Most annoying champions in League of Legends

There are some champions in League of Legends that are incredibly annoying to play against, whether it is because of how unstoppable or cheesy they are.

Updated on Aug 07, 2023
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Most annoying champions in League of Legends

We all have certain champions that we hate playing against and facing them just feels disgusting in some situations. Whether it is an early game monster, invisible champion, or just late game hyper-carry with the likes of Yuumi or Tahm Kench on their side, there is always that one character that makes us want to quit the game! 

So, here is the list of the most annoying champions ever released by Riot Games, whether we talk about League of Legends or Wild Rift.

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Yasuo, the Unforgiven, is one of those coinflip champions that either feed badly or are just unstoppable if they get a few kills. Because of this, he is annoying to play both with or against him, but here we will talk about why he is annoying to play against!


This late-game monster has a very unique ability kit that is very hard to use on a high level but when done properly he becomes a force to be reckoned with!

He also has a game-changing ultimate ability, the Last Breath, that can be a deciding factor in every team fight, especially when he gets set up by Junglers like Diana or Lee sin! So whether you hate or enjoy Yasuo, there is no arguing that he is sometimes one of the most annoying League of Legends champions. If you are a Yasuo player yourself, you can check our list of the best Yasuo skins in LoL.

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Vayne, the Nighthunter, can become Vayne, the Nightmare, in a matter of minutes if you give her decent support and a few kills! This bot lane hyper-carry is known as a late-game monster that becomes unstoppable in later stages of the game if played decently.


Her weakness is the early game, where she is just trying to survive and not get behind too much. At least when we talk about Bot lane, but she can be as annoying in the early game when used as a counter pick to melee champions in the Top lane.


So she has mobility, invisibility, and mbuttive attack damage. She also builds into a lot of attack speed and she can duel you, team fight you or even buttbuttinate you in certain situations, so she is a freaking annoying champion to play against! And if you like playing her but you don’t have any skins for her yet, check our list of the best Vayne skins in the game!

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There is no need to talk about this annoying champion too much, but let's break it down in a few sentences! We all know, and we can all agree that playing against a Teemo is extremely difficult in some situations, whether we talk about Mid lane or Top lane. He is a long-range champion that can become invisible and has a blind that lasts very long in later stages.


When we add his incredible movement speed and huge amounts of damage with his poison and shrooms, we can already see why he is one of the worst champions to face in this game. Teemo has to be one of the most hated champions ever released by Riot Games, but there are people that just like making us miserable on the Summoner’s Rift! And for you our beloved Teemo players, we made a list of the best Teemo skins in the game.

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One of the most annoying things in League of Legends is playing against a fed Zed. The fact that this Mid and Jungle monster with a lot of mobility can get in range of any carry and buttbuttinate him in a matter of seconds is just mind-blowing.


The Master of Shadows is known for his ability to kill marksmen and mages in every team fight and sometimes get out unscratched. Of course like any other champion he has some counter plays, but overall, when used by a player with good mechanics, he is just a nightmare to play against when he has his ultimate available. If you are a Zed main and you are looking for a new skin for this monster, check our list of the best Zed skins in the game.

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It doesn’t matter if we talk about Xerath as a Mid laner or as a Support, the Magus Ascendant is always incredibly annoying to play against. The amount of poke he has and the range of his abilities combined with his mbuttive damage outputs in all stages of the game is something that you just can’t play against sometimes. And like his astonishing range and damage are not enough, he can also defend himself fairly well if you somehow manage to get in his face successfully.


His stun and the fact that he is usually building Zhonya’s are pretty good defenses for a champion of his nature. So all of that makes Xerath one of the most annoying champions ever released by Riot Games, and if you are a Xerath player yourself, you can check our list of the best Xerath skins in the game.

Some of these champions can be even more annoying in some other game modes like One for All or URF, so here you can check our list of the best One for All champions.

There are a few more champions that can be incredibly irritating to play against in certain situations, but with this, we conclude our list of the most annoying champions in the game.

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