Most Expensive Skins | LoL

Whether it’s purchasing them from the in-game store, or buying accounts with these skins unlocked, the most expensive LoL skins can reach an astronomical price.

Updated on Nov 01, 2023
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Most Expensive Skins | LoL

When the main source of income for Riot Games, one of the most lucrative video game companies in the world, is based on selling skins, you can bet they have some amazing ones to offer, with the prices to match. 

Here we bring you the most expensive skins in the game, whether the price is in RP, time spent grinding, or real-world money.

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PAX Twisted Fate | 500$

Starting off with one of the rarest skins in the game, we have the PAX Twisted Fate skin.

The exclusivity found in rarity can make anything worth quite a lot of money, and this skin is not priced in RP, but in dollars, and is by far the most expensive LoL skin.


The PAX Twisted Fate skin was released on September 03, 2009, and added to his skin collection. The skin itself is older than the majority of League of Legends champions. In addition, PAX Twisted Fate has never had an RP price.

The skin, however, can be bought with real-world money, by purchasing accounts already in possession of it, for a whopping 600 USD.


The PAX Twisted Fate skin is part of the PAX skin line, sharing it with other champion skins, such as PAX Jax, and exceeding the skins such as Championship Riven, Black Alistar, and Kind Rammus in both value and rarity. PAX Twisted Fate could only be unlocked by a code given out at Penny Arcade Expo, also known as PAX, held in 2009, not even one of the PAX Prime events, making it even rarer than usual.


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Rusty Blitzcrank | 70$

The usual in-game voice line Blitzcrank uses is that the time of man is coming to an end. Well, with the Rusty Blitzcrank skin, so is the time of robots. However, its price would beg to differ, as this skin is second only to PAX Twisted Fate and Black Alistar in price, with Silver Kayle, King Rammus and other notoriously rare League of Legends skins not even coming close.


The Rusty Blitzcrank skin was released on November 20, 2009, and was added to his in-game skin collection. Its rarity cannot be determined, but the price of accounts in possession of the skin revolves around 400 USD.


Rusty Blitczcrank is so far the only non-legacy skin to be removed from the store, most likely due to being a texture away from looking like Original Blitzcrank. Due to this minor difference, this skin was removed almost immediately after its release and has not been up for sale ever since.


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Black Alistar | 900$

If one is looking purely at the release dates of skin, the Black Alistar skin is the first non-Clbuttic or Original champion skin ever released in League of Legends, being released on June 13, 2009. That, coupled with its rarity, makes the skin worth quite the amount of money.


The Black Alistar skin, along with Young Ryze and Silver Kayle, skins part of the Collector’s Edition packs, can no longer be acquired via means that Riot Games approve of. The only way to purchase this skin now is to buy an account with the skin inits skin collection for a price that revolves around 550 USD.


The Black Alistar skin has no particular visual updates for the base champion, with the in-game model merely taking on a new color scheme. However, that does not stop hardcore players from spending large sums of money on it.


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Elementalist Lux | 40$

Moving away from the practices Riot Games frown upon, we have the favorite child of Riot Games, when it comes to her skins at least. The Elementalist Lux skin is one of the most comprehensive skins in League of Legends, with a price to match. If you’re hoping to use skin shards to purchase this skin, the probability of that happening is 0.26%, so don't count on it.


Elementalist Lux was released on November 28, 2016. This is her most expensive skin, with the most expensive skin rating in the game, in regards to RP at least, with a price of a staggering 3250 RP for every Ultimate skin. For that amount of money, you gain expansive updates to her animations, sounds, and particle effects, with each of her ten forms having distinct looks. With all these options, the Ultimate skin rating is well deserved.


With the Elementalist Lux skin, she starts every match in her Light form. As she gains Elemental Power from hitting enemy champions with her spells, she will reach a power level that lets her transform into one of her ten forms. Using the radial option over Lux’s portrait you can select an elemental form to transform into, similarly to Miss Fortune’s Gun Goddess skin.


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Medieval Twitch | 100$

The Ultimate skins are not for everyone, while most of us can’t afford the rarest League of Legends skins. Some people prefer the synergy of older skins, with the quality of new ones, and that is where the Medieval Twitch skin comes in.


The Medieval Twitch skin used to be obtainable through the Refer-A-Friend mechanic, in the early days of League of Legends, but it was discontinued on September 5, 2015. After the rework it was added back to his skin collection on December 15, 2019, and it can now be obtained through Level 5 Honor capsules, or crafting it in the item shop with the Honor tokens, alongside Warwick’s Grey Warwick skin.


Medieval Twitch is a Legacy skin, with all that it entails, except for the way of acquiring it. The most expensive thing in this world is time, and the only way to acquire this skin is by grinding out your Honor level, gaining the appropriate tokens, and crafting it, or having enough luck and gaining a skin shard from the mentioned Honor capsules.


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Hextech Sejuani | 400$

Proof of the fact that female League of Legends champions don’t need to be eye candy for their skins to be expensive, is the Hextech Sejuani skin. It is also a representation of tank champions, and their skins, alongside King Rammus, who Riot Games tend to put by the wayside.


The Hextech Sejuani skin joined her skin collection on March 05, 2020. It is one of the newer skins on our list, however, its pricing is not in RP, real-world money, but in rare gemstones. As Sejuani cannot compare in popularity to other champions sharing the Hextech skin theme, we can expect this to become quite the rare skin in the future, and its price to rise accordingly as well.


This skin, unlike its tank colleague King Rammus, is not sold on third-party websites.

On the contrary, to acquire this skin takes time, dedication, and skill, something not a lot of League of Legends players have. With a price of 10 rare gemstones, which cannot be bought, only grinded out, these Hextech Mythic skins can be said to be the most expensive skins in the game, exceeding even the rare, not to mention the RP skins.


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Triumphant Ryze | 100-300$

Ending this list of the most expensive League of Legends champion skins, we have a skin that is, for all intents and purposes, priceless, and that is the Triumphant Ryze skin.


This skin was given as a reward to any team who successfully managed to win a Riot Games sanctioned tournament before the organization of official competitions took off. As very few people managed to win a Riot-sanctioned tournament back in the day, this does not only make this a very rare skin but one that can never be bought only fought for.


The Triumphant Ryze skin was added to Ryze’s skin collection on July 17, 2009. Though the Young Ryze skin, along with Silver Kayle and Championship Riven skins, for example, are skins upon whom a high value is placed when purchasing them, it is figuratively impossible to purchase this skin. Even the Championship Riven skin, a skin you could win by predicting match results, was, at one point, available for purchase. However, it took being victorious to acquire Triumphant Ryze. Meaning that even if you found an account to buy, with this skin in its possession, the knowledge that you did not earn the skin would make it irrelevant.


The value of League of Legends' most expensive skins can be found in the money required to purchase them. This is, after all, the main source of income for Riot Games, the game’s developer and publisher. And so, be sure to check out our guide for the most effective methods of earning money by playing League of Legends!

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