Best Veigar Skins | LoL

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Updated on Aug 05, 2023
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Best Veigar Skins | LoL

Yordles: League's very own cute and tiny champions. But do not let their appearance fool you because all of them have their own strengths, abilities, and powers! 

However, have you imagined a Yordle that was made out of pure evil? Well, the entity that I just described is precisely Veigar. A master of dark magic, Veigar's powers combine the universe's energy and evil matter. 

If you are bored and want to try other Veigar skins to beautify his abilities, here is a list of his best skins to help you with shopping. 

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Final Boss Veigar

Everybody knows that Veigar is purely evil, even the champions from the game's lore themselves. However, has someone even imagined Veigar being a boss from an 8-bit video game? You are in for a treat because this skin is precisely that.


Released on August 27, 2014, this is one of his earliest skins to date. Battle Boss Veigar is the main villain of the Arcade skin line in League of Legends. As such, he is given a boss theme with mostly green colors.

Everything about Battle Boss Veigar's model is impressive, the controller-themed hand, glowing eyes, and staff with the glowing eyes. Some might say that Battle Boss Veigar's outfit makes him look like a minion, but honestly, it actually suits the concept, so no complaints there!


Since Battle Boss Veigar is one of the legendary skins priced at 1820 Riot Points, expect dozens of changes in-game. All of his abilities have 8-bit particles, sounds, and animations. Not only that, but the new voice lines and effects are unique and make him sound like an actual boss from a game. There is a line where Veigar says, "my power is over 9000," which is a cool reference to Dragon Ball.


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Omega Squad Veigar

What is scarier than an evil yordle with dark powers?

That's right, an evil yordle that controls an army. Part of the Omega Squad skin line, this Veigar is an expert of heavy artillery, making him even more sinister. Just imagining a huge bomb-dropping onto you is enough to send shivers through your spine.


The model of this skin is interesting, but it might not appeal to some players.

Omega Squad Veigar has the usual army outfit, the googles, mask, rifle, pouches, and remote control, which gives justice to the skin concept. He might be covered with many things, but it keeps Veigar's Yordle identity.


I would say that this skin is one of the best cosmetics in League of Legends in terms of in-game changes.

Omega Squad Veigar will fire his rifle whenever he auto attacks, and when casting his Dark Matter, he will use his remote to fire a missile from the sky. Additionally, all of his abilities have laser sounds, which is an excellent touch to the skin.

However, the best part about Omega Squad Veigar is his funny recall, wherein he will call a helicopter after firing a defective missile.

Omega Squad Veigar was released on July 26, 2017. It is currently available for purchase in the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points.


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Astronaut Veigar

Being released on July 1, 2021, Astronaut is the newest skin for Veigar. This is a more galactic theme of the original skin. And unlike his other skins, I think this is a cute version of League's tiny master of evil.


If you look at the splash art above, the photo perfectly captures the concept of the skin. It also seems like Veigar is controlling aliens with his staff and hands. Maybe he and Rammus are curing them?

Astronaut Veigar wears the typical spaceman outfit with white colors. His eyes are also glowing, indicating that he is indeed a powerful entity from space. Overall, I would say that the best part of this skin is his unique glowing space wand that enhances the astronaut look of the skin.


As previously mentioned, all of the in-game changes of this skin are cute. Aliens will be helping you destroy your enemies. When casting his Baleful Strike, astronaut Veigar will fire a blue ball of energy.

Veigar will drop a three-eyed alien from the sky when he uses his Dark Matter and summon a huge alien whenever he casts Primordial Bursts.

On the other hand, the sounds of this League of Legends skin are space-themed, which most players love. And the good news is, you can purchase Astronaut Veigar on the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points.


There are still a lot of Veigar skins available in League of Legends and Wild Rift that were not included in this list, like Bad Santa Veigar, Furyhorn Cosplay Veigar, and White Mage Veigar. 

Still, I would say that the skins listed above are currently the best cosmetics for the Tiny Master of Evil.

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