find him co-streaming with many streamers of the NA streamers community, making plays with some of the best junglers in the world, as a mid-laner.

And that concludes our list of the best streamers to watch while wanting to get better at playing the game, or just see some sick plays being executed. One point that must be mentioned is that preferences cannot be accounted for, and not all streamers you may watch will be on our list.

Even then, we encourage you to take a look at these ones while they are streaming and see for yourselves just why they are the best streamers in our book.

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