Best Sivir Skins | LoL

Become the best bandit in Runeterra and throw your boomerang blade in different themes with the best Sivir skins in League of Legends. 
Best Sivir Skins | LoL

Riot Games always does a great job designing champions in League of Legends who are masters at different weapons. In fact, some are super unique; there are even card (Twisted Fate) and bow (Ashe and Varus) users. 

In fact, one of the unique weapon users, Sivir, a bandit who uses cross blade to win countless battles that she has faced, has received a ton of skins for the past few years from Riot Games. If you are wondering what are her best skins out of the numerous cosmetics, here are the best skins for Sivir in LoL. 


Pizza Delivery Sivir

If you are a fan of the annual “meme” skin releases from Riot Games, then surely you will love this funny and unique-looking skin. Released on March 28, 2018, no one has ever tried exchanging a cross blade for a pizza, well Sivir did, and by doing this, she can kill enemies without being hungry!

Riot Games did not use the usual badass concept for Sivir when designing this skin. If you look at the splash art above, she has pizza delivery clothes that are super cute and suits her as a champion. The red and white hat and clothes enhance the overall details of this skin.

There are not a lot of changes to this skin, but I liked how Riot Games approached the concept and gave her abilities meaty sounds and particles.

Pizza toppings, like cheese and black olives, appear whenever she hits someone with her auto-attack, Boomerang Blade, or Ricochet.

The funny and clean look is enough reason to buy this skin! Currently, you can purchase this skin in the League of Legends shop for 1350 Riot Points.

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Blood Moon Sivir

In an alternate universe of League of Legends, there is a notorious cult that seeks unlimited power and aims to become one with unlimited darkness. Sivir, the newly anointed priestess for the said cult, uses her cross blade to summon demons when the night of blood moon surfaces.

Released on January 10, 2019, this League of Legends skin is a terrifying version of the notorious shuriman bandit. Like all the other blood moon skins, Riot Games gave Sivir cultural but hellish vibes, the red kimono, weapon, and mask was a great costume chosen for this specific skin.

This skin is also amazing in terms of in-game changes. The eerie sounds and red particles will surely terrify anyone who stands in your way.

Using this skin will definitely make you feel more powerful compared to any other Sivir skin.

If you want the looks of this skin, then I suggest picking it up right now for 1350 Riot Points in the League of Legends shop!

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Odyssey Sivir

A lot of people loved Cyberpunk 2077 because of the immersive experience. And this skin, Odyssey Sivir, is surely designed with the famous AAA game in mind. Become a notorious bounty hunter from the future by buying Odyssey Sivir!

You will instantly notice how badass Odyssey Sivir is just by looking at the splash art above. Surely she is feared in the world that she is in. 

Not to mention, the details of this skin are top-notch. Riot Games executed the concept brilliantly by giving her an eyepatch, purple hair, a clean outfit, and a futuristic weapon.

Odyssey Sivir’s weapon looks more amazing in-game, the neon-colored blades and cool shape will surely appeal to most players. On the other hand, the animations and sounds of this skin are mesmerizing too.

The sounds of her abilities are inspired by computers, while the particles and animations copy the color of her blade, which are really awesome.

Released on October 15, 2020, Odyssey is one of the newest skins for Sivir. You can still acquire this cosmetic in the League of Legends shop for 1350 Riot Points today!

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Pax Sivir/Neo Pax Sivir

Of course, there is no better Sivir cosmetic than having one of the rarest skins, alongside Pax Jax, Pax Twisted Fate, Rusty Blitzcrank, and Championship Riven, released by Riot Games. This is a slightly different futuristic take of the Battle Mistress.

The splash art of this skin may not be as detailed as the newest cosmetics considering its age, but it surely screams rarity after seeing it right away. Both Pax Sivir and Neo Pax Sivir have Tron vibes all over them. These skins have a clean futuristic suit, blade, and goggles that resemble the famous digital-themed movie.

Unfortunately, even though this skin is one of the rarest available in the game, it does not offer animations or sounds that compare to her other skins. In fact, it follows the animations and sounds of the classic Sivir skin. The only difference is that Pax Sivir/Neo Pax Sivir has a different weapon that she uses when casting her abilities. Still, the main selling point of this skin is still the rarity that it offers.

In case you are wondering, both of these skins are the same but in different colors. Imagine Neo Pax as the Prestige Edition of the original Pax Sivir skin.

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Sivir has numerous skins available in the game that are not included in this list, like Spectacular Sivir, Warrior Princess Sivir, Huntress Sivir, and Classic Sivir

However, I would say that they do not compare to her best skins that are mentioned above. You can still get all of her cosmetics through skin shards, though, with the exception of Pax and Neo Pax Sivir.

That ends the list of the best Sivir skins in LoL. If you liked the list, then you can also check out the best Skarner skins available in the game. On the other hand, if you feel like shopping for multiple skins for different champions, then check out the best skins list for every champion in League of Legends.