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How To Get Blue essence fast in LoL

Every game has a currency for players to earn and use in-game. Riot Games’ version of that is League of Legends is blue essence.
How To Get Blue essence fast in LoL

There are two in-game currencies in League of Legends, that are called essences. These are the blue and orange essence, of which the blue variant is far more common and easier to acquire. 

How one earns that currency and how to best spend it you can find here.

What is Blue Essence

Blue Essence is one of the primary currencies used to unlock League of Legends content, the other being Riot Points and Orange Essence.

It was first released at the beginning of Season 2016 as a way to not spend Influence Points to unlock champions. It then replaced the older currency, the mentioned Influence Points, in League of Legends patch 7.22.

What can blue essence get you in League of Legends?

Blue Essence is the easiest currency in to earn in League of Legends

As such, while it may not get you the most premium content, you can use it to unlock the entire game, by purchasing new champions for example, and get yourself some quality of life improvements with the additional Masteries and Rune Pages.

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Buying champions in LoL

There are two ways of purchasing champions in League of Legends. The more expensive one is buying them with Riot Points, while the more common one is buying champions with Blue Essence.

Buying champions outright, with Blue Essence, is the most straightforward way of acquiring new League of Legends champions. This is done by going into the in-game store, clicking on the portrait of a champion you wish to buy, and then being offered the option of using BE or RP to complete your purchase. 

The cheapest champions cost 450 Blue Essence, while the most expensive ones cost 6300. The price is based on how new a champion is to the game.

Aside from this, there is another option of getting champions in League of Legends, and that is by upgrading their champions shards. With each level up of your LoL account, you gain a champion capsule, which in turn contains a champion shard. 

The same goes for Hextech Chests which are awarded when you play really well, and require a hextech key to unlock. These champion shards offer you a 50% discount on their Blue Essence price, should you wish to permanently unlock that champion.

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Buying additional Rune Pages

Blue Essence can help you with your ranked climb. After you’ve developed your own champion pool, and acquired the best champions, via champion shards or directly, the next step is purchasing additional rune pages. Runes in League of Legends are pre-game preparations to give your champion extra stats or items, and give yourself an edge at the game’s very beginning.

Runes in League of Legends can make or break a game. What made Jhin broken last season was the Dark Harvest rune, while this season Glacial Augment is making waves.

Making a Rune Page from scratch, while listening to that countdown in champion select can be difficult. To counteract that, and only have to make minimal changes, under the accessories tag in the League of Legends in-game store, you can buy additional Rune Pages for 6300 Blue Essence each.

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Upgrading a Champion Mastery to level 6 and 7

Once you’ve set your mind on mastering a certain champion pool, it’s time to let the world know of your proficiency in playing them. Champion Mastery Levels in League of Legends indicate how good you are on a certain champion.

Until the fifth level of mastery on champions, you attain levels by playing the champions over and over again. 

For levels 6 and 7, you must earn an S-rank during a game with a champion, meaning you must have a near-perfect game, and use the Mastery token to unlock the next level of Mastery to flex on your opponents.

To upgrade your champion Mastery, you need to have two Mastery tokens on that champion, and pay 2450 Blue Essence or a champion shard to unlock it. Level 7 requires 3 Mastery tokens and 2950 Blue Essence.

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Buying LoL skin Chromas for Blue Essence

Chromas in League of Legends are alternate color schemes for the best skins a certain champion has. These are usually reserved for higher-rated skins, those with Legendary and Epic ratings, and are priced in Riot Points exclusively.

During the Essence Emporium, however, a bi-annual event in League of Legends, all players are offered a choice of buying Chromas for certain champion skins, for a price in Blue Essence.

The latest Essence Emporium event was in December 2021, during which numerous skin Chromas were offered, such as those for Jayce’s best skins, and even those of Kai’sa.

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Essence Emporium exclusive BE content

If you’re one of those players that avoid spending cash on video games as much as possible, it will be hard to get exclusive cosmetics in League of Legends for Blue Essence.

However, it is definitely possible to buy League of Legends cosmetics during the Blue Essence Essence Emporium. Including, but not limited to, champion icons and ward skins. 

During this event, the UrfWick skin is for sale as well. This is the only LoL skin you can buy for Blue Essence, and it’s sold exclusively during the Essence Emporium event.

Sumoner Icons are, basically, the profile picture of your League of Legends account. To differentiate yourself from most of the others who are using the most common icons, awarded during their time playing the game, you can buy exclusive summoner icons for 2000 Blue Essence during the Essence Emporium event.

With event, two Essence Emporium-specific emotes are on sale for 50,000 and 75,000 Blue Essence each. Stockpiling Blue Essence you get from your Hextech Chests or Champion capsules, and spending them on chromas for the skins you’ve unlocked from the same Hextech Chests is the cheapest way to get some good cosmetics in League of Legends.

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Changing your summoner name and MMR

Match Making Rating, or MMR, is a mechanic that determines the types of players your teammates and enemies will be, when creating a game of League of Legends. Depending on the way your matches have been going, Riot’s algorithm may just choose to pit you against stronger opponents, and give you weaker teammates, to balance out your win-streaks. This is called a Loser’s Queue, and the simplest way to get rid of it is by changing your Summoner Name.

The Summoner Name in League of Legends is the name displayed when playing the game itslef, and it differs from the name you use when logging into your Riot account. You can find this option in your League of Legends client, under the accessories tab, and it will set you back 13000 Blue Essence to do so. Still, it is far better than any player spending their Riot Points on it, that’s for sure. And it’s definitely worth the avoided lost lp.

How to best earn Blue Essence

The old Influence Points in League of Legends were a bit simpler to acquire than today’s Blue Essence. The most straightforward way of acquiring Blue Essence is, of course, by winning games. Every day, the first win of the day is awarded by 50 Blue Essence.

Winning League of Legends games gives more experience to the summoner LoL account, meaning that you level up faster. Starting from summoner level 5, champion capsules are awarded with every level up, and besides pure Blue Essence, contain champion shards that can be disenchanted to obtain Blue Essence as well. The most expensive League of Legends champions, when their champion shards get disenchanted, award up to 1560 Blue Essence.

Completing other missions, that are usually tied to events, award tokens. These can further be exchanged for Blue Essence with a rate of 1 Token for 10 Blue Essence. Not to mention the Hextech chests you receive with every new champion you get an S-rated game performance with.

Whether it’s expanding your champion pool with champion shards, or disenchanting them, using it to give yourself an edge in your ranked games, or stockpiling it while waiting for a perfect opportunity, League of Legends’ Blue Essence is a versatile currency, that can get you a lot of thins, in-game.

The only thing it cannot buy is the time you’ve spent grinding for it. But, then again, you were going to do that anyway.

Speaking of chromas for champion skins, the only way to prepare yourself for which ones to buy is by knowing what the best champion skins are, and you can find that information on our main hub.

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