Best Nocturne Skins | LoL

A collective nightmare of a war-torn world made manifest, Nocturne’s very nature inadvertently brought an end to the Rune wars, but now that nature remains, and no war is in sight to sate it.
Best Nocturne Skins | LoL

Nocturne is a champion released on March 15, 2011, in a time when monstrous champions were just as common as their human counterparts in League of Legends. 

As a living nightmare, Nocturne takes on various forms that mortals fear, and in League of Legends, those are his skins. So, to make you prepared should he invade your dreams, we bring you a list of his best skins.


Hextech Nocturne

For those of us with student loans, old-fashioned nightmares are not as effective. However, as a generation dependant on technology, a combination of demons and technology, definitely is.

Jokes aside, Hextech Nocturne is Nocturne’s newest skin, released on June 11, 2020. The skin takes nocturne from a malevolent being manifesting as a spirit, via magic, to an entity based on hextech, Runeterra’s version of modern technology.

Just like hextech is a rare material on Runeterra, Hextech Nocturne is as well, with the only way to acquire the skin being Hextech Crafting with Gemstones.

Hextech Nocturne, as part of a newer skin line, brings updates to Nocturne’s entire kit, including all-new animations, sounds, and particle effects for his abilities. 

Though the skin is not very appreciated by the community of those who main him, that is not due to the lack of quality the skin has, in general, but the fact that his other skins are all top-notch.

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Cursed Revenant Nocturne

League of Legends skins design department can truly produce some masterpieces of art. One of those is the Cursed Revenant Nocturne skin, which was released alongside Iron Inquisitor Kayle and Black Scourge Singed, to form a triumvirate of an evil spymaster, inquisitor, and plague doctor.

The Cursed Revenant Nocturne skin, specifically, was released on May 04, 2016, and is priced at 750 RP. Though the skin brings little to no updates regarding animations, sounds, and particle effects, the model and splash art are so well-done, that the price is definitely worth it.

Cursed Revenant Nocturne takes his lore in a different direction. He is no longer a malevolent spirit, aimlessly wandering the world, but one that has seduced a queen with his whispers and now, with Kayle and Singed, controls his part of the corrupted kingdom. 

Whether you are a citizen of Runeterra or a player on the Rift, no one expects Nocturne’s inquisition or the casting of his ultimate ability.

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Elderwood Nocturne

Elderwood Nocturne skin is a name that was originally given to the Old God Nocturne skin. However, to avoid confusion amongst players, the skin was renamed but still stays in the same alternate universe as Elderwood and Coven

The renaming took place in the summer of this year, but the price of the skin stays the same, at 1350 RP, while the skin itself was released on August 29, 2019.

The skin brings new updates and changes to all of Nocturne’s design, including splash art, animations, sounds, and more, as well as elevating Nocturne to the status of divinity in Runeterra, on par with Volibear. If you wish to play Nocturne toplane, this is the skin to do so.

Elderwood Nocturne, that is Old God Nocturne, was inspired by the pagan description of various divinities, the same way that Volibear’s Thousand Pierced Bear skin was. 

The change in his name comes from the fact that, unlike Elderwood Ornn and Hecarim, Old God Nocturne was created from the destruction of nature, and stands in direct opposition to the Elderwood faction. 

We always knew Nocturne was scary, that was his whole thing, but as Old God Nocturne, he is on a level above Fiddlesticks even, and playing with this skin in-game strikes fear into the enemy before first blood is even taken.

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Eternum Nocturne

Last, but definitely not least, on our list is Eternum Nocturne. This skin is his most expensive skin, and should you see it in a game of soloq, run for your life because it is also a fan-favorite among hardened Nocturne mains and one-tricks.

Eternum Nocturne is a complete reimagining of his champion design. Nocturne is no longer a being from the plane of dreams, but an alien invader, coming to Runeterra from a plane of existence previously unknown. 

The skin, as a Legendary rated one, includes a new model, new texture, new splash image, new animations, new visuals, sounds, and a great new voice-over

As a Legendary skin, the difference in how smooth his movements are can only be appreciated later in the game, once you have accumulated some attack speed.

This skin was released on December 05, 2012, but the fact that it remains the fan-favorite skin even after numerous other skins have been added afterward goes to show the quality of work Riot have put into Eternum Nocturne.

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Rune Wars were a worldwide event on Runeterra that forever changed the course of its history. One of those changes is the creation of Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare. 

As one of the older champions, but more importantly, one that has always been in high demand with players, Riot have gone all-out on the design of his skins, and explored every possible angle of his original design in the best way possible.

Another jungler that has had her moments is Nidalee. On the opposite spectrum of Nocturne, Nidalee is a true champion of Runeterra, and the list of the best Nidalee skins does not pale in comparison to Nocturne’s.

Should you have traumas of jungle difference, and do not wish to see more of them than you have to, you can always dive into other alternate champion looks and lore on our article covering all great lol skins.

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