Best Vel'koz Skins | LoL

With multiple skins released in the game, it is surely hard to pick a skin to purchase for Vel’koz. Here is a list of his best skins to make it easier for you!
Best Vel'koz Skins | LoL

It’s a known fact that League of Legends is filled with weird heroes, sure there are cool and unique champions, too, but there are undoubtedly the uncanny and otherworldly ones. Imagine going against a floating eye. Would you get scared or amused? The champion that I just described is Vel’koz. 

Even though he looks weird, probably because Vel’koz is an alien being, he has one of the best-looking skins in the game because of the design of his abilities. If you are currently shopping for skin for League’s Eye of the Void, here is a list of the best Vel’koz skins in League of Legends to help you. 


Arclight Vel’koz

Released on January 18, 2015, this is the second skin unveiled for the Eye of the Void. Together with Yorick and Vayne, this skin is part of the Arclight skin line in the alternate timeline and universe of the League of Legends lore. Arclight Vel’koz is a powerful being made of purifying energy.

The theme of the splash art of this skin is superb, and knowing the story behind it makes it even more awesome. 

Apparently, Arclight Velkoz descends once in a millennium and transforms the worthy into Arclight beings. 

And as mentioned previously, Arclight Velkoz is a being made out of purifying energy, and it is evident if you look at the photo above. He has an armor that looks holy, and his yellow tentacles are transparent, which are fascinating to look at.

Arclight Vel’koz is one of those skins that you will get mesmerized with every time you see the animation of his abilities. All of Arclight Vel’koz’s abilities are yellow, similar to his model. 

Not only that, but the vibrant sounds of his skills are invigorating too. However, I would say that the best part about this skin is the new voice effects that suit the Arclight concept. You can get this skin in the in-game store for 1350 Riot Points.

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Blackfrost Vel’koz

It is a known fact that Vel’koz is a mighty and colossal being in the League of Legends lore. Contrary to his classic concept of a being from the Void, this skin is a Freljord and icy version of Vel’koz.

With the likes of Tryndamere and Lissandra, there are a lot of strong champions in Freljord, but it seems like Blackfrost Vel’koz is the most powerful out of them all. 

In fact, if you look at the splash art above, you can even see Lissandra trying to talk to the almighty Vel’koz. Because of the icy concept, the colors of the Blackfrost skin are primarily white and blue. 

Vel’koz’s armor and tentacles are covered in ice, which is a nice touch to the model.

Honestly, the sounds and animations of this skin are the best out of the cosmetics in this list. All of Blackfrost Vel’koz’s abilities have icy sounds that will appeal to most players. 

Additionally, the dark blue colors of this skin also suit Vel’koz as a powerful champion. To make things better, Riot Games added some Freljord-themed details. For example, Blackfrost Velkoz’s Void Rift leaves an icy trail on the floor.

This is the newest skin for Vel’koz being released on April 15, 2021. It is also acquired through the League shop for 1350 Riot Points.

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Infernal Vel’koz

You will surely love this skin if you are a die-hard fan of Lord of the Rings. Released on July 16, 2020, I would say that this skin has one of the most remarkable concepts in the game. 

Since Vel’koz is a being with a giant eye, many fans have requested that he get a Sauron-themed skin, and Riot surely delivered.

If you refer to the splash art above, Infernal Vel’koz indeed closely resembles Sauron. 

The huge fiery eye floating, black line as an eyeball, and the awesome armor covering him. Everything about the model is excellent. I just wish they made his tentacles (chains) a lot thicker to suit the concept more.

Since this is one of the pricey epic skins priced at 1350 Riot Points, expect fiery sounds, particles, and animations when using this skin. I would say that the flame sound when casting Life Form Disintegration Ray (ultimate) using this skin is really addictive. 

Not only that, but the orange artwork from his passive is interesting and peculiar — in a good way. Small flame particles also appear when casting his abilities, and if that is what you prefer, you should pick this skin up right away!

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