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Best Varus Skins | LoL

Would you like to shoot Varus’ Piercing Arrow and Chain of Corruption in different colors? Then check out the best Varus skins currently available in League of Legends!
Best Varus Skins | LoL

Varus is one of the earliest champion releases by Riot Games, and alongside Ashe, he is the only champion that uses the traditional bow and arrow. Not only that, but Varus is also an easy champion to play, which is why a lot of newcomers try him out. 

If you are currently maining League's very own Arrow of Retribution, and you are willing to spend money to get new styles for him, look no further because here are the best Varus skins in League of Legends.


Dark Star Varus

As if the classic bow and arrow were not enough to destroy his enemies, Dark Star Varus now channels the power of the stars to one-shot anyone that stands in his way into oblivion.

It is hard to name all the hues and colors used in the skin just by looking at the splash art above, but the execution by Riot Games was phenomenal. Anyone who looks at this skin will surely be mesmerized by its appearance

You will instantly notice that Dark Star Varus is no longer human. It seems like he is an entity swallowed by the Dark Star.

On the other hand, Riot Games opted with a mix of yellow and purple to animate his abilities. In terms of sound, however, Riot used meteor and galaxy sounds which is a great choice to suit the Dark Star concept. 

In my opinion, the animation and sounds of the Piercing Arrow ability is the best part of this skin, where Varus will create a yellow-colored black hole before shooting his arrow. Pick this skin up right away if you are a fan of galaxy-themed cosmetics in League of Legends.

The titan of the galaxy, Dark Star Varus, was released on June 15, 2016. And the good news is you can still purchase it at the LoL shop for 1350 Riot Points.

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I always thought that the design of Varus as a powerful marksman was really cool. But what happens if Riot Games decides to make him even more extraordinary by creating a cybernetic version of him?

Released on May, 27,2021, PROJECT: Varus will probably pass off as a villain of an anime series, and the splash art above solidifies that thought.

Riot did a great job by giving him robotic armor without making Varus look bulky. His cybernetic-themed boots, hair, cape, and weapon look really sleek and clean, which is why I think that PROJECT has the best model out of all the Varus skins.

You will be more surprised that this skin's in–game changes are just as good as the splash art and model. His abilities have yellow color and PROJECT artworks, which enhance the whole cybernetic look.

The animation of his Piercing Arrow looks like a transforming robot, while his Blighted Quiver shows PROJECT drones circling around enemies. But the best animation will probably go to PROJECT: Varus' Chain of Corruption ability, which shows a robotic tentacle before hitting enemies.

You could pick this skin up at the League shop for 1350 Riot Points if you love the cybernetic concept of the skin.

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Arctic Ops Varus

Did you think that only guns and bullets are viable weapons when going on secret missions? Wrong. Arctic Ops Varus has the traditional bow and arrow, and he looks really awesome using it.

Arctic Ops Varus has the usual cold-weather gear that soldiers use. He has a dog tag, vest, pants, and gloves. Both his top, bow, and bottoms have white color and winter design which suits the concept of the skin. 

I loved that Riot Games added a mysterious mask to Arctic Ops Varus because it makes him look stronger and more experienced on the battlefield.

If you like clean artwork and animations, this will be the best skin for you. The in-game changes of this skin are not flashy like the other cosmetics listed above. Arctic Ops Varus' abilities have chilling sounds that will leave chills down your enemy's spine. I love that his Hail of Arrows leaves an icy trail on the ground and his Chain of Corruption, a literal white-colored chain. 

The only thing I did not like about this skin is the grenade artworks that circle around opponents when affected by his Blighted Quiver. Overall, this skin is still worth buying because it is really smooth, and the soldier concept will definitely appeal to many players.

Released on March 20, 2014, Arctic Ops is one of the earliest skins for Varus. Fortunately, it is still available in the League of Legends skin shop for 1350 Riot Points.

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I hope you hit all of your skillshots if you bought at least one of the best Varus skins listed above. 

There are still Varus skins that were not included above, like Arclight Varus and Conqueror Varus. Still, I think that the ones listed above are still better than those mentioned. 

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