How To Change Ward Skins in League of Legends

Having vision in the map available is a huge part of League of Legends, that's why Riot put out ward skins, here we'll show you how to change them

Updated on Sep 05, 2023
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How To Change Ward Skins in League of Legends

League of Legends has a lot of things to offer in order to keep their huge fandom happy, one of them being the huge array of customizable elements in the game.

Not only can people buy skins for their favorite champions, and even change the color palette thanks to chromas, but other small aspects of the game are up to them as well, such as wards, which Riot Games gave skins as well. That’s why here we’ll go over how to change ward skins in League of Legends.

What Are Ward Skins?

Ward skins function as different aspects that you can equip on your wards to change their appearance, it’s a way to customize these, plus, you can select ward skins to match a champion’s own skin as well.

During a match, when you place a ward, it will look different from the default ward skin, which means, if you see some strange looking object in the rift, then it’s most likely a ward.


How To Change Ward Skins?

To know how many ward skins you have in League of Legends, you can open the League client and click on the “Collection” icon, in the “Wards” section you will find the wards you have obtained organized by year. Besides that, changing your ward skin is simpler than you think, all you have to do is follow these steps.

  1. Search for a match to play in League of Legends.
  2. In the “Champion select” stage, click next to the Summoner spell button s.
  3. Here you will see all the ward skins you have in League of Legends.
  4. Click on one of your preferences to change your current skin.


How To Obtain Ward Skins?

You can obtain ward skins in League of Legends buying them with Riot Points, from champion capsules, Hextech crafting, or from exclusive events.

In the past, you couldn’t turn a ward skin permanent when they were initially released, and some of the original ward skins were available for 7 days with an antique currency called “Influence point”, but you could stack it up and have the active rentals running concurrently. But after some negative feedback this cool feature became purchasable, bringing an entire range of available skins in game as time passed.


Current Available Ward Skins

The skins mentioned here are divided bycategory and you can purchase ward skins for 640 Riot Points, except for the Hextech ward skin, which is only obtainable after gathering 5 gemstones.

Champion themed ward skinsSuch ward skins resemble a specific champion.Armadillo ward skin (for Rammus)
Draven ward skin (for Draven)
Sad mummy ward skin (for Amumu)
Skin themed ward skinsA ward skin that matches champion skins in League of Legends.His Royal Crabness
Lunar Dragon
Game on
Bundle exclusive ward skinsSpecific ward skin obtainable after the purchase of a League of Legends bundle.Elementalist (from the bundle Elementalist Lux Master edition)
Exo-Ward (from Gun Goddess Miss Fortune Payback edition)
Lore event ward skinsWards that represent the lore of League of LegendsMother serpent wards skin
Slaughter Fleet ward skin

Legacy Vault

You can obtain these through the League of Legends Hextech crafting, Champion capsules, or specific events. All the ward skins in the legacy vault are quite original, hence their rarity. The different ward skins in the vault are categorized as well, and the best ward skin you can find is from e-Sports events, commonly released in the past, but other different ward skins are those from skin universes which are no longer available.

What Are The Types of Wards?

Riot Games has added to League of Legends different wards whose functions vary one from the other, with the control wards and farsight wards being some of the most useful against the enemy, we expect to see new ward skins in game to have more options customizing ward skins as we want.  These are the different wards available in the game.

How To Purchase a Ward Skin?

To get more League of Legends’ ward skins all you have to do is make sure you have enough Riot Points in your account, then follow these steps.

  1. Click on the store buttonin the client and click the “Accessories tab”
  2. Then, click on the “Ward Skins category”
  3. Choose the best ward skin for you and unlock it with the purchase.

Are There Free Ward Skins?

The short answer is yes, there are alternate ward skins that you can get for free by winning games as you play League of Legends, this is Riot’s attempt for all players to have a customizable experience for these trinkets, such as the control ward, and these tiny details are what the  community loves. 

\Of course, don’t expect to match ward skins in League of Legends with champion’s skins, since those do cost Riot Points.

Skins for wards or “trinket totems” is what sets aside LoL from other games, and each ward skins category is designed for players to have the most accurate customization experience possible in the game. 

We're sure to have cleared the doubts Google searches on “how to change ward skins League of Legends”, and now that you know this, all you have to do is get in a match and have fun with some cool and unique wards.

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