Best Twisted Fate Skins | LoL

There are only a few champions in League of Legends that received extremely rare skin releases, and Twisted Fate is one of them. Check out his best skins by visiting this list!
Best Twisted Fate Skins | LoL

Like Samira, Varus, and Yasuo, there are a lot of powerful weapon holders in LoL. Released on February 21, 2009, Twisted Fate is one of the earliest champions in League of Legends and Riot Games went with the unconventional way of giving him the concept of a card master, who, unlike those mentioned, uses kings and jacks to kill his enemies.

Additionally, Twisted Fate is probably the character with the rarest skins released in the game. If you are curious about his best skins, you came to the right place because this is a list of the best Twisted Fate skins ever released. 


High Noon Twisted Fate

If you thought that Wild West was all guns and horses, High Noon Twisted Fate has a different weapon that will leave fans wondering. An age-old phrase says, “never bring a knife to a gunfight.” But the funny thing is, Twisted Fate brought cards to the fight.

Released on May 17, 2011, this is one of the earliest skins released by Riot Games in League of Legends. With the usual cowboy outfit, the brown coat and pants give off a whole fresh concept to this skin. Additionally, Riot Games added a hat, banda, and belt to solidify the High Noon concept. And looking at the splash art above, this version of Twisted Fate definitely looks like a wild west action star.

Since this is one of the cheapest skins for Twisted Fate, priced at 975 Riot Points, there are not a lot of changes here compared to his classic skin. The only new feature of this cosmetic is that Riot Games changed his model and Wild Card ability particles (which are spade back cards that are easier to see). Nevertheless, High Noon Twisted Fate looks really clean and feels smooth in-game, so it is definitely worth its price!

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Blood Moon Twisted Fate

Released on February 9, 2017, as part of the Blood Moon skin line, this is a sinister and darker version of Twisted Fate. Some cults are terrifying because no one knows what happens inside their meetings. Blood Moon Twisted Fate is actually a dark magician and a cult leader simultaneously, making everything scarier.

Everything about the splash art of this skin is scary. Twisted Fate is seen manipulating the cards around a book in the middle of the room. Riot Games nailed it with their color choices for Blood Moon Twisted Fate’s cult outfit: red and blue with hints of white. Players will be left in awe just by looking at the details of the model. There is a lot to point out in the splash art, so appreciate and find what you can in the splash art!

The scary vibes of Blood Moon Twisted Fate are also evident in-game. Everything about his abilities is spine-chilling. For example, Twisted Fate’s Wild Cards abilities are all red and have a spooky sound, while his Pick A Card skill has symbols on the back of the cards, which enhances the Blood Moon concept of the skin.

Still, I would still say that the best part about Blood Moon Twisted Fate is his Stacked Deck, where several blood-colored leaves will appear when he hits his enemies. You can still buy this skin today in the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points.

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Underworld Twisted Fate

Knowing the whole story behind this skin makes everything better. Apparently, Underworld Twisted Fate offers people a game of chance when they are bound to meet with death. And if they lose, Twisted Fate adds another card to his deck of doomed souls.

Underworld Twisted Fate has a sharp-looking outfit that players will notice right away. The combination of red, blue, white, and green also suits the whole concept and story of the skin. Compared to his other skins, Underworld Twisted Fate’s left hand is glowing, and he has sharp knuckle armor on his right hand. Not only that but his cards and eyes are also glowing, indicating that he is indeed a menace in the Underworld.

Underworld Twisted Fate’s abilities are similar to his classic skin. The only difference is that all of his abilities are green (except Pick A Card). On the other hand, only his Destiny and Stacked Deck ability have sound changes, which have otherworldly sounds that really suit the concept of the dead.

Initially released on October 26, 2012, and priced at 975 Riot Points, you can only get this skin when Riot Games reopens the Legacy Vault in League of Legends.

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PAX Twisted Fate

Of course, a best Twisted Fate skins list will not be complete without his rarest skin of all, PAX, which is also one of the rarest cosmetics in League of Legends. This skin follows the concept of the PAX Expo of 2009.

The model of this skin is just a cooler version of the classic Twisted Fate. It just looks more magician-looking, to be more specific. It is evident that the splash art is old because of its outdated style, but the all-black look of Twisted Fate’s outfit looks sleek and sophisticated.

Sadly, PAX Twisted Fate does not have new animations, sounds, and particles. It is the same with the classic skin. But the appeal of this skin does not lie in the changes, PAX Twisted Fate is extremely rare, and I have never seen this skin in-game since I started playing League of Legends.

Having this cosmetic will amaze your teammates and enemies!

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PAX Twisted Fate will neither be re-released nor obtained through loot. This skin is extremely rare and was only made available through code redemption for those who attended the PAX event in 2009.

That ends the best TF skins list available in the game today. Twisted Fate has a lot of skins, and some of them are not included in this list, like Tango Twisted Fate and Pulsefire Twisted Fate, but these four skins will be on the top of my list when shopping for his cosmetics. If you want to see more rare skins in League of Legends, check out this best skins list for each champion. Alternatively, you can also shop for Tryndamere skins, which were also released during the early years of League of Legends.