The best late game champions in League of Legends

Champions in LoL have their power spikes at different stages of a match, but these champions become complete monster in the late game

The best late game champions in League of Legends
The best late game champions in League of Legends

Riot Games designed late game champions in League of Legends to be feared, but because of this, you have to know how to play with them in the early game, or when involved in a team fight against the enemy team. The late game champions in this list have their own uniqueness, whether they stack infinite amounts of ability power, or delete you with a single “Q” they have the potential to wipe out the entire enemy team. Let’s go over the best late game champions in League of Legends.


To start off strong we have Nasus, the true shuriman monster in League of Legends who can impose fear to the enemy team in the late game, everyone knows that Nasus is one of the strongest late game champions because of his “Q” ability “Siphoning Strike”, which can stack insane amounts of damage as he kills minions, jungle monsters, and of course, enemies. If played correctly Nasus can be a problem for enemy champions even in the mid game, which is why for many he is the best late game champion in League of Legends.


Here are some tips to play Nasus in the late game: 

  • His early game capabilities are limited, therefore you have to be careful.
  • Let your minions weaken the enemy’s as you get more stacks.
  • Give the final blow to every minion so you can stack “Siphoning Strike” easily.
  • Always play safe while you get your stacks.


Veigar is arguably the best late game champion in League of Legends, because he is a champion who has infinite scaling in ability power as he kills minions and enemy champions thanks to his passive ability “Phenomenal evil power”, which makes him one of the best late game champions. Riot Games gave infinite power to such a small character, and it’s absurd to see how he one shots enemy champions with his ultimate ability. Because Veigar is rather weak, the best way to play him is at the back of any team fight, providing CC with his “E” “Event Horizon” and using “Dark Matter” to poke enemies.


Here are some tips to play Veigar in the late game: 

  • Weak early game, therefore you should focus on killing minions with “Baleful strike” to stack your “Phenomenal evil power”.
  • He’s weak in general, so use “Event horizon” wisely.
  • Zhonya’s Hourglass is a must to increase survivability.
  • Unless you have enough AP stacked and hit the entire combo, you should avoid a 1 vs 1 fight.
  • In a team fight use “Primordial Burst” against the weakest enemy champion to secure kills and get more stacks.

Master Yi

What makes Master Yi one of the best late game champions in League of Legends is the fact that he has: high attack, can crit., and deal true damage. In late game team fights he’s someone to be feared because of his high attack speed, besides he can kill late game monsters in the jungle by himself if he sets his mind to it. His “Q” Alpha strike, paired with his auto attacks can kill the enemy carry, or help get a kill in the early stages of the game. Lastly, his ultimate grants him movement speed and resistance to slows or stuns, Master Yi is definitely a nightmare in late game team fights in League of Legends.


Here are some tips to play Master Yi in the late game: 

  • Focus first on clearing your jungle.
  • Careful when using “Q” Alpha strike during a gank, you might end up in the wrong place.
  • Analyze well which lane you can get a kill from so you can create a snowball.
  • You can use your ultimate ability to dive under the enemy turret, but do this only if you know you’ll get the kill and won’t die.


Vayne is an ADC who doesn’t have the fastest attack speed at first, but she is one of the best scaling champions in League of Legends who deals damage like crazy. Thanks to her “Silver Bolts” Vayne can take down any champion from the other team, and there are only certain champions who can stop her in the late game, making her one of the best late game champions in League of Legends. Vayne is great at disposing of tanks from the opposing team thanks to the bonus physical damage and true damage she gains from her abilities, which allows her to obliterate entire enemy teams with little to no effort.


Here are some tips to play Vayne in the late game: 

  • “Night Hunter” will help you  approach the enemy team faster.
  • Use your movement speed to position yourself adequately and use your “Condemn”.
  • During team fights use your ultimate and focus on a single target at a time.
  • Activate silver bolts against tanks only during team fights.


Yasuo’s brother is a melee champion whose attack range is quite wide, thanks to his attack speed, he can keep distratect a whole team in League of Legends while his teammates split push the other lanes. The reality is, that Yone has insane physical damage scaling which causes terror in the Summoner’s Rift, also, besides damage, his movement speed scales like crazy, making him one of the best late game champions in League of Legends, especially because you can use his ability “Soul Unbound” to attack enemies quickly and go back to safety inside your body.


Here are some tips to play Yone in the late game: 

  • Be patient in the laning phase and farm.
  • Use the ability “Soul Unbound” to attack enemies in any team fight from a safe distance.
  • Careful where you leave your body when using the ability “Soul Unbound”.
  • Ultimate ability is great to start fights, if you have a tank in your team, use it after the tank initiates.


Without a doubt Vladimir is one of the best late game champions if we talk about mages, his abilities won’t affect one champion alone, since his kit has a nice AoE in each ability, playing him is quite fun thanks to his high damage. He is quite strong in the laning phase and can harass the enemy team during fights, his long range, movement speed, healing, and potential to one shot the enemy team is what makes Vladimir the best late game champion in League of Legends for many players.


Here are some tips to play Vladimir in the late game: 

  • High ability power scaling.
  • Good sustainability through life steal.
  • Provides great support and damage in any team fight


Although right now Azir isn’t the most popular champion in the meta, he is still a late game monster and without a doubt one of the best late game champions in League of Legends. With his army of sand soldiers Azir can deal a huge amount of damage that won't focus just on a single target champion, but all the other champions around the AoE of his abilities, he’s a true danger in the late game thanks to his high damage.


Here are some tips to play Azir in the late game: 

  • Playing him can be challenging so be patient as you learn his kit.
  • Place your sand soldiers strategically.
  • You can use “Emperor’s Divide” to push enemies to your turret.
  • Positioning yourself correctly in your games it’s crucial.


The undisputed best late game champion in all League of Legends, up to this date is Kassadin. He is a champion that can be challenging to master since he’s rather weak and doesn’t have the greatest range in his abilities, however, the amount of damage that Kassadin can deal is absurd, and it is all thanks to his ultimate “Riftwalk”, which can one shot champions thanks to it’s short cooldown.


Here are some tips to play Kassadin in the late game: 

  • Be mindful of your maximum mana when using his ultimate “Riftwalk”.
  • Play safe in the first stage of the game, since Kassadin is rather weak.
  • Enter team fights at the right moment with “Riftwalk” when enemies are low in health.

Some of these champions here might not have an easy time during the first phase of a game in League of Legends, but with some time, patience and farming, you’ll see how the enemy runs from you since they’ll know you can obliterate them in a matter of seconds using any of these characters. We hope to have answered your “best late game champions League of Legends” so you know with whom you can do one shots to the opposing team.