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Can You Get Banned Using Macros League of Legends

Find out if you can get banned using macros in League of Legends and everything about these tools. Are macros banned in LoL? Find it out now!‍
Can You Get Banned Using Macros League of Legends

The macros allow us to configure a predefined sequence of keys and assign it to a single click so that we do not have to worry about performing an entire combo. Today we will talk about can you get banned using macros league of legends?

What are macros in LoL?

Macros are ways that players can configure certain keys on their keyboard (using a macro recorder) to perform various actions at a given time. You have probably come across some players who "spam" the famous GG at the end of a game and it seems to be practically automatic, in that case, chat macro makes this type of action possible for any player.

can you get banned using macros

However, macros are not always used for such simple actions within the game and, since we are talking about the possibility of executing one or multiple actions by pressing a key or gaming mouse button, players can use macros to execute complete combos of various champions.

Therefore, try to be careful when you meet a cheating player that you suspect is using hack macros, he will probably play in a certain way that "will make you think he is a prodigy", but in reality he is using macros to execute his combo more easily and affecting the competitive integrity of the game.

can you get banned using macros

Macro key in League of Legends are not as widely used as scripts, however, detecting them can be a bit more complicated. Therefore, you must be vigilant in case you suspect that a player is using these tools to win more games.

Can players be banned for using macros in LoL?

Yes, using any macro in LoL, while it may seem like an innocent activity, grounds for a ban if it detracts from the experience of other players and gives an unfair advantage over enemies. Although you can find any macro, keyboard macro, modded controller, auto clicker, mouse movement helper or mouse macro available on the internet, our recommendation is not to use them.

can you get banned using macros lol

It is best to keep your gameplay as close to the RIOT Games regulations as possible to avoid bans or restrictions on your account that prevent you from enjoying Summoner's Rift temporarily or permanently.

In short, avoid using any macro 3rd party program software in League of Legends to prevent your account from being compromised and closed by RIOT Games. Cheaters and scripters are easily detected by the community due to the impossible moves made by these types of players. 

can you get banned using macros

On the other hand, if you are interested in achieving a legal ELO increase in LoL, then you can take a look at our guide on how to increase MMR in League of Legends and start improving your rank easily.

Are Macros illegal in League of Legends?

If what you are thinking is to use macros to facilitate your way of playing with a certain champion and facilitate it, then using macro software in LoL is penalized.

Although for a time professional players used macro to make more unpredictable plays within the summoner's rift, little by little a certain advantage began to be noticed between players who used them and those who did not.

However, what is allowed is to change the traditional QWER skill keys to some others that are much better and more comfortable for pc players.

can you get banned using macros

Currently the most common is to enable the space bar to execute a skill or make your character take a potion. But you should know that the use of macros to execute combos with champions or any other action that gives you an "unfair advantage" over another player, will be harshly penalized by RIOT Games or any other gaming company such as Epic Games for their games.

Are Macros and Scripts the same?

Although both activities are banned by RIOT Games, the scripts are much more complex and are created to create an unfair advantage over other players 100% of the time. The difference between the Macro and the Scripts is that the scripts are much more complex programs (such as ahk script).

 Also, cheat engine softwares that completely alter the movement of the champion, aim assist by a bot, the launch of his abilities, etc. Which is totally a ban and reportable behavior within the game.

can you get banned using macros

Our recommendation is that you do not use any of these programs to increase your ELO or your win rate, the best thing you can do is read our complete guide on how to get out of silver LoL and improve your understanding of the game with time and practice.

can you get banned using macros lol

Although it may seem tempting to use some of these programs, remember that you will not be showing other players what your skills really are, which will make you look like a cheater and a sore loser to the community.

This has been all in our guide on macro softwares and if they are a reason for a ban in League of Legends. On the other hand, you can take a look at our guide on how to config file location LoL in case you need it to fix any bugs in the game. See you at Summoner's Rift!

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