Pay to win skins in League of Legends

Even though League of Legends is free to play and using real money to have better performance is not what is supposed to be possible, there are a few skins that can buff your champion.

pay to win lol skins
pay to win lol skins

Riot Games released a lot of beautiful skins over the last few years, but some of those skins are much more than just a visual upgrade. There are skins that can enhance your performance by either having some kind of a bug or just by having animations and visual effects that are harder to see for your opponent, so here are some of the best pay to win skins in League of Legends and Wild Rift.

Project Ashe

Ashe has one of the best ultimate abilities in the game, her arrow has a huge hitbox and it is incredibly hard to dodge at a lower range.

With this skin, Ashe’s arrow appears like it is a lot smaller than it actually is, making it even harder to dodge. It can be very frustrating when you get hit by this long stun even though you are hundred percent sure you managed to dodge it.

So for that reason, it is safe to say that using this skin can get you an advantage over your opponents. However if you are looking for a less expensive skin for this champion that can only get you a visual upgrade, maybe you should check our list of the best Ashe skins in the game.

Arclight Varus

Varus is a champion that is very dependent on his ultimate ability, that contrasts a terrain on Summoner’s Rift, and is very easy to spot because of the colors it has when using most of the skins.

But Arclight Varus gives you an advantage over your opponents because his ultimate appears a lot smaller and it has very light colors, making it incredibly hard to see it coming. His other two abilities are also harder to see because of those light colors and one of them looks very similar to his ultimate, which makes it hard to tell which one of those are you casting.

For those few reasons, this Varus skin is certainly one of the best pay to win skins in the game. And if you are a Varus player and you don’t really enjoy this skin, check our list of the best Varus skins ever released by Riot Games.

Infernal Diana

Infernal Diana is for sure, what we call a pay-to-win skin, but in a more subtle way than other ones on this list. Her passive deals bonus damage and it plays a huge part in Diana’s kill potential.

However, it is very easy to tell when she has it stacked so you know to not get close and try to outplay her using that information. Diana’s model is glowing whenever her passive is up, but with this skin, Diana is already on fire.

That makes this ability incredibly hard to spot and makes a lot of the players underestimate her damage output by not noticing that her passive is up. But if you are not really into flamy skins, check our list where we cover some of the best Diana skins.

Star Guardian Ahri

Ahri has a large number of beautiful skins that are considered pay to win skins by some players, and we cover some of those skins in our list of the best Ahri skins in the game.

But the one skin that really stands out when we talk about skins that can improve our performance is Star Guardian Ahri. Ahri is a champion that requires you to hit her charm consistently in order to have some success with her. What makes that hard for Ahri players, is that her other abilities are light blue while her charm is pink and that’s why it is easy to dodge in some situations. With Star Guardian skin, Ahri’s ultimate becomes pink too, and it can be confused with her charm.

That makes a lot of players use their flashes and abilities in order to dodge it, thinking it is a charm that is yet to be used. So using your ultimate gives you a clear target for hitting your charm in most situations.

There are skins like Battle Queen Katarina, Astronaut Veigar, and Triumphant Ryze that give players an even bigger advantage by having some bugs, but luckily Riot Games and their developers are always quick when it comes to fixing bugs that can influence our gameplay! Some of those skin can be obtained for free, so if you want to know how to do that, check out our guide!