Best Ekko Skins | LoL

Ekko is an incredibly well-designed and fun champion to play. Even though he is not an old champion, he has a few skins you can choose from, so here are the best Ekko skins in the game.

best ekko skins

Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time was released on May 29, 2015, with his first skin Sandstorm Ekko. He is an assassin with a completely different skill set and is now being played mainly as a Jungler and Midlaner.

Sandstorm Ekko

First Ekko’s skin that was released on May 29, 2015, features the Boy Who Shattered Time as a sand warrior.

Sandstorm Ekko

This may be one of the most commonly seen skins in the game, but for a good reason. Sandstorm Ekko has a new model, texture, and a lot of new animations. It also includes different sound and visual effects to make him fit his role as a sand warrior better, which is also done by a fantastic detail of putting an hourglass on his back.

All of his abilities are golden colored, which makes them shine and look incredibly good. All those things and the fact that this skin can be bought for only 975 RP is what makes Sandstorm Ekko one of the best skins for this champion.

Project Ekko

Every Project skin in the game is beautiful to look at. The same goes for Ekko’s one. This Epic skin is priced at 1350 RP, and it was released on 1st of August, 2016. Features Ekko as a hacker prodigy.

Project Ekko

It has a beautiful green theme and modern design. There are some significant changes to champions animations, visual effects, and sound, which is, of course, much better than just changing a model and a few details.

This skin is one of those you can either absolutely love or just hate, there is no in-between. He has a cool recall animation and can become a little kid while dancing. So if you like the green color and modern design, this skin might be for you!

SKT T1 Ekko

SKT T1 Ekko was released on June 27, 2017, a year after SKT T1 won their third World Championship. The skin was made in honor of a Korean Toplaner, Lee “Duke” Ho-Seong, and his amazing performance at Worlds.

It features Ekko in SKT’s colors and has an amazing recall animation where he projects the name “Duke” on the floor while channeling.

Great looking red theme and some golden details combined with the fact that this skin was released just because of one team is what makes it so unique.

Getting this skin right now is only possible through mystery gifting, but there are times when it can be bought in Riot Store for limited periods!

Pulsefire Ekko

Pulsefire Ekko was released on May 14, 2020, which makes it the most recent Ekko skin up to this moment. 

Pulsefire Ekko

This Epic skin can be bought in a Riot store for 1350 RP at any time. Skin highlights the Boy Who Shattered Time as a fugitive that travels through time and has a lot of new animations, sounds, and effects.

A combination of blue and yellow color with his modern design makes his abilities incredible to look at. Hitting your W, “Parallel Convergence,” is especially satisfying with this skin. If you are an Ekko fan, but these colors are not really for you, the skin has a few chromas that you can choose from. 

True Damage Ekko

True Damage Ekko is, hands down, one of the best skins in the game. It was released on November 10, 2019, and represents Ekko as a music prodigy who chose to stay in his neighborhood and give his people hope over taking off to become the technological genius that he is capable of becoming.

True Damage Ekko

What makes this skin so special besides its incredible looks is the fact that every little detail, animation, and effect is changed. It is the only Ekko skin that has different voice actors.

It has a solid number of chromas that you can choose from and every single one looks astonishing. The price of True Damage Ekko is a bit higher, sitting at 1820 RP but let me tell you, it is worth every penny!

There are a few more Ekko skins that didn’t make it in our list like Academy Ekko or Trick or Treat Ekko that you can also check out! So with that we conclude our list of best Ekko skins in League of Legends, if you play Jungle maybe you should check our article on best Elise skins. However if you are interested in other champions skins check our page for the best skins list for every champion.