The Most Popular Roles in LoL

Have you wondered what are the most popular roles LoL? See all League of Legends roles and which one is the most popular in our complete guide!
The Most Popular Roles in LoL

The roles in League of Legends define what each of the players will do during the game, and as if that were not enough, they also adapt to the personality of each player. Do you like to be the "lone wolf" then the top lane is for you, do you like to collaborate with your team? Then the support role is perfect for you. 

But what are the most popular roles LoL? In this article, we will help you find out!

What is the most popular role in League of Legends?

The popularity of roles in League of Legends can vary depending on the season, changes to champions, if RIOT Games changes objects and even changes to summoner spells. We bring you an updated list of the most played roles this season:



The mid laner is the most popular and played role among the millions of LoL players worldwide. It is one of the lines with the most action and relevance in the game and allows incredible rotations throughout the map to ensure the team's advantage.

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This new meta, which benefits mages and control mage in general, is bringing with it a lane champion like Viktor, Corki (with a hybrid build), Ahri, among others. Although this is not to say that assassin champions in the mid lane are not being played anymore.

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The Mid Lane has established itself as the favorite line of hundreds of players due to its versatility and importance within the game, not surprisingly, many of the most famous players in the World Championship Tournaments are also players in the mid lane.



The top line is a long, lateral and individual lane; being therefore the most isolated line of the game. It is a perfect line for those players who love to compare their skills against another player in a constant fight for control of the lane. Normally, tanks or fighters are usually played in the top lane like Sett, Dr Mundo, Yorick, among others.

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This line, in League of Legends, is the closest thing to a 1v1. This is due to its very nature, since being the farthest line on the map, you will have less support (the jungler usually plays around the Dragon of the BOT lane), so the most popular summoner is Teleport. Although the Teleport has recently received a nerf, the use of this summoner spell is left to the player's choice and in consideration of the match up.

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The top laner role is currently the second most popular, because players like this peculiar "1vs1" mode of summoner's rift. However, don't be a sloppy champion if you're a top laner lover, as it's your duty to rotate to secure the rift herald alongside your Jungler and Mid laner.



The Attack Damage Carry (ADC) is one of the main players on the team and probably the biggest source of damage on the team. It is commonly a position played by range champions such as Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Jhin, Samira, Tristana, and other characters. They can afford to deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy team from a safe distance to lead their team to victory.

most popular role lol adc

The ADC role is the third most played and popular role in League of Legends right now, although it is actually pretty close in popularity to the support role. It is not a role that you should take if you are a new player or you have a hard time doing what is known as "kiting".

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As an ADC, unlike other positions, you must play accompanied by another champion player who plays in the fascinating Support position, he is the main one in charge of protecting you and helping you during the lane phase.



The support role is not one of the most popular in League of Legends (however, many prefer this role to the next one on the list). Bot laner support excels at providing the greatest amount of help to your team in obtaining neutral objectives and winning every team fight.

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Your role will be to support your ADC in the early stages of the game, healing him, doing damage and magic damage to the enemy bot lane or applying harmful effects to opponents (stunning them, throwing them into the air...), popularly known as CC.

most popular roles lol support

It will be important that you have good communication with your ADC. Your main objective will be that he can do as much damage as possible, and you will have to use the abilities and spells at your disposal to win the lane. As support, you shouldn't kill minions. You should leave this task to your ADC.



The jungler is a position intended for aggressive players who seek to enter combat at all times, but who are skilled and elusive at the same time, since dying has a greater impact than if we do it in the lane.
That is why Jungle is the least popular role in the game and probably one of the hardest roles in LoL. A team with an amazing jungle player is likely to have a wonderful laning phase and easily win the game. However, a team with a terrible jungle player will never be able to come back from the game.

most popular role lol jungle

The Jungler role must take into account many elements that are complex for many players (vision, securing objectives, macro game knowledge, wave reading) and that is why many players "avoid" this important position within a team.

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In fact, if you try playing ranked with the fill role you will see how quickly you are assigned to the jungle role, a sign that this is not one of the most popular League of Legends roles among many players.

Why are the Support and Jungle roles less popular than the Mid Lane?

The answer is quite simple, but let's start by talking about the Support role. The support role is shared with the ADC in the bot lane, it is normal that during the laning phase (if it is bad), the team blames the support for their performance and, who wants to play the game that way?

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Something similar happens with the jungle role, if the laning phase is terrible and the team couldn't secure any objectives, then most players will blame the jungler player for their performance.

However, Mid's role isn't as demanding or in constant company with another player (like in the bot lane) while it's still a fun role that allows you to rotate to various parts of the map.

On the other hand, we recommend you to choose your favorite role and become very good at it. It's fine to play complicated roles like the Jungle or solo roles like the Top Lane. 

However, the important thing is to give your best in each game to ensure the victory of your team, defeat the enemy team and avoid being offensive with other players.

On the other hand, we have prepared some incredible guides on how to get out of silver in LoL which can be useful in this new season for you to reach your goals in the game, or you can also take a look at our list of best carries champions to currently use. Remember to be the best in your favorite game and see you at Summoners Rift!

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