Best Jarvan IV Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Jarvan IV is a powerful jungler with high damage resistance that can provide crowd control and buffs while being in a fight

Best Jarvan IV Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends
Best Jarvan IV Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

As a tank played in the jungle, Jarvan IV can often set up some amazing ganks and secure a kill thanks to his ultimate ability, and of course, provide support and physical damage with his "Demacian Standard" or "Golden Aegis". Because Jarvan IV easily dominates the jungle, you should aim to clear each jungle camp quickly to get ahead and gank the enemy team.  

Best Jarvan IV Build 

Jarvan IV's best build revolves around tank items but also some that will increase his damage output.  This way, during a gank, he can jump to the Demacian Standard's location, and then use “Golden Aegis” to provide crowd control on nearby enemies, and physical damage with his "Dragon Strike" which extends Jarvan iv's lance. Do notice though, that this build doesn't apply for LoL Wild Rift.

Jarvan IV_Build

Best Jarvan IV Runes

Jarvan IV runes can be found in the “Precision” path and the “Inspiration” one. For “Precision”, “Conqueror” as the Keystone is the way to go (You can chose this for Wild Rift as well), with “Triumph”, “Legend Alacrity”, and “Coup de Grace” being the runes you should pick to gain sustain during fights as you achieve unique takedowns, attack speed, and more damage against enemies hit who are low on health.

Best Rune Path Precision
Best Keystone Conqueror
Best Slot 1 (Rune) Triumph
Magical Footwear
Magical Footwear
Best Slot 2 (Rune) Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity
Best Slot 3 (Rune) Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace
Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

Continuing with the “Inspiration” path “Magical Footwear”, and “Cosmic Insight” are the best options for Jarvan IV jungle in League of Legends. The first choice will save you some money in boots so you can prioritize your first attack damage item, while “Cosmic Insight” grants you some nice ability haste for summoner spells during your League of Legends games.

Best Jarvan IV Rune Shards

Jarvan IV's best rune shards choice allows him to attack faster thanks to “Offense” and hit a bit harder with “Adaptive Force”, the cherry on top would be “Defense”, which is a great complement when it comes to a tank champion that is played in the jungle.  

Best Rune Shards Effect
+10% Attack Speed
Adaptive Force
+9 Adaptive Force
+6 Armor

From time to time, Jarvan IV players might replace the “Precision” path for “Domination” runes, but we wouldn’t advise it when it comes to Jarvan IV because he needs the extra overall damage from “Conqueror”.

Best Jarvan IV Spells

“Smite” will be one of the summoner spells you will use for Jarvan IV. The good thing about Jarvan IV being a tank is that, because he can resist damage from the beginning, Jarvan IV will almost always have his HP at a decent amount while clearing any jungle camp or scuttle crab.

Best Spells Icon

Flash is the best out of other summoner spells in League of Legends, it has become indispensable for many since Riot Games put it out, therefore, be mindful of your “Smite” level, and the damage it will do to monsters so you kill them at the right moment, this great for stealing a Dragon or Rift Herald from the enemy team.

Jarvan IV_Demacian Standard

Best Jarvan IV Abilities Order

Jarvan IV's best skill order focuses on prioritizing his first ability “Dragon Strike” of the skill order, then his third ability “Demacian Standard”, then his ultimate “Cataclysm”, and lastly his second ability “Golden Aegis”, which slows surrounding enemies. Leveling up “Dragon Strike” first in the skill order gives you range, and it also shreds enemies’ defense, while “Demacian Standard” will give you extra damage and crowd control.


His passive ability "Martial cadence" has separate cooldown fow each enemy champion you attack, so it will be "re cast" on any new enemy you attack to achieve a unique takedown each time, although "Martial Cadence" won't be activated if you use other Jarvan IV's abilities.

Best Jarvan IV Items

Jarvan IV's best items in League of Legendshave a combination of HP, armor, and attack, to resist damage during team fights and to also hit hard enemies. There are certain final items you might want to change by the late game depending on what the situation requires, such as more magic resistance, more health, or attack.

Best Jarvan starter IV Items

“Emberknife” works really well with Jarvan IV thanks to the Omnivamp, that, plus the “Refillable Potion”, means your HP should be always complete in the early game. Finally, put the “Stealth Ward” on the side of the map you need most.

First Item Second Item Third Item
Refillable Potion
Refillable Potion
Stealth Ward
Stealth Ward

Best Mid Game Jarvan IV Items 

The “Goredrinker” will be the choice out of the "Mythic Items" for Jarvan IV, the “Plated Steelcaps” grant you more armor, and thanks to “Magical Footwear” you’ll save money on boots, which lets you get “Black cleaver” earlier. By the mid-game, you should have these items equipped on Jarvan IV.

First Item Second Item Third Item
Plated Steelcaps
Black Cleaver

Could also be used “Death’s Dance” in the core item build of Jarvan IV because it will restore huge amounts of HP as he achieves, or participates in champion takedowns.

Jarvan IV_Ultimate

Best Final Late Game Jarvan IV Items 

In the final Jarvan IV items, we can find “Guardian Angel”, which gives him a second chance to redeem himself, and make things right, if he has fallen in battle. The “Thornmail” is an excellent choice for Jarvan too because it not only will pump up his defenses, but he will also reflect damage, causing grievous wounds to the enemy champions.

First Item Second Item Third Item Fourth Item Fifth Item Sixth Item
Plated Steelcaps
Black Cleaver
Guardian Angel
Maw of Malmortius

“Maw of Malmortious” is the cherry on top of this beautiful build, thanks to the extra attack, and the so-needed magic resistance it provides, let alone it’s passive, which also gives him a thick shield when activated. 

Best Champions to pair with Jarvan IV

Shen is currently the best match for Jarvan IV in this patch 12.13, the way their abilities synergize is absurd, and combined with the fact that they’re both tanks, it means any match could be easily won.

Champion Win Rate % Icon
Shen 58.9%
Qiyana 56.0%
Swain 55.9%

Swain and Qiyana do offer as well some nice crowd control that Jarvan IV could easily benefit from when setting up ganks, and to secure the kill even more, Jarvan can use his ultimate to not let enemies escape from the gray screen.

Strongest Champions against Jarvan IV

Jarvan has a hard time against an enemy jungler who deal magic damage, such as Diana, because his item build includes a magic resistance item at last, he might have hard times against her.

Champion Win Rate % Icon
Diana 43.7%
Master Yi 43.8%
Shyvana 44.4%

Weakest Champions against Jarvan IV

These champions are weak against Jarvan IV, he counters them because he can easily CC them with his “Demacian Standard”, to follow up with the rest of his combo. Even Jarvan IV counters the mighty Pantheon.

Champion Win Rate % Icon
Pantheon 55.4%
Evelynn 54.5%
Lillia 53.7%

Jarvan IV is, without a doubt, an excellent jungler in League of Legends whose abilities aren’t that hard to get used to. He is a champion which new players can pick to get used to the jungle role, and how to set up ganks appropriately thanks to his kill-assuring ultimate, or his "Demacian Standard" and "Dragon Strike" ability combo as he enters the front line of a game.