Best Jayce Skins | LoL

Jay is a champion that, when played for the first time, could be considered strange, since his ability kit doesn’t have an ultimate ability, even so, don’t underestimate him.
Best Jayce Skins  | LoL

Despite not having an ultimate, this protector of Piltover, in the right hands can easily delete you from the game. Thanks to his Hextech hammer he can be played in both close and short ranges of distance. Jayce has a nice physical damage and attack speed that can put enemies in serious problems, because of that here we will review his best skins.


Full Metal Jayce

Jayce has joined the Heavy Metal universe of skins, set in a dystopian world where Riotcorp has taken over and champions have to face each other in these gladiator-like arenas, where they have to fight their opponents if they want to survive.

Full Metal Jayce doesn’t feature any major changes to the champion despite his new appearance, the splash art isn’t that amazing, but at least we get to see Jayce in a different way, other than the way he looks, his voice changes a bit thanks to a voice filter the skin also has.

Full Metal Jayce came out the same day Jayce arrived at the pool of champions in League of Legends that Riot has presented us so far. The price of the skin is that of 1350 RP, which, taking into consideration that Riot Games didn’t do major changes to him, other than the way he looks, and how his voice sounds, it’s just not worth that amount of RP.

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Brighthammer Jayce

The Rift Quest universe of skins, of which Jayce Brighthammer is part, is rather interesting and filled with other champions that also have skins themed with this concept of a fantasy table-top board game. All of the characters belong to a different type of class in this fantasy world of skins, and Jayce here is a Paladin.

This version of Jayce came to the store of League of Legends on 17th November 2016, it gives Jayce a mighty look, with an awesome splash art where seems to be the god of thunder more than a Paladin, in-game, thanks to this skin, Jayce has new visual and sound effects for his animations.

With everything it has to offer the skin has a fair price of 750 RP, a modest price for those summoners with some remaining RP that like the champion and just want to give him a different look, it is also worth mentioning that this skin is also available for him in LoL: Wild Rift.

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Debonair Jayce

Usually, Jayce has a youthful look, but Debonair Jayce gives him the appearance of a more mature man, who’s here to steal everyone’s heart. It’s because this skin belongs to Valentine’s Day skins that are released every year, some as legacy skins and others, like the Debonair ones, are permanent.

This Debonair skin came to the store on 14th February 2013 and has been available for purchase ever since for only 975 RP. The price is fair considering this skin brings to the table new sound and visual effects, as well as new animations for the champion.

The skin shows us the champion wearing the typical white and black suit, the red rose in the front pocket will always be there for any other champion that has a skin of this theme, such as Vi, Ezreal, or Galio.

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Forsaken Jayce

Something about this skin is strange, and it’s the fact that Riot Games has not released any lore about this skin and the story of Jayce in this universe, but one thing is clear, and it’s the fact that this is one of Jayce’s best skins.

The skin shows him wearing an all-black armor with some small details in red and this hood over his head that makes him look sinister and as someone, you don’t want to mess with, or else, you might regret it.

Forsaken Jayce has some new animations, visual and sound effects when you play him in the rift, the skin came out on 3rd May 2015 for 1350 RP, being one of his priciest skins and one of the most unique, since we’re talking about an epic one.

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Resistance Jayce

The Resistance/Battlecast universe of skins tells us the story of how Viktor plans on taking over the world thanks to his army of machines with living brains, and how a group of humans, the resistance, are preventing him to fulfill his goal.

In this chaotic version of League of Legends, Jayce uses his reliable mercury hammer and its variation, the mercury cannon, to fight alongside the rest of the members of the resistance, he looks older and seems to have done some modifications to his body to fight against the machines.

This is another skin of Jayce that shares the title as one of the most expensive, costing 1350 RP in the store, it has some new animations, as well as some new sound and visual effects, which all came out on 12th November 2020.

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Battle Academia Jayce

The prodigy student of the Battle Academia, Jayce, is always down for the showcase of any of his Jayce-branded inventions, resulting in him being widely popular and known by those that come from the city of Durandal.

Battle Academia Jayce is one of the best skins for the champion, which has an entirely new set of visual and sound effects, as well as new animations, the skin also counts with the absurd amount of nine new chromas, so customizing this skin won’t be an issue for players while dealing huge amounts of attack damage.

This skin became available on 15th May 2019 and its price is that of 1350 RP. The skin also has a voice filter for the champion, so, not only does his general aspect change in the rift and his splash art, but also the way he sounds.

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Riot Games made sure that as well as other champions, Jayce had his appearance in the Netflix series Arcane, thanks to it, he also got an Arcane skin from these editions named Arcane Jayce, just like Arcane Vi and Arcane Jinx, and Arcane Caitlyn. It would be amazing to see more champions in further seasons of Arcane, someone like Jarvan IV could use some TV screen time, but in the meanwhile, you can check Jarvan IV best skins here.

Other than Jarvan, we’ve got covered more and more champions and what his best skins are, all of those available in our League of Legends best skins for each champion.