The Best One for All champions in League of Legends

One for All is one of the best game modes ever released by Riot Games, so here we made a list of the best champions you can use there.

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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The Best One for All champions in League of Legends

One for All is available for players once or twice per year, and it usually lasts for about a month. It is one of the most entertaining modes in League of Legends where all five members of a team play the same champion. 

There are some crazy picks that can help you enjoy and dominate Summoner’s Rift and some champions like Teemo and Karthus that are disabled for this mode because of their dominance. So here is the list of the best One for All champions that you can play!

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We all know how frustrating it is to play against just one Yasuo if he hits his tornados or if he has some kind of a knock-up in his team that would allow him to use his devastating ultimate ability.


Now multiply that by five, and all you have to do as a team is hit just one tornado and all of you can use your ultimate, incredible right? But like all of that is not enough, he also has a Wind Wall. Now imagine an enemy team trying to hit Yasuo when there are five Wind Walls all around them.


So all of that makes Yasuo one of the strongest picks in this mode. If you decide to play him there with your friends, maybe you can choose some skin from our list of the best Yasuo skins and match your outfit with them!

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Ashe may not be the flashiest champion you can pick in this mode, but if you like winning and making your opponents miserable, she is the right choice.


A huge amount of slows that this team of five Ashe’s would have combined with her Hawk Shot that gives a lot of vision with a fairly short cooldown will enable you to see the whole map all the time. But the worst thing about playing against Ashe in this mode is getting hit by her ultimate ability stun that can be a few seconds long.


And when you hit one of those, you will for sure hit the other four! So imagine an enemy unable to do anything with his character for ten seconds, not a good feeling! And if that is not enough, there is one Ashe skin that gives you an advantage when we talk about hitting your ultimates, and you can check that out on our list where we cover the best pay-to-win skins in the game.

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There is not much to say about this one. Every Twitch in the team can stack his passive poison and every Plague Rat can also proc it with his third ability.


That alone is enough to explain his incredible win rate when it comes to this mode. On top of that, his invisibility even when he is alone can surprise a lot of enemies and in this mode, there are five of you!


So all of that makes the Rat Plague one of the best picks in this game mode, while also being incredibly fun to play. And if you would like to know more about interesting champions to play, check our list where we cover the most fun champions in the game.

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If you are a team fighting against one Brand in the enemy team, he can do a lot of damage to your team with his bouncing combo.


Now think about what five Brands can do in a Baron fight for example. This high damage Mid-laner and Support is known for his massive damage outputs when there are a lot of opponents, so in this mode, if you manage to find such a fight when playing the Burning Vengeance, there is almost no chance that you can lose a fight!


So yes, Brand is one of the best picks in One for All mode if you let him surprise you and fight you on his terms. But if you want to avoid that, maybe you can check our guide on how to get better at warding and not give Brand a chance to delete you!

So now you know which champions to try next time this mode becomes available. However, some of these champions might not be the easiest to play as in some situations. So if you want you can check our list of the easiest champions to play!

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