A Complete Dragon Spawn Guide For LoL

Elemental dragons are an integral part in a game of League of Legends. They provide insane buffs that will turn the tide of a match.

Updated on Sep 04, 2023
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A Complete Dragon Spawn Guide For LoL

Players should always look out for dragon spawns in order to have the upper hand against the enemy team. Here is a guide that teaches all about dragons and their spawn time in League of Legends.

What Is An Elemental Dragon?

Before we start, everyone should know what are elemental dragons in League of Legends. As mentioned previously, dragons give different buffs. Also, they cause an elemental rift around the map, making their presence known. Here are the bonuses that you get from each dragon slain in League of Legends:


Mountain Drake+6% armor and magic resistance each
Hextech Drake+6 ability haste and +6% attack speed each
Ocean Drake
2,5% health regeneration every 5 seconds each
Cloud Drake
+3,5% move speed out of combat and +3,5% slow resistance
Infernal Drake
+4% AD and AP each

The team who slained a fourth elemental drake will get a dragon soul buff. Which is a stronger version of the usual buffs that elemental dragons give. For example, the mountain dragon soul will give a huge shielding on contrary to the usual armor and magic resistance from the normal buff.

How To Track Dragon Spawn Time in League of Legends

Now on to the most important part of jungling, tracking spawn times are not easy. This applies to every important objective or buff camp, including blue and red buffs, the rift herald, and the dragon.


The first dragon spawns at exactly 5:00 minutes and has the same respawn timer of 5:00 minutes. For example, the first dragon has been slain at 6:25, the next one will spawn at 11:25. There is actually an easier way of tracking it. Press tab every few seconds and there will be a huge dragon timer in the middle of your screen, use it often to have better adjustments than the enemy jungler.

It will be different if the next one will be the elder drake because it will spawn after 6 minutes. It is slightly longer than the usual respawn time, but it isn't that long, so try to strategize the same way as the elemental dragons. Remember that the elder dragon will spawn after a team has killed four dragons. The timer starts exactly as the fourth dragon dies.

Whether you are tracking your second blue buff or the third drake respawn, it is recommended that you strategize before going head first. Use the timer wisely. There is a reason why Riot Games included those in the scoreboard. Become the best jungler and win as one team in every game by using the tips above.

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