How to play the Bottom lane in League of Legends

DPS champions are the ones who occupy the bottom lane and accompanied by a support champion that will protect them until they reach their full potential!

Updated on Sep 08, 2023
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How to play the Bottom lane in League of Legends

ADC in the bottom lane is usually weak during the early game but carries their team when the late game comes. They scale with attack speed items and usually just farm lane minions during the laning phase. Bot laners should avoid dying to the enemy bot laner during the early phases of the game because when they lose lane, there is not much they can do until the mid game lane rotations. Here are some tips and tricks on how you should play the bottom lane and be the ad carry of your team.

Tips and Tricks when playing as a bot lane carry

The bottom lane is always competitive, as having an early lead usually leads to a snowball enabling you to carry your whole team. Being the ad carry means you are squishy and your allies should do their best to peel or protect you. The bot lane just like any other lane in League of Legends should have different playstyles depending on the phase of the game.

Playing bot lane during the laning phase

Bot laners are pretty weak during the start of the game as they rely on item builds. Most ad-carry bot champions rely on auto attacks so you don't really have that much damage early on. Focus on farming enemy minions and try to beat the enemy adc when it comes to CS or creeps score. Minion waves can also be manipulated to gain lane priority or keep the wave frozen under your tower so enemy junglers find it hard to gank your lane.


  • Walk up every time the enemy carry tries to last hit and poke them.
  • Control the minion wave to prevent ganks or vice versa to encourage ganks.
  • Play aggressively and score early kills if the bot lane duo has a weak early game.
  • Reset every time you crash a huge minion wave


Last-hitting minions can be pretty simple but you can use this to your advantage during the laning phase. The enemy bot lane will also try to farm your minion wave and will go for the last hits. Observe your attack range advantage and when the enemy bot lane tries to secure the last hits, punish them with an auto attack.

Playing bot during mid game

Bot laners are heavy physical damage dealers and are crucial when securing major objectives like the dragon. Bot lane is the nearest lane to the dragon pit, so you have to take lane priority before the dragon timer expires. This is why it is important to attain a lead in the lane phase so you can easily help your jungler secure the dragon buff.


  • When the dragon timer is near, fast push the lane to gain lane priority.
  • Always put vision on River to prevent ganks and have priority over dragon.
  • Deward the River to encourage ganks from your jungler or mid laner.
  • Always try to put wards so your Top laner can teleport anytime.


The enemy support will try to place a stealth ward or control ward in the dragon pit to gain information. Your dedicated support champion should try to deward the pit and the river with control wards or an oracle lens before trying to kill the dragon. An early elemental drake makes a huge impact on late game so always try to keep a control ward even if you are a carry to deward the pit.

Playing bot during the late game

Playing league of legends is really fun especially when it comes to the final phase when everybody is at their peak. The enemy team will probably try to kill the duo lane champions with crowd control abilities. Always try to watch enemy champions if they are moving towards you so you can position better or have your solo laners or support try to peel for you.


  • Always target the squishy carries first before dealing with the tanks.
  • Try to group with your team as often as you can.
  • Never wander around when a major objective is up as you will be the one dealing the most damage to it.
  • Build at least one defensive item based on the enemy team comp you are playing against.


The ADC is very susceptible to crowd control as they rely heavily on kiting. Generally speaking, if you get stunned or any crowd control ability is inflicted upon you it can leave you vulnerable. So building a QSS or having your support buy Mikael's Crucible during the final phase is crucial. AD carries are the main damage source of any team and enemy champions with higher kill threats will always target you. 

When should you rotate to another lane?

The summoner's rift has different lanes in league of legends and these lanes are played by certain champions. The solo lane is usually inhabited by melee champions and is the farthest lane in the game. Top lane players usually don't get much help being the weak side lane and when your ally falls behind it can be very hard to bounce back. So if you have an early game lead and have already destroyed the first tower in bot lane, you can rotate to the top lane as you have the attack range advantage. 

You can stay in the top lane during the early phases of mid-game but it is very much important to rotate to mid lane as you can safely farm there in preparation for the final team fights. Having a 1-3-1 strategy is also very effective when doing a tower dive or taking the mid-tower down to set up a baron or early elemental drakes. 

Positioning as AD carry 

Auto attack ranges matter when you play a bot lane champion. Riot games made ADCs very strong even if they rely on their auto attack but made them very squishy to have an easy way of dealing with them. Sometimes multiple tanks will come your way and cast crowd-control abilities on you, so positioning and kiting are very crucial especially if your support is not around. 

Always stay in the back line and always save your summoner spell as a means to get away from an enemy champion. Keeping your distance against an enemy champion especially melee caries will make them stop chasing you. Melee champions are at a huge handicap when fighting you so abuse that. 

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