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The power of friendship surpasses that of even the ancient magics. But when you add those ancient sorceries into the mix, you get the indescribable pair that are Nunu & Willump.

best nunu willump
best nunu willump

Nunu & Willump is a champion released during a different era of the game. At the time of his release, there were only 17 champions in the game, and the game itself was called League of Legends: Clash of Fates. Not giving this old guard of a champion a list of his best skins would be a travesty, so on that note, here they are for your perusal.

Space Groove Nunu & Willump

Starting off strong is a skin that takes Nunu & Willump far away from the frozen Freljord, and into an eighties-themed, silly, space opera. The Space Groove Nunu skin was released on April 1, 2021, with the rest of the Space Groove ensemble of skins. The skin is a top-of-the-line one, and for the price of 1350 RP, Nunu & Willump gain all-new animations, sounds, and particle effects.

The lore of the skin stays very similar to the basic Nunu & Willump skin, with Lissandra taking the place of the enemy. However, this does not take away from the wonder the skin instills, of just what kind of adventures Nunu & Willump will have in the vastness of space.

With the skin being a new one, the animations flow smoothly in-game and playing it is a treat. Rolling the World’s Biggest Snowball, which resembles more a galaxy than a snowball, truly makes one giddy, no matter the situation.

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Zombie Nunu & Willump

Even the best of dreams and the grandest of adventures must come to an end. And, in the case of Nunu & Willump, that end comes at the hands of mad Zaun scientists. Zombie Nunu & Willump skin was released on November 5, 2015, and is priced at 1350RP. However, to buy the Zombie Nunu & WIllump skin you must wait for the opening of the Legacy Vault, as this skin is rated as a Legacy skin.

Using Nunu & Willump’s W ability on this skin is especially satisfying, as consuming brains is what zombies, such as Zombie Nunu & Willump, do. Aside from his W, all of his other abilities get new particle effects, as well.

This skin is a darker take on Nunu & Willump’s fate, and shows that even the most innocent of stories can be used as instruments of chaos, should they fall into the wrong hands. Zombie Nunu & Willump can also be found in Wild Rift, as one of two available skins for purchase in RIot’s mobile game.

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Grungy Nunu & Willump

A colleague of Zombie Nunu & Willump, as far as Wild Rift is concerned, Grungy Nunu & Willump is a skin released on August 10, 2010, and is the oldest purchasable skin for Nunu & Willump. The skin is priced at 750 RP, and only updates Nunu & Willump’s splash art and model.

The skin design, very obviously, takes inspiration from Disney’s Monsters Inc, with Nunu taking the part of Boo, and his friend being modeled after Sully.

This skin explores the innocence and friendship of Nunu & Willump even more than the Space Groove Nunu & Willump skin, as it brings to mind childhood memories of watching one of our favorite animated films. Their friendship is magical, and their bond unbreakable, just like that of a child and his favorite toy.

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Papercraft Nunu & Willump

Of all Nunu & Willump skins, Papercraft Nunu & Willump is the most whimsical. This skin was released on February 21, 2019, and, for the price of 1350 RP, gives Nunu & Willump an update in all aspects of their design. The skin is rated as an Epic skin, meaning that it may be purchased at any time.

If there was ever any doubt as to Willump’s origin, if he was the guardian of the ancient yeti magic or a product of Nunu’s imagination, this skin puts those doubts to rest, as Nunu literally sculpts Willump out of paper.

Papercraft Nunu & Willump is a skin that takes Nunu & Willump to a lower level of fantasy than the original champion is placed in, that of a children’s fantasy cartoon, where the stakes are lower, and the fun abundant. Using this skin in-game ensures that players share in that fun, alongside Nunu & Willump.

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Demolisher Nunu & Willump

Like the Zombie Nunu & Willump skin, Demolisher Nunu & Willump is a skin that explores a darker side of Runeterra. The skin was released on August 24, 2011, with a mid-range price of 975 RP. For that price, the upgrades to Nunu & Willump are limited to the splash art and in-game model.

However, new particles and sounds are not what make a skin. Demolisher Nunu & Willump skin brings brutality to the, usually, childish antics of the champion, and playing it even more aggressively than usual feels natural with this skin.

Per League of Legends lore, Nunu was saved by the Frostguard led by Lissandra when his mother died, and he finds companionship in Willump, where their adventures start. However, the Demolisher Nunu & Willump skin does not take our protagonists on an adventure but shows them the harshness of the world of Runeterra, where they are forced to work as mercenaries to find their place in the world.

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Nunu & Willump, as one of the 17 original champions in League of Legends, has accumulated quite a number of skins during his long history of frequenting the Rift. Of all his skins, we find these to be the best ones for their significance in telling the story of Nunu & WIllump from all possible angles, and alternative timelines. Keeping Nunu & Willump relevant in the game to this day can be merited to his skins as much as his rework, and the place the champion has in the hearts of players.

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