All you need to know about Roles in League of Legends

Curious about all the roles in League of Legends? Check out this guide that teaches how each role works and how it is played!

Updated on Aug 09, 2023
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All you need to know about Roles in League of Legends

Summoners Rift might be confusing to traverse for new players, and the roles in League of Legends make it even more difficult.

However, knowing a little bit about it will improve everyone’s gaming experience. Look no further because this guide teaches all the LoL roles to ensure that you will win more games in the future!

All Roles in LoL

There are currently five roles in League of Legends, each with different play styles and tasks to help the team win. Here are all the general jobs of each role in League of Legends:

  • Top laners: use the isolated lane to farm and gain advantage on the enemy counterpart
  • Mid laners: should be clearing waves as much as they can to roam and apply pressure around the map
  • Jungle: farm jungle camps and help teammates to win by ganking
  • AD carry: farm minions as much as they can to reach late game to deal the most damage in the team
  • Support: Aiding the entire team through vision and abilities.

All of the roles are going to be tackled much deeper on the next topics, including their lanes and champion types!


Top Laners

Often regarded as an “island” because of how isolated the lane is. The top is a long lane that lacks escape routes. The top is also called the “baron lane” since Baron Nashor is found on this side. Players on this lane frequently pick champions that can tank a lot of damage (bruisers) or escape ganks easily.

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Tank Top Laners

The most common type of top lakers are the tanks. They are the ones that can soak up the most damage to protect their carries.


For example, Darius is usually in the middle of the teamfight because he has tanky and sustain type abilities.

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Split Pushers

These top laners can apply a lot of pressure by clearing waves easily.


Champions like Fiora, have hard hitting auto-attack abilities that make her a great split pusher.


The only role that does not have a dedicated lane to push, a jungle player lives and thrives on the middle of the map.

Junglers do not go against minions like the other roles, but they clear and kill monster camps around the map, including the rift herald, blue buff, wolves, raptors, and even the dragon!

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Support Junglers

All lanes need support from time to time, and support junglers deliver the aid that they need throughout the match.


A great example of asupport jungler is Jarvan IV. Since his kit has a lot of crowd control, Jarvan IV players should always be roaming and trying to gank to get the most value out of their abilities.

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Carry Junglers

Sometimes players want to take the matter into their own hands and carry the entire team. These types of champions should focus on farming their way to victory to dominate the enemy team.


Kayn is currently a strong carry jungle. He can either choose to be a bruiser type and deal crowd control or an buttbuttin that can roam quickly and shred enemy health bars. Either way, he will surely carry the whole team once he gets his groove going.

Mid Lane

If the top lane is the most isolated, then the mid is the most vulnerable. And since their lane is the most open out of all, mid laners can roam easily, and they are only second to the jungler that has the most impact on the map.

In terms of champions, mid laners have a huge champion pool—not as big as top laners, though. They can play buttbuttins or mages that can burst carries quickly and roam as frequently as possible.

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These champions are squishy but they are very mobile and can roam easily. During teamfights, buttbuttins can go in, burst carries, and get out unscathed.


Zed is probably the most famous buttbuttin out there. His abilities are hard to dodge, and his ultimate is point-and-click, making it harder for the enemy team. It is likely a kill if Zed hits all of his skillshots in a single champion.

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Mages have abilities that have area-of-effect, crowd control, and ability power focused. They are also usually skillshot dependent since they can cover a huge range.


Ziggs, a mage champion, has tons of crowd control and has a huge reach. His area-of-effect abilities are pretty irritating, too. Not only that, but he can also spam all of his abilities and deal crazy damage.

AD Carry

One of the two laners in the bottom lane (also called bot lane or dragon lane), the attack damage carry (AD carry), is tasked to farm as much as possible and carry the whole team in the late game. AD carries are either hypercarries or lane dominators

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From the word itself, these champions can 1v9 the game once they reach the late game. However, they have a weak early game compared to lane dominators. Their main task is to farm to buy some items


Vayne is probably the most famous hypercarry. She can kite everyone to death once she gets her items. Her weak early game compensates for her carry potential in the late game.

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Lane Dominators

Want to destroy enemy bot laners in the early game? Then pick a lane dominator AD carry. These champions can deal out heavy damage in the early game. However, they do not scale as hard as the hyper carries


Caitlyn has a really strong late game and is a commonly picked lane dominator.

Her huge range and poke abilities make it hard for the enemy to sustain in lane and farm easily.


Often referred to as the easiest role in League of Legends because of its pbuttive playstyle, support players are tasked to aid the entire team, especially the AD carry.

They are also the ones accompanying the AD carry in the bot lane, making them the only duo lane in League of Legends. There are two common types of support champions, which are enchanters and tanks.

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Engage Supports

Tank support champions have a lot of health and deal a ton of crowd control.

They are usually the ones tasked to be aggressive and pick someone off with a crowd control chain.


Leona is one of the most commonly picked tank support. She has three crowd control dealing abilities that she can use to chain all by herself.

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These supports have abilities that can heal and shield allies. Unlike tanks, they are expected to be pbuttive to prevent being killed during teamfights and the laning phase.


Yuumi is a support that has heavy shielding and healing abilities. She also amplifies her allies’ stats, which is also a common trait of an enchanter support.

Are All Roles The Same In League of Legends: Wild Rift?

Yes! Since the gameplay is entirely the same in Wild Rift, all the League of Legends roles are the same; this includes the jungler, support, mid laner, top laner, and AD carry.

What Is The Hardest Role In League of Legends?

Now that you have learned all about the League of Legends roles, it is time to find what suits you the best! There is no hardest role in LoL, it will just fall down on what fits your play style the most, so hop on solo queue and experiment to find the one perfect for you!

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