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Best Aurelion Sol Skins | LoL

If you like the mid lane, then you probably have seen Aurelion Sol. See the best skins Aurelion Sol LoL and start using one of the most powerful champions!

Updated on Sep 19, 2022

Aurelion Son is a perfect champion to play in the mid lane, his wide presence on the map thanks to his mobility, as his skill and damage kit, can help you win many games if used correctly, therefore, I will show you the most outstanding Aurelion Sol skins  for you to impress your enemies while you exterminate them.

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Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

This new skin is simply amazing. Its incredible splash art, plus the effect in its animations, recall animation. Seriously, everything is incredible with this skin. Riot Games has strived to give this champion an awesome skin that players can enjoy.

Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

The vibes of this skin are simply wonderful, you will feel like the final boss in the summoner's rift as your enemies flee to the powerful rotating stars of Aurelion Sol.

storm dragon aurelion sol skin

This skin has a cost of 1350 RP and was released in October 2020, it brings with it multiple chromas that you can choose to annihilate your enemies in the summoner's rift.


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Mecha Aurelion Sol

If you like high-tech designs to stand out in the summoner's rift, then Mecha Aurelion Sol is one of the best options for you. This skinl stands out for a robotic design of Aurelion Sol accompanied by incredible animations and innovative splash art.

Mecha Aurelion Sol

This is the skin that makes you say "I need it", you will feel like a robotic dragon ready to invoke an apocalyptic rain of stars on the enemies. This is a perfect skin to instill fear in your enemies.

Mecha Aurelion Sol

This incredible Aurelion Sol skin costs 1350 RP and was released in August 2018, it is an incredible skin option if you are a main Aurelion Sol and would like to destroy your enemies with an imposing mechanical dragon.

On the other hand, this Aurelion Sol skin, as well as all of them, is among the most expensive in the game, so you must carefully evaluate your preferences when acquiring one of the Aurelion Sol skins.


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Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol

Do you like fire and lava? What do you think of a volcanic dragon? 

That is the concept that Riot Games has developed for Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol for League of Legends PC and also available in Wild Rift. This skin gives the champion a very fresh and novel visual design that makes you feel like the most powerful being in the summoner's rift.

Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol

Ashen Lord is a skin that stands out for the visual effects of fire and lava in each of its abilities as well as in its splash art. 

A very interesting skin that is worth trying if you are a lover of Aurelion Sol The Star Forger.

Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol

Compared to the previous skins, the visual design is not as prominent in terms of animations, but it is an incredible skin that is worth trying if you are a lover of fire and dark splash arts.

On the other hand, this skin has a cost of 1350 RP and was released in March 2016, becoming one of the first skins of the mythical dragon and loved by all Aurelion Sol mains who asked for a skin for this powerful champion.


Aurelion Sol is an incredible option (although it takes time to learn to play with him) for the mid lane

It provides utility and damage to his team while it has a presence on the map thanks to its Comet of Legends (E) ability, encourage yourself to try it and use one of its wonderful skins in the summoner's rift.

You can also take a look at our complete LoL skins list or you can check out the best skins Azir LoL. See you at Summoner's Rift!

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