Best Vi Skins | LoL

Looking for a skin for one of Arcane’s main characters? Well, you’re in luck because this is a collection of the best Vi skins available in LoL and Wild Rift.

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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Best Vi Skins | LoL

With the release of Arcane, it seems like there was a rise of Vi mains. And it is well deserved, she is really fun to play in the jungle. Some also play her as an assassin that bursts the enemy team's backline by ulting. 

Now, the story in the Arcane series is a slightly modified version of the League of Legends lore. Nevertheless, Vi is cool either way, so no problems there. 

If you are curious about the best skins for her, let me help you with a collected list of the best Vi skins in League of Legends.

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Neon Strike Vi

Because of the immersive and cool theme it gives, I was always a stinker for Cyberpunk skins, well who isn't? If you feel the same, well, you are in luck since the Neon Strike Vi skin is one of those cyberpunk-themed cosmetics. It still looks incredible even though it is not updated to suit the newest looks in League of Legends.


Released on December 19, 2012, this is the very first cosmetic release for Vi. From the name itself, Neon Strike has incredible futuristic styled fists that release neon colors. Her yellow suit looks simple, too, but I would say that it was an excellent choice by Riot Games. I can't say that I like her blue-colored hair, though. Maybe Riot intended to keep the whole "Neon" styled look.


Do not expect many changes when you buy this skin because this is one of those cheap "Standard" skins priced at 975 Riot Points. However, the in-game model is still pretty cool. You can also see a cute animal on her gloves. There is also a new sound for her Relentless Force that is cyberpunk-themed, making this skin worth it for the low price.


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Project: Vi

If League of Legends had an anime with robots, this skin line would probably be the story's main characters. In my opinion, all of the PROJECT skins are beautiful and clean. And this version of Vi is super badass. Riot Games definitely nailed the cybernetic look for Vi.


It seems like PROJECT: Vi has a tough armor that suits her character. It does not look flashy though, it's clean and straightforward, and I'm sure that everyone loves the look.

The size PROJECT: Vi's fists complement the whole concept too. It does not look big or small. What instantly caught my attention is the unique hair and glowing yellow-colored visor that makes her even more badass.


Being an epic cosmetic priced at 1350 Riot Points, you can expect decent changes compared to the classic skin. All of PROJECT: Vi's abilities have orange colors and computerized sounds.

There are also new artworks when you cast her skills, which are based on the PROJECT lore. But the best change is that PROJECT: Vi has a unique cybernetic voice.

This skin was released on November 22, 2017. You can also buy this skin in Wild Rift for 990 Wild Cores.


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Demon Vi

You thought Teemo was the only one with a demon skin? Wrong. Released on October 19, 2015, she is the second champion that received a demonic-themed skin—with Galio being the first.

The execution of the concept is pretty impressive too. Unleash the power of hell and bring judgment to your enemies by purchasing the Demon Vi skin!


Honestly, if hell had a guardian, it would definitely look like Demon Vi. Looking at the photo above, she looks like an entity that I would not want to meet if anything like her existed.

Demon Vi's skin makes her look more sinister and disturbing. The demonic details, like the horns, wings, and fists, also add a better feel to the skin.


The cool thing about this skin is that it will show demonic artwork whenever you cast the abilities. All of the skins are red and blue too if that's what you prefer from a skin.

There are two remarkable things about Demon Vi that you will notice when playing. First is that her Denting Blows have a shield that looks like it’s from hell, and that tiny demon wings will show when she casts Cease and Desist and Vault Breaker.

Like PROJECT: VI, this skin is also available in Wild Rift for 990 Wild Cores. It is also available in the League store for 1350 Riot Points if you play on PC.


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Arcane Vi

I am a massive fan of Arcane. In fact, it became one of the biggest shows in the world. Everything was top-notch, the character design, story, and writing.

Fans are surely exhilarated to know that the Arcane design of the characters is coming to the game. And of course, the best way to make your fans happy is to give out free things.

Riot Games has killed two birds with one stone because, fortunately, this skin is a free cosmetic that was given away by Riot Games to celebrate the release of Arcane.


Released on November 15, 2021, some might say that this skin is literally a better version of the classic Vi skin. If you watched Arcane, this is how Vi looks like in the series.

The Hextech Gauntlets made by Jayce, pink hair, earrings, face tattoos are all based on the Netflix show. This skin makes me want to rewatch Arcane again, and the splash art makes everything about Vi much cooler.


Even though this is free skin, it has decent changes compared to the original skin. The Arcane skin does not have new sounds, but it does show several artworks and animation changes. For example, a blue lightning animation will show whenever Vi attacks an enemy champion. Not only that, but a cool-looking circle will also appear whenever she casts Vault Breaker. So all in all, it is really lovely skin, especially since it was given away for free.

As mentioned previously, this skin was given away for free both in League of Legends and Wild Rift.

However, if you missed the free Arcane Vi skin, you can purchase it in the League store for 975 Riot Points. Unfortunately, you won't get this skin anymore in Wild Rift once you miss it.


Now that we have finished the list of all the best Vi skins, are you now ready to punch and wreck everything that stands in your way? There are a lot of skins available in League of Legends, and if you prefer shopping for multiple champions, here is a list of all the best available skins. However, if you are looking for something specific, check out the best Vex skins in LoL.

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