Most Banned Champions in LoL

Each player has a preferential matchup during the laning phase, but there are some they just like to avoid. Here are the most banned champions in LoL.

most banned champions lol
most banned champions lol

The League of Legends champion select phase is a place of heavy contention, especially in Ranked Games, because players compete to get their best champion while avoiding tough matchups. Riot Games can’t keep the win rates completely balanced, so some champions end up being too strong during a specific patch. Here are some of the most banned champions League of Legends players have dealt with since the game's early days.

Most Banned Champions

There are many reasons a champion gets banned during the champion select, but it all comes down to the fact that players simply don’t want to deal with these units in Summoners Rift. Banned champions usually indicate that these champions are problematic, depending on the ranked division these players are on. 

Players may be curious about which champions have received the most bans, and luckily, we’ve found out the answer to this question. We’ve researched some of the non-Riot Games affiliated League of Legends resources online to determine who the most banned champions are in the game. Here are the top names on the list:

7. Morgana | 27.2%

Morgana is the first unit on our most banned champions list, and players will understand why that is. The main reason why players like to ban Morgana is that she has an ability that can root a champion in place for what seems like forever. She is an excellent support because she has everything from having a high damage output to being able to block incoming spells and abilities on allies.

Morgana covered in sharp blades.

Morgana is mostly banned in the higher ELOs because that’s where she can shine. A decent Morgana player will make the game a living hell for the enemy team because they constantly have to keep all of her abilities in mind while setting up for a good team fight or dive. If you’re in the lower ranks, don’t worry because very few players can execute her properly.

6. Teemo | 28.8%

Teemo has a reputation for being the devil of Summoners Rift, and it’s primarily due to the fact that he can be annoying to deal with. While he isn’t a strong champion with any competitive aspects to his kit, players hate the fact that he can deal damage using his mushrooms that are simply lying around on the map. He makes traveling extremely difficult, and players are usually forced to recall back to the base after stepping on those annoying shrooms.

Teemo jumping over tree roots.

He is banned in all ranked divisions since they simply don’t want to deal with his shenanigans. He’s one of the most fun champions to play, but having him as an enemy can spell absolute disaster on your mental energy. If you have a Teemo on the enemy side, we recommend that you keep calm before he damages your will to play League of Legends.

5. Blitzcrank | 31.4%

Blitzcrank is another name on our most banned champions list, and it’s not a surprising champion to be included here. He’s a very straightforward support with one of the best hook abilities in the game, good crowd control, mobility, and very tanky. While he’s easily countered in higher levels of play, he’s practically the worst nightmare of players in Gold and below.

Blitzcrank trying to grab something.

Since the majority of players can be found in Unranked until Gold, it’s no surprise that the most played champions mostly influence the ban list in these ELOs. Blitzcrank is problematic for players who have difficulty predicting where the hook will come from, so they get grabbed easily. That’s why players hate seeing this guy in the bot lane.

4. Lux | 35.2%

Lux is a champion that can also be a massive threat in the bot lane and mid lane for players in lower ELOs. She’s such a powerful unit that she even appears in competitive play. Her most popular bot lane duo is Caitlyn, a huge duo pick at the previous League of Legends Worlds tournament. In the case of players in solo queue, they hate the fact that she has a powerful combo that can quickly get rid of less tanky heroes.

Lux covered in a prism of light.

When Lux is played, she can easily snare champions using her abilities and initiate a basic combo that can potentially be lethal to your team’s carries. The difficulty in using this champion isn’t that high, so even a beginner can potentially carry using Lux. She has also garnered a very decent win rate in both higher and lower ELOs as a support champion.

3. Master Yi | 38.7%

Master Yi is the jungler that everyone hates to see on the enemy team because he’s simply annoying to deal with as a champion. In lower ELOs, he’s the perfect champion to initiate ganks and deal a ton of damage because players can’t time their crowd control effects properly, so he becomes extremely slippery. Master Yi becomes easily fed since most of his ganks are successful. If that fails, he can always go on side lanes to split push until he single-handedly wins the game with all the confusion.

Master Yi swinging his blade.

While Master Yi lacks any presence in the higher divisions of the game, he’s almost permanently banned by players in Gold and below. Riot Games had intended for him to become an excellent champion to introduce to jungling, but it seems the ease of his design has allowed players to abuse him in the lower ranks. That’s why he’s THE most banned champion in the lower divisions.

2. Zed | 39.7%

Zed is another popular champion that everyone is afraid to play against because of his incredible burst potential. In higher ELOs, the basic counter-strategy to play against Zed is to play stopwatches or run the Exhaust summoner spell to prevent him from executing his combo at full strength. However, those are almost impossible to time properly at the hands of beginners, so he reigns supreme in the lower ranks.

Zed perched on the rooftops.

Recently, Zed has also gained a lot of popularity in the Jungle compared to his usual appearance as a mid laner or top laner. He is easily fed since most players don’t know how to prevent him from harassing them freely or getting dived for the kill. Since he usually gets most of his kills as early as he hits Level 6, Zed usually snowballs his lead into the late game and becomes a very dangerous threat in team fights.

  1. Yasuo | 41.8%

Unsurprisingly, the champion that takes the top spot is Yasuo. This champion is banned because players don’t want him as an enemy or teammate. A popular meme that everyone likes to laugh about is how the enemy Yasuo is usually extremely strong while an allied Yasuo will feed out of his mind. That’s why he has garnered such a high ban rate in both lower and higher ELOs

Yasuo sitting down and feeling the wind.

He is one of the most hated champions in the game, whether he slips by in the top lane, mid laner, or even sometimes in the bottom lane. His playstyle is extremely annoying because he likes to move around and block projectiles that usually make the player look a bit dumb. For some reason, he manages to get picked whenever everyone forgets to ban him during the champ select.