Best Zilean Skins | LoL

Zilean has a long list of skins to choose from. To make it easier for you, here is a list of all the best Zilean skins in LoL to help with your skin choice.
Best Zilean Skins | LoL

Zilean, a master of time, is one of the first champions in League of Legends. He was released last April 18, 2009. Because of his strong aiding abilities, Zilean is often used as a support in the bot lane. If you are currently maining the master of time, here is a list of his best skins as a League of Legends champion. 


Blood Moon Zilean

The Blood Moon skin line has been a fan favorite since its release. 

Riot Games released the Blood Moon skin for Zilean on May 10, 2015. Even though this skin is in the Regular category, it brings a lot to the table. Expect changes to the model, concept, particles, sounds, and animations

However, do not expect quality like an epic skin because the Blood Moon Zilean is leaning on the cheaper side.

All of the changes are exquisite. Zilean’s skills are all red-colored and have a cultural feel. His ultimate has an awesome gong sound and hourglass animation that revolves around the champion. Not only that, but he will also use his clock as his gong when he recalls. 

Blood Moon Zilean’s clothes and mask will strike fear into your enemies. This skin will be the best for you if you prefer red colors and a necromancer feel.

Blood Moon Zilean is currently available at the League store for 975 Riot Points.

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Time Machine Zilean

Released on April 11, 2011, this skin is one of the oldest in the game. And since then, it was included in the legacy vault which is only opened during special events. 

Since this is one of the few legacy skins, this will be the hardest one to obtain out of all the skins on this list.

Time Machine Zilean does not feature dozens of changes like the Sugar Rush or Blood Moon, but it is stylish enough because of his new goggles and clock (godfather modeled).

Time Machine Zilean retains the same animations, model, particles, and sounds as the original skin

Sadly, this skin will only be available in the game by obtaining it through the legacy store or hextech loot. The original price for this skin was 520 Riot Points.

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Sugar Rush Zilean

This skin has the League Sugar Rush theme. Out of all the Zilean skins, it has the most changes to the model, particles, sounds, and animations. However, it is expected since this is one of the Epic skins in the game. It features sweet treats as the concept of the skin. 

Like the Blood Moon skin, Zilean has a new clock that he carries in his back made from sweets.

The main selling point of this skin is probably his Time Warp and auto-attack (AA) animation. 

Unlike the usual animation, the AA animation of this skin is smooth and easy to see. On the other hand, the Time Warp sound is relaxing and will show a disappearing shadow of the champion when you use it.

Sugar Rush Zilean will not feel stale because you can purchase chromas for the skin. The available colors are aquamarine, citrine, meteorite, peridot, rose quartz, ruby, and sweet tooth. 

Like the Blood Moon, Sugar Rush Zilean is currently purchasable in the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points.

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Zilean is not the only mid-lane champion with various skins in League of Legends. If you want to buy another skin for a different mage champion, check out the best Ziggs skins list. However, if you want to see more beautiful League cosmetics for all the characters, check out this list of best champion skins.

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