Best Ziggs Skins in LoL [Top 4 List]

Discover the top 4 Ziggs skins in LoL - Sugar Rush Ziggs for a sweet twist, Pool Party Ziggs for summer vibes, and Battle Boss Ziggs for arcade nostalgia.

Updated on Feb 11, 2024
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Best Ziggs Skins in LoL [Top 4 List]

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Sugar Rush Ziggs

Sugar Rush Ziggs stands out as not only an adorable addition to the League of Legends skin lineup but also as a testament to the creative potential within the game. It fits perfectly with some sweet wins with your brand new Ziggs build.

Part of the Epic category, this skin transforms Ziggs with a complete overhaul — changing his model, concept, particles, sounds, and animations into a delightful sugar-based theme. The predominant pink and white colors are enough to make anyone's mouth water.

Sugar Rush Ziggs Splash Art

Ziggs himself has been reimagined as if he were crafted from gingerbread, complete with icing on his head and a strawberry on top, as depicted in the splash art. 

The addition of candies as his goggles adds a charming touch to the model. The sweets theme extends to his abilities; his bombs are now delicious-looking sweets.

Sugar Rush Ziggs in LoL

Sugar Rush Ziggs' Bouncing Bomb and Mega Inferno Bomb transform into pink exploding cupcakes, adding a whimsical flair to his attacks. His Satchel Charge becomes a time-ticking cake bomb that, while tempting, is best left uneaten. Additionally, his Explosive Minefield is represented by small Jell-Os, enhancing the playful aspect of this skin.

For those who may want to customize Ziggs' new look further, chromas are available, offering variations beyond the default pink. Released on November 27, 2019, Sugar Rush Ziggs can be yours for 1350 Riot Points in the League shop, promising a sweet and vibrant twist to your gameplay.

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Pool Party Ziggs

Pool Party Ziggs captures the essence of summer fun, turning the battlefield into a splash-filled party. This skin embodies the playful activity of water bomb fights, which many of us enjoyed as kids.

Despite being one of the earlier skin releases by Riot Games, dating back to September 3, 2012, Pool Party Ziggs remains a fan favorite and stands out as one of the best skins for the champion. Classified in the Epic category, it brings a plethora of changes to Ziggs' models, animations, particles, and sounds, ensuring a fresh experience for players.

Pool Party Ziggs Splash Art

In the splash art, Ziggs is decked out in complete snorkeling gear, including a mask and snorkel, and he's seen carrying a huge water bomb on his back, ready for some aquatic mischief.

Pool Party Ziggs in LoL

In-game, Pool Party Ziggs doesn't disappoint with its detailed changes:

  • His model features a cute duck floatie and he wields two small water bombs as his weapons.
  • For his Bouncing Bomb, Ziggs tosses a water balloon that splashes on impact.
  • Casting Satchel Charge, he throws a rubber floatie into the fray.
  • His Explosive Minefield is a barrage of 11 small water balloons, creating a perilous area for enemies to navigate.
  • The Mega Inferno Bomb transforms into a gigantic explosive water balloon, making for a dramatic and splashy finish to team fights.

Pool Party Ziggs is available in the League of Legends shop for 1350 Riot Points, inviting players to dive into the summer vibe, even on the virtual battlegrounds of Summoner's Rift.

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Battle Boss Ziggs

Battle Boss Ziggs stands out as a top pick for fans of the champion, especially those with a fondness for 8-bit themes and classic arcade vibes.

Fans of Bomberman will particularly appreciate Battle Boss Ziggs, as it pays homage to the classic game, even featuring a nod in the recall animation. As with the other skins mentioned, Battle Boss Ziggs falls into the Epic category and is priced at 1350 Riot Points.

Battle Boss Ziggs Splash Art

The skin introduces significant changes to Ziggs' animations, voice-over, particles, and sounds. In the splash art, Battle Boss Ziggs is depicted with a computerized face and crown, holding arcade-looking bombs. The alterations in animation and particle effects for his abilities are truly remarkable:

  • His Bouncing Bomb transforms into a purple arcade monster, adding a playful twist to his attacks.
  • The Satchel Charge becomes an orange wind-up toy, maintaining the skin's unique arcade theme.
  • Battle Boss Ziggs' Hexplosive Minefield features Marvin the Martian-like characters that peek at enemies, adding a fun and interactive element to the ability.
  • The Mega Inferno Bomb is a larger version of the purple arcade monster from his Bouncing Bomb, with the explosion revealing a computerized face of Ziggs.

And as Ziggs is in the meta because of the fact of being one of the best Artillery Mages in LoL, this skin returned to the game with style after many years... and I love it!

Battle Boss Ziggs in LoL

The 8-bit sounds accompanying the skin's actions are both relaxing and unique, enhancing the overall arcade theme. For those who love arcade-themed skins, Battle Boss Ziggs is arguably the best choice for Ziggs players.

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Master Arcanist Ziggs

Master Arcanist Ziggs transforms one of the best APCs into a wizard of both science and magic, blending the two realms seamlessly. While this skin does not introduce a drastic change to Ziggs' base model, the additions it brings are both thematic and enriching.

Riot Games has adorned Ziggs with a wizard's hat and replaced his traditional bombs with magical potions, enhancing his arcane aesthetic.

Master Arcanist Ziggs Splash Art

A huge book is carried on Ziggs' back, symbolizing his expertise and knowledge in arcane arts, and reinforcing the image of Ziggs as a master wizard. This creative choice by Riot Games adds depth to Ziggs' character, portraying him as a scholarly figure steeped in mystical lore.

The Hexplosive Minefield for Master Arcanist Ziggs is a standout feature, utilizing a wizard's loot bag to replace the usual ticking bomb, making it a unique aspect of this skin. His Bouncing Bomb and auto-attacks take the form of flung potions, adding to the magical warfare he conducts on the battlefield.

In a spectacular display, Ziggs uses the book from his back as his Mega Inferno Bomb, further tying into the skin's theme of a wizard using his knowledge as a weapon. The blue color scheme of the skin adds a mystical and breathtaking quality to his appearance and abilities.

Master Arcanist Ziggs in LoL

For players who appreciate new animations, sounds, voice-over, and particles without a complete overhaul of the model, Master Arcanist Ziggs emerges as the top choice among all Ziggs skins. It offers a unique take on the champion without straying too far from his original design. And hey, it's a 1350RP skin!

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