All Coven Skins | LoL

The Coven skin line is one of the most adored skins in League of Legends because of its mysterious charm. Take a look at all the Coven skins in LoL.

all coven skins lol
all coven skins lol

Riot Games has done an excellent job making the Coven skins in terms of their splash arts and in-game models. Here’s a short overview of some of the Coven designs and how they fit into the Eclipse universe:

Coven LeBlanc

Coven LeBlanc worships the Black Crane and her songs. The witch found herself as a lone survivor after she and her sisters attacked the Elderwood and their guardians, but in this solidarity, she achieved her goal of resurrecting her patron. When Coven LeBlanc was restored by the Black Crane, she found herself in a strange and twisted form.

LeBlanc raising her dark staff.

Coven LeBlanc is only one of two champions with a prestige edition in the series. Coven LeBlanc Prestige Edition skin, like most of the other prestige skins, features a golden motif where it still showcases her dark aura despite being a practitioner of dark rituals.

Coven Zyra

Coven Zyra worships the Night Dove that beats its wings to stir the land with the winds underneath its feathers. She was created by twisting the roots and earth left by the devastation of her old god. She harbors hatred towards the glass and stone, artificial products of humanity. She gains a new form after the resurrection of her patron.

Zyra using her whip of thorns.

This champion is the other person on this series to own a prestige edition skin. Unlike Coven LeBlanc, a lot of her personality is lost once she takes on the gold motif. However, it’s a prestige edition skin that looks gorgeous by itself.

Coven Ahri

Coven Ahri worships the half-life Jackal that stalks anything and everything in the world as it falls to ruin. She is a witch that sucks the life out of anyone that tries to approach her, offering the siphoned life energy to her lord.

Ahri unleashing an orb of dark energy.

Ahri also has an Elderwood form that conflicts with her story in this universe. However, it’s essential to take note that the champions simply represent different people and characters by using their image to give them a form.

Coven Morgana

The legendary Coven Morgana skin represents the Queen of the Coven, a witch that worships the Ashen Owl. A devout worshipper of the old gods that shed tears when the old gods were slain, she has vowed to end the reign of humanity and offer it to her previous lords.

Morgana unleashing a wave of dark energy surrounding her.

Coven Morgana looks like an entirely new character in this splash art, which is something mindblowing when you think about it. Riot Games has done a great job at making her look like a true queen of darkness while showcasing her piety towards the old deities. She casts her dark rituals to spite the sister that betrayed her.

Coven Camille

Coven Camille is a follower awakened from slumber, worshipping the Ebony Ram that reigns over the nameless things and long-forgotten sepulchers. She spreads hearsay from land to land and cuts down the relics of the modern world in honor of her ancient gods. 

Camille holding two hooks infused with dark energy.

One thing remains constant in Camille’s identity, which is the idea of perfection. Coven Camille looks like a dangerous figure that you can’t help but approach even though you realize it will be your last regret.

Coven Ashe

Coven Ashe came from the frozen depths, worshipping the Jet-black Ibex that entombed the world in ice. She is a witch that came down from the mountains, delivering the merciless chill of winter to the world below. As she descends from the mountain peaks, a rumbling can be heard, which hints towards another calamity that she has brought with her to the footsteps.

Ash holding a dark bow.

A beautiful rendition of the huntress that survived the Freljord, Coven Ashe brings about a mystical allure that makes us focus on her costume and bow. This is a must-have skin for all Ashe players out there who are done playing nice with the enemy.

Coven Cassiopeia

The serpentine witch, Coven Cassiopeia, worships the Silver Serpent that slithers through the countless graves. She resents human oligarchy and makes the capital her hunting grounds, waiting for any foolish noble or royal to walk too far, turning them into stone with one dark gaze.

Lissandra turning a royal member of the kingdom into stone.

This champion has always had an evil yet mystical aura surrounding her, which she perfectly showcases as Coven Cassiopeia. Despite a significant difference in artistry, this is one of the champions in the League of Legends Coven skin series that doesn’t feel like a different character altogether.

Coven Evelynn

A sister of the coven, whose patron god is not revealed but is known as the daughter of the Great Harrier. Coven Evelynn joins her sisters to rejoice in the resurrection of the old deities and take revenge on the individuals that slew them in the first place.


Coven Evelynn interacting with evil spirits.

While the other champions on this list turned from light to dark, Coven Evelynn seems to look much tamer than her Runeterra counterpart. Coven Evelynn doesn’t look like the night-stalker in her original art but don’t be fooled, she leaves a trail of the dead wherever she goes.

Coven Lissandra

Coven Lissandra is a powerful witch who worships the Ivory Stag and the long-lost magics that the world has lost to antiquity. The ageless witch bides her time, waiting in the twisted trees as her throne until the time when her lost gods rise once again from their graves.

Lissandra sitting elegantly in a throne of twisted tree roots.

Coven Lissandra perfectly showcases the meaning of the Coven in this universe. She takes her patient elegance and displays it perfectly in one pose that you can appreciate in this splash art by the Riot Games team.