Best Vayne Skins | LoL

Check out these best Vayne skins in League of Legends so that you can destroy everybody and show the world your “Vayne Mechanics” in different colors and styles.
Best Vayne Skins | LoL

Vayne is probably the AD carry with the most outplay highlights on the internet. Well, it is expected since her kit was likely designed by Riot Games to be that way. People even started to call amazing highlights that feature the skills of her player as "Vayne Mechanics." 

If you are looking to improve your AD carry game, increase your win ratio in the bot lane, and want to show the world your kiting abilities, here is a list of the best Vayne skins in League of Legends to do all of those with style



Part of the cybernetic PROJECT skin line, this skin features Vayne with an augmented suit that helps her hunt enemies, as if the classic Vayne was not strong enough. According to the lore of this skin, PROJECT: Vayne is a vigilante that is hellbent on taking revenge on the company that betrayed her. And the story makes this skin 100x better.

We got to give respect to Riot Games for creating the PROJECT skin. Even though this is one of the pricey Vayne skins, I would say that this is one of the best legendary skins in League of Legends. The futuristic armor of PROJECT: Vayne is clean and breathtaking. Not only that but the purple accents of her crossbow and helmet complement the skin's overall look.

If you thought the splash art of this skin was cool, wait till you see the in-game changes. PROJECT: Vayne looks stronger in-game because you can now fully see the armor.

Additionally, the particles and animations of her skills are also impressive. To give you a glimpse of the changes, PROJECT: Vayne's silver bolts show diamonds instead of circles. She will also leave a shadow behind when casting her tumble. However, the best thing about this skin is probably the recall where she will ride a motorcycle to the base.

Good news, PROJECT: Vayne, released on November 22, 2017, can still be acquired through the League shop for 1820 Riot Points.

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Firecracker Vayne

Are you a fan of the usual cultural skins in League of Legends? Then I suggest picking Firecracker Vayne right away!

You will see that Firecracker Vayne's armor is based on the Chinese event, Lunar New Year. Her outfit has multiple colors, red, yellow, and gold, which are great choices to emphasize the feels of the Chinese event. Additionally, the pig statues that Firecracker Vayne used in her crossbows are really cute and unique. Firecracker Vayne also has a sexy-looking model, which will appeal to some players.

Firecracker Vayne's auto attacks and abilities have fireworks sounds that are astonishing. I would say that this skin's condemn animation, where enemies hit will produce fireworks, is the best out of all the skins. Firecracker Vayne's silver bolts also have an Asian-themed artwork that players will surely love. And to top it all off, the yellow colors of the particles and animations suit the whole firecracker concept of the skin.

The standard edition of Firecracker Vayne is only purchasable once the Legacy Vault reopens for 1350 Riot Points. Both editions of the skin were released on January 28, 2019

There is also a prestige edition of Firecracker Vayne, which is basically a gold and white recolor of the whole skin. Unfortunately, the prestige version of the skin is a limited edition. Currently, it is only available through Hextech Loot.

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Sentinel Vayne

Have you ever thought that Vayne is basically the League of Legends version of Bayonetta? Well, Sentinel Vayne is basically a 99% copy of that character.

Sentinel Vayne is probably the cleanest and simplest looking out of all the skins in this list. With black and white colors, expect a slightly holy take on the usual concept of Vayne as a demon hunter. By looking at the splash art above, you will instantly recognize that Sentinel Vayne has a slim-looking outfit with a unique cape. Additionally, her crossbows also have floating white shards around them, indicating that she is indeed a powerful sentinel.

Like the PROJECT: Vayne skin, Sentinel, is priced at 1820 Riot Points. Because of the holy concept, you will feel honorable using this skin. The white colors of the animations and particles are also the best that you can ask for. On the other hand, the sounds of this skin are really powerful. I would say that Sentinel Vayne has the best Final Hour and Silver Bolts animation. The gun look of the crossbow and the ritual artwork of the bolts are hard to pass on.

Sentinel, released on July 8, 2021, is the most recent cosmetic release for Vayne. Currently, you can still buy this skin at the League store.

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It is now time to tumble with style and increase your win ratio because you have reached the end of the best Vayne skins list in League of Legends. If you are an AD carry main and want a different playstyle from Vayne, check out this best Varus skins list to bully laners to death. On the other hand, if mastering all of the champions is your style, check out this best skins list for each champion.

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